Kathie Garcia


Kathie Garcia is the author of the AstroJourney Report for Kepler, Pegasus or Sirius.

Kathie Garcia has been studying astrology for 32 years. She is the owner of THE THREE MAGI COMPLETE ASTROLOGICAL SERVICES.

Kathie holds a B.A. in anthropology from Tulane University. Her earlier studies took her to London where she studied at University College.

Kathie speaks fluent Spanish and has taught English as a second language with Berlitz Language School. She is a certified Montessori teacher, with 8 years of experience in the classroom. She has taught newborns through adults. Her AstroJourney Report is the first forecast report written specifically for teenagers and young adults.

Kathie writes for Atlantis Rising magazine and Montana Pioneer monthly publication. She has been on a score of radio programs and has lectured throughout the United States and Mexico. Kathie has served as a faculty member at the American Federation of Astrologers Conferences. Kathie says that "My house is like a hotel. There are always kids of all ages coming in and out. Our dining room table is the site of some incredible philosophical discussions, from the wisdom from the mouth of the babes to the ideas of the older kids who are coming into adulthood at a time of such awesome transformation. Much of AstroJourney came out of these discussions.

Kathie published and released a new book in 2015. The book title is "The Heroes Journey Through the Zodiac" endorsed by David Cochrane. This book can be purchased from Amazon.




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