Linda Frano


Linda is the author of the Canine Report, and Feline Report.

Linda & her husband have been rescuing homeless animals for many years. An active contributor to the Humane Society, Linda currently cares for 10 cats and 2 dogs at her home in northwest Connecticut. Always on the look out for new strays that visit the property, Linda gives shelter and food to all. The animals that have come to live with Linda have taught her a great deal about life and survival.

Linda's love of astrology surfaced as a teenager. After being introduced to the I Ching and the Tarot, she continued to study metaphysical subjects and divination, eventually concentrating on astrology as her main interest. Using a variety of sources, including books by Max Heindel, Jess Stearn, Edward Whitman, and Llewellyn George, she developed her own interpretive methods.

A professional astrologer since 1974, Linda began interpreting charts of friends and colleagues while attending nursing school. Before she knew it, most of the students and faculty were asking for astrological advice! Astrology has been a constant in her life for over 30 years. It has assisted her in caring for the animals she lives with, as well as in helping her work effectively with patients. A registered nurse by trade, she finds that following the daily transits in relationship to charts of patients in the busy Intensive Care Unit where she works is helpful.

Linda finds time to maintain an astrological web site in her spare time: A true dog lover, Linda named her web site in honor of her dog Angels! Her web site is frequently updated with useful astrological information, as well as animal rescue information. Linda also writes a monthly and daily transit analysis, which can be found on her web site.




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