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Kiddiegram Report, BOY, English Sample Report
The KiddieGram Report for

Archie Harrison
May 6, 20195:26 AM
Westminster, England

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     This astrological portrait of your child is intended to give you insight into his unique gifts and challenges. Much of a child's behavior which may puzzle or stymie his parents are quite normal, common "developmental stages" of childhood, and there are a number of fine books available on the subject which illuminate the predictable stages that children experience as they unfold. In addition to the universal patterns, each child is an individual with particular qualities, potentials, and needs, and an understanding of these can help you parent your child more wisely and effectively. Acceptance and appreciation for a child's basic nature, and an awareness of the places where there might be stress or difficulties for your child, can be important allies in your parenting.

     You will find that the interpretation of your child's chart is written in simple language, uncluttered by astrological jargon. If a statement appears to contradict another statement, then he exhibits these opposite qualities at different times in his life. For example, a statement that he is highly sociable and gregarious and a statement that you prefer solitude seemingly contradict each other; this means that he vacillates, and needs both sociability and solitude at different times.

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The positions of the planets at birth and other technical information
is provided below for the benefit of students of astrology:

Sun     15 Tau 23               Pluto    23 Cap 07
Moon     0 Gem 25               N. Node  19 Can 34
Mercury 28 Ari 56               Asc.     13 Tau 32
Venus   18 Ari 48               MC       18 Cap 33
Mars    23 Gem 33               2nd cusp 12 Gem 13
Jupiter 23 Sag 22               3rd cusp  1 Can 01
Saturn  20 Cap 29               5th cusp  9 Leo 43
Uranus   3 Tau 17               6th cusp 13 Vir 12
Neptune 18 Pis 09

Tropical  Placidus   Daylight Savings Time observed
GMT: 04:26:00   Time Zone: 0 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth: 51 N 30    0 W 09  

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction: 7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition : 5 Deg 00 Min
Square     : 5 Deg 00 Min
Trine      : 5 Deg 00 Min
Sextile    : 4 Deg 00 Min


     The RISING SIGN in the birthchart (also known as the Ascendant) shows how this child faces life, his basic attitude or stance toward the world, the way he comes across, and how he appears to others.

Taurus Rising:

     Archie appears to be rather soft and gentle, and he is likely to possess a great deal of charm and physical beauty as well, but behind that pleasing softness there is a great deal of determination, solid strength, and fixity of purpose. He is capable of immense patience, persistence, forbearance, endurance, and staying power. He may be a master of "passive nonresistance": rather than engaging you in a direct battle, he is likely to simply hold his ground and slowly wear you down. He can be very good at turning a deaf ear to whatever he does not want to hear.

     On the other hand, he is a very affectionate, loving child and he readily responds to kindness and warmth, though he resists coercion. He can be a very calming, soothing influence in his environment. He is down to earth, practical, consistent, reliable, and does not get flustered very easily.

     Conservative and cautious, he dislikes sudden change and does not initiate change on his own very often. He moves rather deliberately and slowly, and may not be especially agile, nimble, or outwardly spontaneous. He needs to have time to thoroughly digest one experience before moving on to the next. He likes to take his time and to enjoy himself, lingering endlessly over a meal, dawdling on his walks, or taking forever in the bathtub, for instance. He dislikes being rushed or compared to other, more active children.

     He has a lazy side, and may need to be gently prodded or motivated, but once he gets going, he "keeps on keeping on."

Asc. Conjunct Sun:

     Archie radiates a strong, warm personal presence and he makes a definite, clear first impression on others. He appears confident, sure of who he is and what he wants, and people notice him immediately. He does not like to be in anyone else's shadow, and can be quite a "ham."  He wants to make his influence felt and for that reason he may dislike being part of large groups where he is just one of the crowd.

     He has leadership qualities and really wants to be his own boss.


     The SUN in the birthchart represents who this child is at heart, his primary thrust in life, and what path he needs to follow in order to fulfill himself as a unique individual. It indicates who he is inside rather than the way he appears (which is shown more clearly by the Rising Sign).

Sun in Taurus:

     Archie has a sturdy, stable, easy-going, even somewhat placid disposition, and he likes to do things at his own pace, which tends to be rather slow, even, and steady. He is deliberate and methodical, takes things one step at a time, and has the capacity to persevere, to endure, and to stay with whatever he starts until it is completed. He may take longer to master a particular task or skill, but it stays with him once he does.

     Archie much prefers the known and the familiar to the new and different. His tastes are likely to be very consistent and fixed, and it will not be easy for you to introduce new food, especially if it is exotic or distinctive in any way. He can be very inflexible and resistant to new ideas and to changes in the status quo, also. A reliable routine suits him very well.

     He has a great fondness for beautiful things and for comfort, and he has a pleasure-loving side which borders on laziness at times. A love of nature is also very strong within him, and he is more suited to the natural rhythms of country life than to an urban environment. Tending a garden or building with natural materials would be very satisfying to him. He has a very practical nature, and he likes to see some tangible results for his efforts. When explaining something to him, it is much more effective to demonstrate it concretely for him, rather than simply telling him.

     He is also a warmly loving child, and he needs a lot of touching, holding, and affection, which he will return to you in abundance.

     The only quality which can be quite trying is his great stubbornness. He can be positively immovable once he has made up his mind!

Sun in 1st house:

     Archie is rather charismatic, and he makes a strong impact and first impression on others.  Most of the time he radiates such a strong sense of himself that other children--and even adults!--follow his lead.  He cannot abide being "second fiddle" for long in any situation, and will go his own way rather than put up with neglect or insufficient recognition.

Sun Sextile Neptune:

     Archie has a colorful, fanciful imagination. He enjoys acting, games of pretend and make-believe.

     He is rather impressionable and gullible at times, also. He seems to believe that anything is possible, and he needs to develop a sense of discrimination, especially in regard to other people.


     MERCURY represents thinking and reasoning processes, the way your child's mind works, his intellectual inclinations and way of communicating ideas.

Mercury in Aries:

     He grasps ideas quickly and has a direct, honest, rather abrupt way of expressing his thoughts. He often jumps to conclusions or speaks his mind without considering the impact of his words. He may be fond of arguing.

Mercury in 12th house:

     Archie keeps many of his thoughts, ideas, and interests to himself, and he may be overlooked in school because he doesn't assert his point of view.  He prefers to sit back and absorb what's going on around him.  Daydreaming and fantasizing occupy a good deal of his time, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing, because he can use his imaginative thinking in creative ways.

Mercury Conjunct Uranus:

     Archie is inclined to hold radical, outrageous, or unconventional views, and he enjoys challenging traditional ideas. He has a quick, inventive mind and is apt to have sudden inspirations or flashes of insight. He is also prone to be nervous and mentally restless, particularly in a learning environment that is too structured, or where there is much emphasis on rote and repetition.


     The MOON in the birthchart indicates how he deals with and expresses feelings, how he experiences the world on an emotional, feeling, non-verbal level, what his emotional needs are, and what he needs to feel secure, comfortable and at ease.

Moon in Gemini:

     One of the primary ways that Archie responds to the world is by thinking and talking about it, and if given any encouragement at all, he will discuss his feelings and experiences very readily. Creating a ritual of talking about the ups and downs of his day with him, just prior to going to sleep at night, can be very relaxing and soothing for him, putting him at ease. Even at a young age, before he can articulate, he is likely to be a chatterbox and to need quite a bit of social interaction and "conversation."  He will love hearing rhymes, jingles, and little songs, and he will often respond with a stream of his own jabbering. Try not to tell him to "be quiet" too often as he is growing up, because speaking is a significant means of self expression for him.

     Archie needs an interesting stimulating environment and he may become cranky and out of sorts when he exhausts all of the materials and playthings you provide for him. He will love books, story tapes, puzzles, and mentally challenging games, such as word games or computer games. Restless and easily bored, he is inclined to lose interest in an activity rather quickly. It may seem that he needs to be entertained constantly. He grasps concepts quickly and is always eager to see or experience something new. Outings to the library, to visit friends, or just anything to break up his routine will always be welcome. He adapts well to changes in his environment.

     This child has an insatiable curiosity and desire to learn about the world. and he is unlikely to cling too tightly to your apron strings. The outside world is just too fascinating. He is also somewhat uncomfortable with emotions, sentimentality, and others' emotional needs or demands. When difficult feelings such as fear or sadness arise, he will often simply ignore them or try to make a joke. Sometimes he becomes silly in response to intense feelings or situations that he does not understand. Even at a surprisingly young age he can be detached and objective in emotionally-charged situations.

Moon in 1st house:

     It is not easy for Archie to hide what he's feeling.  His moods and emotions are very obvious, so he may get a reputation for fickleness or moodiness.  He's also very sensitive to others' moods and feelings.  In a rather endearing way, he accepts and sympathizes with others' ups and downs--even the drugstore cashier's or the dog's.  This child is best reached by appeals to his emotions, not to his logic.


     VENUS represents the way your child gives and receives affection, makes friends, and socializes. It also indicates artistic or creative inclinations.

Venus in Aries:

     Archie strikes up friendships and makes overtures to others quite readily, but he often will not compromise or make any special accommodations for his friends. Generally, if you want to play with him, it is on his own terms. He likes courageous and forthright children, and there is likely to be a good bit of friendly rivalry between him and his playmates.

Venus in 12th house:

     Archie has a tender heart for the broken, needy, and disadvantaged, and he may be attracted to those children who have large "holes" in their lives.  He wants to help or save them, and can be generous to a fault.  He's sometimes shy about accepting love and affection.

Venus Square Saturn:

     Archie needs much reassurance that he is wanted, valued, and worthy of love; otherwise, he is inclined to feel alienated and afraid to trust people. Though he very much wants friends, it may be hard for him to get close to people. He is likely to have just a few close friends that he keeps for a long time, and to be ill-at-ease in social situations or when meeting new people.

Venus Square Pluto:

     Archie can be insatiable for affection and love, and he makes a lot of demands on his friends and loved ones. His love needs and feelings are very intense. Jealousy, possessiveness, or trying to control others can be problems for him at times. He sometimes acts irrationally when his feelings have been stirred.

Venus Trine Jupiter:

     Archie's warmth, openness, and generosity make him very well-liked. He overlooks petty differences and flaws in his friends, and he seems to know how to bring out the best in people. He always welcomes new people into his circle of friends. As far as he is concerned, "the more, the merrier."


     MARS represents your child's drive, ambition, will, energy level, and ability to assert himself.

Mars in Gemini:

     Archie is a busy bee, always active, restless, and on-the-go, but he tends to lack concentration and stamina. He tends to run on nervous energy. He uses cleverness, words, and reasoning power to defend himself, rather than force.

Mars in 2nd house:

     When Archie sets his goals or decides what he wants, he works very hard to get it.  He can be territorial, too, and possessive about his things.  It's not so much that he doesn't want to share as that he wants control over what's his.

Mars Opposition Jupiter:

     Archie has a great deal of exuberant, restless, rambunctious energy, and he just does not know what to do with it all at times. His vitality seems exhaustless at times, and he often cannot set limits or contain himself. He tends to have big, even grandiose, ambitions in life.


     JUPITER in the birth chart reveals the child's future aspirations, and how he seeks to grow and improve himself.  It also indicates areas of natural confidence, success, or "luck."

Jupiter in Sagittarius:

     Faraway goals and distant horizons call to Archie and he isn't timid about aspiring to greatness.  One of his gifts is that he instinctively sees the big picture, and can envision a positive future even if the present is overwhelmingly gloomy.  Optimism, faith in life itself, and a philosophical attitude are assets he possesses naturally.

He is apt to query you incessantly about God, religion, and the nature of the Universe until he gets some answers.  However, very simplistic or narrow answers won't satisfy him.  He seeks to grow and improve himself through broadening his understanding. Travel and exotic cultures fascinate him.

Jupiter in 8th house:

     Archie is deeply curious about the mysteries of life and death, the afterlife, and the supernatural, as well as the inner workings of people.  As a young child, he'll ask a lot of probing questions about "taboo" subjects like sex or death, not out of fear but merely because he's fascinated.  He'll enjoy learning how various cultures view such things--how and why the Egyptians mummified their dead, for instance, or what the Hindus believe about reincarnation.  And he'll surprise the adults in his circle with his precocious insights and wisdom about such matters.  He understands, much more than one might expect, about why people behave as they do, and in his later life this will give him a great advantage in dealing with people and forming cooperative partnerships.


     The position of SATURN in your child's birth chart indicates the areas in which he is especially insecure, about which he is most serious, and/or in which he works hardest or is hardest on himself.  It also reveals those weaknesses which, through effort, may become his greatest strengths.

Saturn in Capricorn:

     Archie has a very definite and critical internal judge, and he'll struggle with trying to live up to his own high standards and expectations.  As a youngster, he may seem more mature, conservative, controlled, and/or concerned with achievement than is typical for his age.  Indeed, he may become overly conscientious, weighed down with his sense of responsibility.  At times, he may seem like a little old woman.

     Archie needs to be allowed, and even encouraged, to be a child, not burdened with many parental expectations or serious responsibilities.  If the harsh realities of life are pointed out to him too often, he could easily be overwhelmed and grow fretful and joyless.  He'll need to be reminded to lighten up once in a while.  Parents, teachers, and other elders must beware of criticizing his efforts.  Even excessive praise can be detrimental if he senses that he's constantly being assessed and "graded."  Warm, unconditional acceptance and a forgiving sense of humor will help immensely.

Saturn in 10th house:

     A fear of being publicly embarrassed or humiliated may prevent Archie from participating in school plays and other performances.  He'll try to avoid situations in which he's in the public eye.  Even when he is very young, his reputation or public image will be important to him.  Criticism from a teacher or parent in front of friends or classmates would be excruciatingly painful for him and could cause him to "shut down" or put a lid on any thought or feeling that might be unacceptable.  He may shine or behave outlandishly in certain familiar situations but never in the "outside world."  He'll need help with putting his fear of failure in perspective and learning to risk.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto:

     Archie has an unusual degree of tenacity and the capacity to endure very difficult conditions.  He and many of the children born the same year have an innate toughness that may be surprising.  Archie will work extraordinarily hard and often feels like he's been left with the dirty, disagreeable work.  Nevertheless he wont flinch or evade it.  He could have a rather cynical view of the world at times also.

Saturn Sextile Neptune:

     Archie's obstacles or insecurities can sometimes be allayed by spending time in quiet surroundings or in nature. He fills up his inner well of strength by taking a little time out.  This is a child who would probably enjoy practicing yoga or tai chi, also.


     The Lunar Nodes are points formed by the moon's orbit around the Earth intersecting with the Earth's path around the Sun. These sensitive "power points" in our child's chart give vital information about those areas of life experience that he will instinctively be drawn to in order to fulfill his life purposes, as well as qualities he needs to develop and express in order to do so. They show where he can be most successful as he unfolds his natural talent

North Node in 4th House in Cancer:

     Archie's purpose in life involves cultivating inner depth, soulfulness, and intimate closeness within a family or community of true soulmates. He gathers strength from his heritage, and will want to know his family's history, stories, and traditions. Because his focus in life is inward he is apt to shun public life in favor of attending to his home life, his inner world, or his personal, intimate connections. He may seem to need a lot of "down time" and can be something of a hermit crab - he'll be crabby if he can't be a hermit sometimes. What he needs to bring forth is deeply personal and comes from his own inner private reflections and rhythms.

     The qualities Archie needs in order to succeed in this endeavor are empathy, devotion, tenderness, and a willingness to be cared for in a nurturing way by other people. Encourage him to graciously receive, as well as give and support.


     The slow-moving planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto represent the ideals, changes, and impulses of an entire generation. While the descriptions below may or may not describe your child as an individual, they will tell you about the climate of the times and the underlying issues and challenges of your child's age group.

     For instance, when Neptune (which represents one's spiritual ideals, dreams, aspirations, fantasies and illusions) passed through the egalitarian and harmony-loving sign of Libra (from 1943-1957), the children who would grow into the "flower children," hippies, and supporters of the peace movement were born. Not every person born during that time became a hippie or identified themselves with the peace movement, but certainly they were affected by the feeling-tone and ideals of their age group and the times they grew up in. Thus, the following information is intended to give you insight into the important motifs and issues of your child's generation.

     URANUS indicates where the impulse for change, innovation, liberation from the past, and experimentation with new forms is the strongest. It is where the status quo is disrupted or uprooted to make way for something new. Sudden inspiration and invention are also represented by Uranus.

Uranus in Taurus:

     Those in this group feel an inner tension between enjoying the world as it is and experimenting with innovations and making creative change. As young children they may resist new situations or changes of habit or routine, and when older they may rebel against so-called "progress". To them, new or different does not mean better. When they feel secure, they may enjoy learning about or inventing new ways of gardening or working with the natural world.

Uranus in 12th house:

     Archie tends to hide his eccentricities, unconventionality, or nonconformist side, perhaps for fear of being thought odd or even ridiculed for his differentness.  He may go to great lengths to keep it under wraps, but occassionally burst out with a surprising rebelliousness or unsuspected independent spirit.

     NEPTUNE represents the quest for the ideal, the dream, for something more sublime. The sign it is passing through at the time of one's birth colors one's spiritual aspirations and ideals, and also indicates where the desire to escape reality, to fantasize, deceive oneself, and become lost in illusion is the strongest.

Neptune in Pisces:

     Profoundly mystical forces are washing over the collective psyche of this group. The life of the soul becomes paramount. Water also becomes a primary concern. Healing waters, fountains, and springs with supernatural powers, as well as being "washed" with the Holy Spirit may play important roles.

Neptune in 12th house:

     Tenderhearted and sympathetic toward underdogs, victims, and any suffering whatsoever, this highly sensitive child feels for about everybody.  Being around negativity, ill will, or harshness really upsets him, and he needs a little oasis of peace to replenish himself from time to time.  He's also quite "psychic" and may share some amazing dreams or paranormal experiences if he senses his elders are open minded and receptive to such things.

     PLUTO in the birth chart indicates a process of deep change, transformation, and renewal, often through destruction or confrontation with darkness.  This is a process that takes place in society as well as in individuals.  Pluto's position in the birth chart shows where one is compulsive, extreme, or learning key life lessons.

Pluto in Capricorn:

     Those born during these years (2008-2023) struggle to transform corruption, greed, and the control of power and natural resources in the world around them. Large, impersonal institutions and the heavy handed authoritarianism that breaks them up will be challenged by these children as they grow up. They will be profoundly influenced by witnessing the way power is wielded by their fathers and other authorities they encounter. Cynicism and upheaval may result if integrity, wisdom, and a positive use of masculine strength is not modeled for these children.

Pluto in 10th house:

     This child may have a very difficult relationship with authority, beginning with his father. Power and how it is wielded in the world fascinates him and is connected both to his vocation and to his key life lessons.  In other words, he could be a leader or an agent of change and healing in the world, but he will have to heal his own resentment toward the powers-that-be.

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