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Live Mini Reading
  • LIVE MINI READING: The Kepler Prgogram includes a unique
    'Live Mini Reading' feature. The Live Mini Reading is an audio-visual presentation! A chart reading is spoken. While you listen to the chart interpretation, a picture is displayed. Background music accompanies the voice to make the entire experience very absorbing.


Quick Time File

Quicktime downloadNote: Before playing the "QuickTime" file above, make sure that you have the QuickTime plug-in program installed on your computer. If you do not have the QuickTime program, click on the "QuickTime, Get 4." button above to download it for free.

Choose one of the following links for an on-line sample reading:

Given below is a reduced sample of the picture and the words (which in the actual Live Mini Reading would be heard on the speakers, not read on the screen) of a few interpretations from a Live Mini Reading.

The Live Mini Reading is based on sophisticated modern theories in astrology. Each interpretation is based on an interaction of 3 planets which is simultaneously a harmonic triangle and a midpoint structure.

         Moon Conjunct Saturn Pluto      
Moon Conjunct Saturn/Pluto (0 deg 02 min Moon Conjunct Saturn/Pluto 0 deg 02 min)
Sometimes you feel alienated and distant from others. You seek solitude, although too much distance from others can also bring on feelings of depression and loneliness. You need to find the right balance to make your life work; this will not be easy to achieve but perseverance and confidence that the effort is worth it will repay you in the end. 

Moon Opposition Jupiter/Uranus
0 Moon Opposition Jupiter/Uranus (0 deg 42 min Moon Opposition Jupiter/Uranus 0 deg 42 min)
You have a wonderful sense of humor and a spontaneity and enthusiasm that others enjoy and appreciate. You can succeed in any area where these traits are rewarded, such as music, dance, any form of entertainment, or as a group leader or director. 

Mars Opposition Saturn/UranusMars Opposition Saturn/Uranus (0 deg 31 min Mars Opposition Saturn/Uranus 0 deg 31 min)e
You work intensely and sporadically. It is difficult for you to stay on a fixed schedule with a prescribed task. You prefer to work very hard at your own pace. Others usually get in your way. You become easily frustrated by the demands of others.

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