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INDRA by Bob Mulligan. Optional Report Option of Kepler, Sirius, or Pegasus. This interpretation of the birth chart by Bob Mulligan is very comprehensive and in-depth. Here is another example of the extremely thorough, specific analysis: for the interpretation of a planet conjunct the Ascendant, there is a different interpretations if the planet is on the 12th house or 1st house side of the Ascendant and also whether the planet is afflicted (has hard aspects) or not. The Indra Report is 30 to 35 pages in length. $300.00Buy Now

Language available: English, Spanish, German, Italian


The Indra Report for

Julia Roberts

28 October 1967
0:16 Daylight Savings Time
Atlanta, Georgia
Latitude 33 N 44 56 Longitude 84 W 23 17
GMT: 04:16:00  Time Zone: 5 hours West. Tropical Zodiac

SECTION I.  The Structure and Intent of Your Life.

There are four items of general interest that we want to take up here in Section I: A) Hemisphere and Quadrant Emphasis, B) Elements and Modes, C) The Ascendant and Midheaven, and D) The Conjunctions.  These four categories give us an intelligent overview of how you structure personal experience and what you aim for in life.  This general patterning gives us a context to understand the specific personal meaning of the material in Sections 2 through 11.

     A.  Hemisphere and Quadrant Emphasis

The different areas of life are laid out in the horoscope by spatial territories called houses.  These areas of life show interests and general involvements for each person.  These areas can be grouped together for a vast overview of most basic inclinations of the person. The most useful general groupings of houses is into hemispheres and quadrants.  Emphasis in a hemisphere or quadrant shows a particularly strong focus toward life from that perspective.

          1. Hemisphere

The horoscope can be split into 2 equal parts, either horizontally (giving us the upper and lower hemispheres) or vertically (giving  us the right and left hemispheres).  The Upper Hemisphere shows the outer, more extroverted side of the personality, the Lower Hemisphere shows the more introverted and hidden side of the personality.  In the Left Hemisphere planets are rising and this shows action.  In the Right Hemisphere planets are setting and this shows reaction.

Most planets Below the Horizon

You have the majority of your planets below the horizon showing that you need time each day in isolation in order to recharge your batteries.  You have a personal approach to life, preferring to work with people more than things and needing contact with the familiar in order to feel secure.

          2. Quadrant

The two ways of splitting the horoscope into hemispheres can be applied simultaneously giving us four quadrants.  The FIRST is called the quadrant of personality.  The SECOND is called the quadrant of the environment.  The THIRD is called the quadrant of relationship.  The FOURTH is called the quadrant of service.

Most Planets in the First Quadrant

You have the majority of your planets in the first quadrant showing you will seek a lot of life experience to enhance you and develop your sense of selfhood.  Your own personality and its uniquenesses and intricacies are the major focus of life experience for you.

     B.  Elements and Modes

The Elements and Modes show what we aim for in life.  They show our broadest focus and in the most general sense, how we go about achieving our goals.

          1. Elements

The four elements (fire, earth, air and water) are the most comprehensive inventory of the personality that we have. Everything in the universe including the human personality can be examined in terms of the four elements.  FIRE is your basic enthusiastic urge,  EARTH shows your concern for the material world,  AIR is the element of abstract thought,  WATER is your empathy impulse.  Fire and earth are primitive and focus on the self.  Air and water are derivative and focused on others.  Fire and air are naturally extrovert, optimistic, active, and freedom oriented.  Earth and water are basically introvert, pessimistic, passive, and security oriented.


You have 20% of your chart in the fire element showing that you have an awareness of how much energy you lack that others seem to have.  Still, you have plenty of enthusiasm and stamina prevalent.  You go toward each project with a certain amount of pre-selectivity.  You are always prompted to do more, primarily because you don't trust that you are doing enough.  In the long run, this single characteristic guaranties you accomplish much in life.


You have an abundance of earth in your chart showing that you are a cautious and thorough person.  You build material security in life. If, for any reason, this isn't happening you feel miserable.  This can point to a problem of valuing the wrong things in life and chasing empty dreams.  Ask yourself how much you really need and let it go at that.  You can be an earnest and hard working person if over-acquisitiveness doesn't blind you.


You have no air in your chart.  This shows that you spend little or no time thinking about abstract issues.  You go straight to the "bottom line".  It often appears to people that you come up with an answer to a question without any intermediate reasoning process.  You do need to be careful that you don't act before you think, but the truth of the matter is that you just don't need to go through a slow, logical process.  You need to be sure that your style of action does not offend people you wish to be close to.  You may seem to lack diplomacy but this doesn't mean you are lacking in interest in people or that you don't care about others.


You have 30% of your chart in the water element.  The emotional content of your chart is so strong that it is never a neutral ingredient in your life.  How you are able to integrate this quality of empathy into the rest of your personality traits will determine how well you will mingle with others.   Learning good relationship skills early in life is very important to your proper adjustment and socialization to life and your culture.

          2. Modes

The three modes are CARDINAL, FIXED, and MUTABLE.  The modes of expression show how you act out your urges in the world.  They represent your most basic responding mechanism toward all of life experience.  The cardinal planets show direct expression in physical action, leadership ability and strength.  The fixed mode planets in your chart show reaction, consistency, persistency, endurance and stubbornness.  The mutable planets in your chart show synthesis, blending, malleableness, thought, forethought, debate and wisdom.  The following statements show the way the three modes manifest in your life.


You have 20% of your chart in the cardinal mode showing that you are capable of both leading and following.  You know how to assert your point of view or execute someone else's.  Your preference is to follow someone else's lead and embark on your own path only when you feel it is necessary.


A tremendous amount of your chart is in the fixed mode.  You have endurance.  Whether a course of action is good or bad you are more likely to stay with it than change.   The principle of inertia is with you.  When you rest, you have real difficulty getting going.  When you are in motion,  you have real difficulty stopping or even changing directions (even  slightly).  People find you a loyal friend and a tenacious enemy.


You have an abundance of mutability in your chart.  You are a thinker and attempt to accommodate a number of circumstances and people in your environment.  You may have difficulty choosing a direction and staying with it.  Truth has a way of becoming a highly personal subjective factor; consequently, others think of you as not being able to communicate simple truths in a factual way.  You are nervous and may need more B-Vitamins in your diet, rest, and meditation in order to be balanced.

     C.  The Ascendant and Midheaven (Signs and Aspects)

          1.  The Ascendant

The ascendant is symbolic of our relationship to our immediate environment.  This is the point rising in the east when we are born. One manifestation of our immediate environment is our physical body. The physical environment includes our body, our surroundings and our emotional and mental states.  Thus, the ascendant tells us how our inner core expresses itself, and how we take in information from others and the universe generally. The sign rising in your horoscope tells us the type of energy you are processing, the type of physical body that you have for doing the processing and the natural inclinations you have in the personal arena in life.  The planets in aspect to your ascendant tell us the kind of energy and stamina you have as natural allies in life.  The ascendant is opposite the seventh house cusp (the place where we meet others and the world).  This axis (ascendant-descendant) is how we clarify ourselves through relationships. Planets in aspect to this axis indicate the types of people and the types of relationships we seek as well as how and why we seek them.

                              CANCER RISING

You have a deep nostalgic and emotional streak.  Family, community and the past color your vision of life and what you see as the possible. Your winning quality is that you are very personable and kind.  You are sensitive and may try to conceal the depth of your feelings in any relationship because you are afraid of your sensitivity being used against you.  You attempt to make your world safe by excluding anyone or anything that you can't bond with.  This means that you have more trouble than most getting new ingredients into your experience.  Your relationship to your parents and your parents' relationship to each other will tend to be replicated in all of your interactions in life. Issues that have to do with your family life have a certain priority on your consciousness because of this.

Sun Square the Ascendant

You have a powerful and shining exterior that others find quite attractive.  People come into your life and are happy to know you. Still, you are a hard person to get close to because you have some personal inner conflicts that emerge in all of your relationships.  You use your interactions with others to see and work on your inner conflicts.  This is a very constructive process of growth through self-expression in connection with others, but it is not always comfortable.  You get happier as you get less willful.

Uranus Sextile the Ascendant

The creative spirit is so strong in you.  Your ability to go your own way and call your own moves allows you to swim against the tide.  You have a striking personality and inspire others to action through the strength of your vision.  The originality of your insights gives you a unique gift for helping people and the breadth of your vision and your sense of timing is great for making money in the business world.

Neptune Trine the Ascendant

You are very good at knowing how to get along with others.  You intentionally change what you are doing in order to get along with others, but also because you have a need to express your creative qualities that will find some expression.  This chameleonic quality is so helpful in getting along with people under changing circumstances that you will either work for higher human values though service or art.  The spiritual path in some form or expression will always be out in front of you as a guiding light toward your ideal.

Pluto Sextile the Ascendant

Your penetrating insights into life and your ability to focus on critical factors makes you a good problem solver.  You are able to see through major issues faster and with a good deal more accuracy than others.  This skill colors everything you do.  When you concentrate on a person they have your complete attention. As a consequence of this trait your friends are self selecting from the people who can relate to your "all or nothing" mental attribute.

          2.  The Midheaven

The Midheaven is the high point in your chart.  It indicates what you aspire for, what you see as your duty, and what authority and limits are about.  Because of this basic meaning the Midheaven indicates how you live out your social station and what you do for your career.  The point opposite the Midheaven is the fourth house cusp, referred to as the nadir, which is the indication of our roots, our heritage. This axis (Midheaven-Nadir) indicates the way we grow in life.  The sign on the Midheaven shows our basic energy and approach toward dealing with the world.  Planets in aspect to the Midheaven show qualities of our inner being that we wish to contribute to the world and that we wish to be fulfilled through our interaction with the outer world.

                             ARIES MIDHEAVEN

You are quick to start projects.  You may not have a lot of follow-through.  Basically, career supplies you with an emotional arena.  You are quick and like being first.  If you have staying power in your career, success comes to you.

Mercury Quincunx the Midheaven

The plans that you make may come to nothing many times, but, this is not bad if every time you stumble, you learn something about yourself. The world is a fascinating place for you and you can be prompted to learn about many subjects.  Success is found in continuity and depth as well as diversity.  Learning to keep fixed on the goals you have chosen, while having no particular commitment to the method for its achievement, brings you to your quickest method of accomplishment.

Venus Quincunx the Midheaven

The creation of beauty and the expression of your desire for love is so important to you that you easily overshoot the mark several times in your youth trying to obtain the unobtainable.  Through the acceptance of the modality of expressions common to our culture, you grow and learn about yourself.  Your alignment with the society and the ensuing maturation becomes your mechanism for creating something of enduring quality for the culture.  This contribution of yours will have your own personal "hallmark" on it.

Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Midheaven

You have leadership qualities but you get in your own forward progress by moving too fast or too autocratically for other people's taste.  You are lucky and confident and this insures some success in life.

Saturn Separating Conjunction to Midheaven and afflicted.

You let your fears cut into your enjoyment in life.  Your feelings of responsibility can stop you from taking on any new commitments.  You may find yourself fearfully stuck in a pattern or habit that makes you too remote from people or circumstances to really bond with others. Differentiating between what you are given to do and what really isn't your responsibility becomes the first step toward long term accomplishment.

     D. The Conjunctions.

A Conjunction occurs when two planets are in the same immediate area of the Zodiac.  The conjunctions in your chart show central linkings of basic energies in your life.  When one area (represented by a planet) expresses itself, it brings along the other area (represented by the other planet).  When you are studying the rest of this printout of your life, keep in mind that linking of these energies is a central theme in your life and these areas should be studied together.

Sun Conjunct Mercury

Think of Sections II. THE SUN - Your ego structure, and IV. MERCURY -Your mental life, as a single unit.  These two very primary ingredients of your being express themselves together. Whatever affects one of them affects both of them.  This Conjunction represents a central theme in your life.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter

Think of Sections III. THE MOON - Your personal life, and VII. JUPITER - Your values, as a single unit.  This Conjunction colors your unconscious habits and your basic attitude toward life. This is an extremely important ingredient of your identity and represents a primary attribute of your personality.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune

Think of Sections IV. MERCURY - Your mental life, and X. NEPTUNE - Your spiritual aspirations and ideals, as a single unit.  This Conjunction is a central indicator of the way you interact with people and your environment

Venus Conjunct Uranus

Think of Sections V. VENUS - Your love nature, and IX. URANUS -Your search for freedom, as a single unit.  This Conjunction is fundamental to the way you form values in life and to the ways that you pursue your various projects.  The abundance of energy present here gives you some dramatic shifts in your life situation every so often.

Venus Conjunct Pluto

Think of Sections V. VENUS - Your love nature, and XI. PLUTO -Your need for fundamental change, as a single unit.  This Conjunction represents a central theme in the formation of your values.  An underlying intensity is present that conveys power on all that you get involved with.

Uranus Conjunct Pluto

Think of Sections IX. URANUS - Your search for freedom, and XI. PLUTO -Your need for fundamental change, as operating together. This combination shows strength of purpose and drive for spontaneous creativity.  This Conjunction is a central ingredient in your life.

SECTION II.  The SUN - Your Ego Structure

The Sun is the center of the solar system.  All life revolves around it within this sphere.  In the same way, the ego is the center of personal identity and gives integration and continuity to individual experience. In this sense, it might be said that the Sun shows character.  This is the fixed pillar at the center of the person around which all else circulates or revolves.

The sign placement of the Sun shows the center of the individual's basic character.  The sign of the Sun is the most primary indicator of the forms of experience you are attracted to.  Further, this most important placement shows how and why you are attracted to these experiences.

The house placement of the Sun sign shows the primary area of expression for the individual in life.  There is a psychological, emotional, and physical significance to the house placement of the Sun. Aspects to the Sun show ways that the core of the personality are linked to other component elements in the individual's life.  Aspects to the Sun have a deep and overriding significance in the life of the individual and are generally more important, more prominent than other aspects in the chart.


Control is the main ingredient in life for you.  You are strong-willed, thorough, passionate and powerful.  You are courageous and completely willing to go it alone when necessary.  You tend to have a rather serious outlook on life, always probing, looking for the depths.  Your life becomes more meaningful when you learn to be truly forgiving, when you control your sexual nature without repressing it.  Strive to overcome envy, jealousy and possessiveness.  Your intense, all or nothing attitude is very useful under some circumstances but all of life is not a battlefield.  You turn that force to a high channel at some time in life and the search for meaning becomes a spiritual quest.

Sun in 4th house

You plan for the "long run" as part of your basic strategy in life. Your life improves with age because your real personality emerges more and more as you get older.  You are interested in having your basic attachments and emotional interests taken care of before focusing your attention on anything else.  Once this foundation is established you put your energy into satisfying your need for worldly fulfillment. Because you expect life to improve it generally does.

Sun in 4th house Unafflicted

A powerful sense of self-confidence sustains and colors all of your activities.  How far you go in life is determined by other factors but you build your edifice brick by brick.  You are cautious, temperamental and conservative in your undertakings. Commitments are taken seriously and generally seen through to a harmonious conclusion.


You have a very close alignment between your mental skills and your ego.  This can give you great depth of perception and great resolve. You need to be careful that you don't become dogmatic or develop "tunnel vision".  When you become focused on one thing for a long time, you may suffer from nervous exhaustion.  Learn to take breaks without losing your initiative.


You have a pleasant appearance and know how to get along with others. You may find yourself locked into a situation where you can see more than you can materialize.  The difficulty here is that your goals move forward when you do, so they always stay out in front of you and you never seem to get where you are going.  A self-dissatisfaction can always be hanging in the air.  Thinking more of others and less of yourself is one of the few things that breaks through the hard crust of ignorance.  Concentrating on the concerns of others punctures the myth of isolation which is the real cause of your false sense of self-dissatisfaction.  You are prone to petty vanities and extravagant spending when you are feeling defeated.  You can avoid this pitfall by learning genuine self acceptance.  Once learned, you become a real joy to be around.


You are full of energy.  When you get excited about a project you are very enthusiastic and quick to act on a plan.  Your sense of right and wrong translate into action.  You are brave, willing to "stand up for what you see as right".


Energetic, enthusiastic, (and at times) very combative, you have a way of getting to your goal.  You enjoy the contest of others trying to stop you.  Your creative energies flow very strong when you are opposed.


You are lucky and optimistic.  You are frank and direct with people without being hurtful.  You are responsible and benevolent and can see how to get things done.  You go through several changes in life which leave you in improved circumstances.


Self-esteem abounds and you are able to help others primarily through example.  Because you are comfortable and confident with yourself, you assume an aura of authority.  Since others recognize this optimistic outlook in you, and because you have a tendency to instill confidence, you rise in life.


You are locked in a deep inner struggle that seems like life or death to you.  This can spill over into your everyday life as violent outbursts and a quarrelsome nature.  Your will is very powerful but perhaps misdirected.  Even if you are presumptuous, defensive, and boastful, your life will change dramatically and instantaneously for the better as soon as you stop attacking others and refuse to even blame anyone else for your difficulties.  Then, you will be able to really start controlling yourself.  When this happens you will lose your desire to control others completely and forever.


Your environment doesn't seem to give you the reinforcement and information you need.  You are forced to be inventive in order to complete tasks you undertake.  Indecisiveness and stubbornness can stop you from making the most of every opportunity.  Learning to be definite without being controlling frees vast amounts of energy for you.

SECTION III.  The MOON - Your Personal Life.

The Moon inscribes a circle around the earth.  It moves more swiftly than other astronomical bodies and thus represents day to day and moment to moment movements, adjustments and preoccupations.  The Moon is the symbol of the personal life which is molded and shaped by our environment, by events, and by social and familial expectations. Further, the Moon shows our responses to life which are based on our past habits, experiences, our heritage and our individual and collective cravings.

The sign placement of the Moon shows how you project yourself to the general public, how the instinctive and imaginative component of your mind operates, how you express your feelings and your most general experiences of your family and mother.

The house placement of the Moon shows how and where you make day to day adjustments.  Further, it shows the things you are most interested in dealing with in order to gain emotional equilibrium.

The aspects of the Moon show the general characteristics of the personality that are emphasized.  Planets in aspect to the Moon are symbolic of qualities in the personality that are used instinctively, habitually and with a high degree of versatility.


You love life and have a deep and natural affinity for self-display. You appear as a social leader, setting the trend for those around you. You can be quite passionate and exude an air of being loyal and warm. Be sure this isn't just for the show of it. You have the capacity to present to people what they expect to see.  Make sure you are expressing your true feelings rather than just pandering to an audience.  Once in a while your pride will get you in a situation where you have overstepped your bounds. If you cannot avoid taking yourself too seriously, just apologize to all concerned, stay lighthearted and carry on; your life becomes the pure radiance it was meant to be.

Moon in 2nd house

You have an emotional need to know that the bills are paid.  You have some fears connected with lack and you will attempt to create some material security as a guard against worry.  Your natural instinctive pattern in life tends to be along cautious, conservative lines.

Moon in 2nd house Afflicted

You easily get into emotional states because of shortsighted material worries.  The world never seems as stable as you would like it to be. The way out is to develop a sense of humor and a lighthearted attitude toward your situation.


You are sincere, generous and joyful.  Your life tends to go from good to better mostly because you are optimistic and expect it. For the most part you are healthy and robust.  Sometimes extravagance and overindulgence can cause you difficulties.  Too much of the good life ends up limiting your freedom.  Once you learn moderation and contentment you experience deep and continuous inner joy.


You are outwardly successful in life even though you have to go through some inner pain in your personal life.  Your greatest virtue is that you do learn from your mistakes.  You correct your own actions and go on.  Your life may have several low points while you are reorganizing after a setback.  You will be hard-pressed to sort out your true responsibilities and may find the day to day planning of your time to be quite challenging.


Doubt of self and fear of failure make life worrisome, but life is easier when you accept that you have periodic interruptions in your path to success as well as changes in direction every so often.  These aren't comfortable but all part of the process.


You are emotionally sensitive to others and very idealistic. Your values and beliefs may be at odds with the status quo.  As a matter of fact, they may be just odd.  Don't promote an ideal or value that occurs to you without doing a thorough probe of your own deeper emotional motivations.  You may find that you are wasting your time building bridges between two nonexistent points.  The way out of this dilemma is to demand grounding of your ideas in the day to day workings of your own life.  You may suffer from time to time from a desire to do certain things which you are also afraid of.  You need to work hard at getting continuity between your values and your day to day life.  Avoid escapist actions that act as compensation for feeling incapable or unworthy.


You believe in the unbelievable and spend hours concentrating on things that are beautiful to you but will not happen.  You can be charming but naive.  A deep understanding of your drives and motivations help bring balance.

SECTION IV.  MERCURY - Your Mental Life.

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun.  From the viewpoint of the earth it seems to dart back and forth across the face of the Sun, having three retrograde cycles a year.  Mercury is the planet of your mental life.  It shows how you receive, process and disseminate information. The sign placement of Mercury shows your basic attitude and mental habits.  The aspects of Mercury show your scope of vision and your methods for accomplishing tasks.


Your mind is penetrating and critical.  Avoid being too secretive and you will learn more.  Your manner of expression is diplomatic but doesn't truly reflect the peevish probing that is always going on.  You are a shrewd negotiator who expresses even controversial ideas in a rather positive manner.  Your ideas are predetermined but you are smart enough to know that people don't usually respond favorably to you if they suspect this.  You are in your own depths and keep your own counsel.  Your life is smoother when you learn to relax, enjoy life, and adjust to changes going on around you.

Mercury in 4th house

Your mind is deeply affected by your family.  As you get older you become more and more interested in how things work.  Your natural curiosity can prompt you to study or travel a great deal.

Mercury in 4th house Unafflicted

Periods of rest and relaxation punctuate a busy, active life. You may find that when you make time to explain yourself to others that you have an uncanny knack of being able to say just the right thing to capture people's attention and understanding.


Your mental life is very closely tied in to the core of your being.  We looked at this connection in Section II. The Sun -Your ego structure.


You have artistic and literary skill.  This comes out in writing and speaking.  When you speak, others take note because you are unusually pleasant and diplomatic.  You have the ability to switch focus and transform a difficult situation into something quite pleasant.  You manage to keep everyone's point of view circulating in front of your mind so you can be good at finding meaningful compromises. In a group you can be a "shock absorber" and a liaison.


You get great ideas, even brilliant at times.  Still, others don't always hear what you are saying and this makes you angry or standoffish.  Whenever this happens, recognize that you need to be thorough and practical or else the world will not see what you have found so interesting. This is not the world's fault.  Slow yourself down long enough to learn how everyone else does things and you will find a natural channel for getting your ideas across. Remember, a good idea is only a good idea until it is put into practice.  Get physical exercise and you might find your nervousness much easier to control.


You are very good at seeing a creative new way of implementing old ideas but have difficulty in crossing from theory to practice.  Life is easier for you if you speak less about what you are going to do (or should do) and spend time sorting out your direction in life.  Your mind can be brilliant but superficial if not disciplined.


You have a soft and dreamy mind that is very much involved with ideals and values.  You should have a safe and productive outlet for your imagination like writing, dancing, music, or painting. Without artistic or cultural interests you will be prone to daydreaming and escapist fantasies that keep you in social isolation.  You are psychic and have impressions of what the future will be that get filtered through your own mental history and predispositions.  This can be unsettling for you.  This characteristic can be a tremendous asset when it no longer frightens you.  Your forecasting ability is essential to success in any career where it is applied such as design work, advertising, or stock market projections.  You are not at peace unless the whole culture somehow benefits from what you do.

SECTION V.  VENUS - Your Love Nature.

The planet Venus shows the way you express your love nature and what you aspire for in life as good or beautiful. Venus has much to do with how you form your values.  The sign placement of Venus shows the type of love energy you have.  The house placement of Venus shows the natural area of expression of the love energy. The aspects of Venus indicate how and under what circumstances you express the gentle and loving side of your nature.


Your great love in life is purity and service.  You are detached to the point of being cold at times.  You want to be of help to others and stabilize your own nature through established routines and rituals.  You like order and perfection.  When you are troubled you find peace through isolation and the avoidance of all intimacy.  Your feelings don't run particularly deep but they find practical expression and you are someone who can be counted on.

Venus in 3rd house

You have a natural attraction to things which improve your mind. You love music, art, and good literature.  You love pleasant interactions with your relatives and neighbors.

Venus in 3rd house Unafflicted

The communicative skills you have will naturally find expression in whatever you do.  Travel may be very pleasant and you may take short periodic breaks as a means of staying balanced.


You have an aspect of Venus to the Sun showing that you identify at a very fundamental level with your ability to express the loving, genteel side of your nature.  This aspect of your nature was commented on in some detail in Section II.  The Sun - Your Ego Structure.


You are humanitarian, idealistic, intuitive and impressionistic in love.  If you are interested in something, you love it, even if only momentarily.  If you love something you are capable of immediate and deep sacrifice for it.  This gives a highly charged, impulsive and romantic color to all of your human interactions.  You are truly at home in the ideal realm.  You are always looking for a loftier, more abstract truth.  Money comes and goes as it is difficult for you to save systematically.


Musical and artistic talent are part of your nature and personality.  This same artistic eye and ear on life can give you a trusting and gentle disposition.  You believe in people and are deeply hurt when they don't live up to your lofty expectations. You admire and are attracted to the dramatic in relationships because of their ability to promote a value.  You want the world to be better than it is so you do what you can to reinforce that which you see as good.


A romantic lover, you have a naturally beautiful heart quality that moves you toward a higher ideal in yourself through relationships.  The love in you creates harmony and your artistic skills and aesthetic appreciation emerge out of your heart of hearts.  You have emotional textures and a gentleness that others usually only recognize when you create something of beauty, but, the subtle eye observes your refined sensitivity to the beautiful that reveals itself every time you speak or move.  You have good taste and others recognize the balance and harmony of your selection.


You may not be particularly sentimental but if you love someone, you love them completely and forever.  You live on the emotional extremes.  People are either important to you or they don't even exist.  Your feelings are deep and volcanic.  You love power and control which is fine if you have learned to control yourself. You are magnetic and surrounded with an aura of mystery.  You deal with groups and group resources.  You may have leadership in some creative project or in some financial enterprise.  You polarize people: they either love you or hate you but are seldom indifferent to you.

SECTION VI.  MARS - Your Energy.

Mars is the planet of desires.  It shows how you aim at your goals and how you power yourself toward your goals.  Mars represents your most fundamental wants.  The sign placement of Mars shows the fundamental nature of your assertions.  The house placement of Mars shows the area of your life you are most likely to focus on.  The aspects to Mars show how and to what extent your desires and assertions are involved with other aspects of living.


You have desires which are naturally aimed at worldly success or positions of responsibility and authority.  You are passionate and ambitious.  You are practical so your method for getting what you want in life is to be persistent, patient and to sustain your energy and interest in one direction long enough to achieve success.  You are self-reliant and conscientious.  Don't take on too much and strive to see more than the serious, practical side of life.  You believe in yourself, now believe in others.

Mars in 6th house

You are industrious, a hard worker who wishes to "get it right". Remember to stop at the end of the day and do something else. When you aren't working, don't think about it.  Others are not driven like you are and your prodding of them may not get the results you wish.

Mars in 6th house Unafflicted

You have the ability to inspire co-workers and are tireless.  You know how to keep digging until you have the facts that you feel are necessary.  You are prone to nervous exhaustion if you don't plan breaks for yourself.


You have an aspect of Mars to the Sun.  This shows that you have a very strong and direct nature.  Your energy and vitality are key ingredients to your self concept.  This issue is taken up in some detail in the Section II.  The Sun - Your Ego Structure.


You are energetic and very competitive.  Sports are the perfect arena for you to assert yourself.  Whatever you put your attention on comes to something.  Your material lot in life improves as you get older. You have the ability to believe in yourself and your projects.  This single attribute is responsible for directing the energy of the universe in a way favorable to you.  In this sense you are truly lucky.


Your energy naturally flows toward your goals.  You enjoy competing for the sake of the contest.  Your ability to push yourself to the limits and enjoy it keeps you on a path of personal improvement.  Many around you find your enthusiasm contagious.


You are a perfectionist.  You can pick at yourself and others unmercifully, trying to get circumstances in your life to match some unspecified standard.  Your energy becomes freer to work in an unencumbered way when you recognize that you aren't really looking to match an objective standard at all.  What you want is to find some emotionally and psychologically defendable ground to stand on.  The real trick in life for you is to keep moving. This is not easy since you should really only move ahead on a project after forethought or planning; your judgments tend to be colored by your fears or your momentary desires.  You work very hard for what comes to you. This is unavoidable.  But, you could end up working very hard for no gain. This is avoidable through balancing your drives with your responsibilities.  You find that you have better health and much freer energy if you get vigorous physical exercise at least three times a week.


Fear of negative assessment by others and fear of not living up to your own standard can create nervousness.  Poor judgment can be the end result.  You can get far in any career because there is a game playing and lucky part of your personality that pushes the limits. Unfortunately, you usually go beyond your limits and suffer loss.  By accepting necessary limits to your expansion, even when unpleasant, you learn and grow.


You have quite a temper and your anger will be a stumbling block in life until you have handled it.  You hate being trapped and act quite selfishly when cornered.  This is overcome when you corral your emotional energy and find some peace of mind.  Three things aid in this process.  One, you need physical exercise every day in order to feel emotionally balanced and in good health.  This is a release for your nervous energy.  Two, you need to come to terms with the nature of your desires.  Study your own nature to see what motivates you. This allows you to not blame others for your emotions or the situations you have gotten into.  Three, develop a long range view of change that symbolizes freedom to you.  You are a powerful innovator and just need to re-channel your energy so that you don't have to create and experience so much disharmony.


Angry, feisty, and combative, you make your way in life through spontaneously striking out at obstacles.  You anger others who could help you.  It isn't that others just misjudge your actions (which they do) but, people perceive an inherently selfish side of the way you make choices.  Learn to control your emotions and thereby your energy.


Jupiter is the king of the planets.  He is in charge of the order of creation.  Jupiter shows your values, where you feel confident and in control, and where you feel you have something to teach others.  The sign placement of Jupiter shows your values in life. The house placement of Jupiter shows the area of life you feel luckiest in and the area you receive the most help from other people and from the cosmos.  The aspect patterns to Jupiter show the direct network of good and administrative power in your life.


You value technical and practical knowledge.  It is hard for you to direct your energy and attention toward something that doesn't have a practical application.  As a problem solver you can be endearing to others as you have patience and enthusiasm for details.  You take care of little things that others overlook. Your prudent, even if narrow, focus generally brings you material success of some variety as you plug along in a cautious and repetitive manner.  Often, you achieve success because your vision is so limited.  You will develop an idea or material position in life focusing intensely on minutia.  It may seem like an unimaginatively long haul to others, but not being encumbered by this type of imagination, you are good at building beach front property one grain of sand at a time.  You attract situations that allows use of your analytical skills.  Your highest vision of truth revolves around (and ritualizes) what has gone on before. Because of this you may spend much of this life looking for meaning or purpose. It is difficult for you to feel satisfied with what you accomplish, always assuming that meaning is out there in front of you somewhere.  Even though you are searching for truth your basic instincts carry you on a "highway of life" lined more by practical and necessary considerations than the philosophical and speculative.  You are prudent and generally avoid taking risks; still, you look for and expect to excel in anything that requires attention to detail, research skill and giving service.  In these things you feel lucky and will usually succeed in any business or venture that uses them.

Jupiter in 2nd house

You feel optimistic and confident about money.  You anticipate that material good will come your way.  Your optimism may translate into a philosophy of abundance as you get older.

Jupiter in 2nd house Unafflicted

You get away with things that no one else seems to be able to do with the material world.  You are able to create your own reality.  Money keeps coming; even when you are careless with it (which is often) or extravagant (which is not infrequent) you are able to postpone disaster.  You have never been flat broke! You never will be.  Your feeling of self worth and natural abundance protect you.  You are worth a lot and this knowledge keeps a flow in your life even when you aren't doing much.


You have an aspect from Jupiter to the Sun showing a deep connection between your values and your ego.  As a consequence of this you have a stronger faith in your beliefs than most people and you are more likely to act on them.  You have the potential for being quite an inspiration for others.  In Section I. (The Sun - Your Ego Structure) there is more commentary on this trait of yours.


You have an aspect from Jupiter to the Moon showing an interest in expressing values through your daily life.  What you believe has more impact on what you do than it does for most other people.  The information on this topic in Section III.  (The Moon - Your Personal Life) may be helpful in grasping how you do this.


You have an aspect of Jupiter to Mars.  This aspect shows that you have an optimistic spirit and have the ability to assert your desires. Your enthusiasm may come forward as combativeness or as competition but in either case you are a lively participant in life.  Your values and your energy emerge as zest for living. This aspect is commented on further in Section VI.  Mars - Your Energy.

SECTION VIII.  SATURN - Your Obligations.

The planet Saturn shows where you feel restricted.  You feel obligations and fears through Saturn.  Because of your feeling connected with Saturn you are either responsible or neglectful. The sign placement of Saturn shows the basic type of energy connected with your obligations.  The house placement of Saturn shows an area of life that you feel restricted in and work hard to obtain the things that come to you.  The aspects of Saturn show the most direct involvement of other areas of your life with your feelings of responsibility.


You have a fear of being stopped or opposed.  Your will is strong and you strike out in a way to avoid this situation.  Your way of interaction often lends itself to misunderstanding.  Your manner of being is so self-justifying and so retiring you will probably have to work hard at developing rhythm, cadence, and self-reliance.  Your timing is often quite bad.  This is improved when you develop a better sense of your own abilities and depersonalize experiences somewhat.

Saturn in 9th house

You know, more than most, that morals and ethics are a social discipline.  You value highly certain things that have always been. Fundamental changes in values or beliefs are only made after careful evaluation.

Saturn in 9th house Afflicted

You may suffer from believing that your viewpoint and values are right and everyone else's are wrong if they differ from yours. You may have trouble while traveling because you are always unconsciously trying to make the world conform to how you feel things should be.  When you are honest with yourself you recognize your own process of change.  As you strengthen your ability to grow and learn, your relationships improve.


You have Saturn in aspect to the Moon showing a close relationship between your upbringing and your emotional outlook. This connection is explored in its essence in Section III.  The Moon - Your Personal Life.


You have Saturn in aspect to Mars showing a desire to build strong foundations in your life.  This aspect of your nature is taken up in Section VI.  Mars - Your Energy.


You learn most lessons in life the hard way, but you do learn. It is common for you to attempt to do something the way you have done it before and find out the old method will not work or doesn't apply. When you try to apply a new method you find you have to be empirical, trying many things before you find what will work.  You find life easier if you avoid letting emotional tension build up and if you make it a practice to speak your mind.


You have great trouble expressing your true perceptions as you tend to vacillate between an erratic casualness toward your obligations and a willfully dictatorial attitude.  Others find you difficult to approach if they disagree with you.  You suffer from feelings of isolation. Your deep inner fears of inadequacy have to be met and overcome if you are to be able to achieve your objectives in life.


You are engaged in one of life's deep struggles.  Your higher and lower selves fight for control of your actions.  You are not generally able to secure steady forward motion along a progressive path until you willfully and consciously renounce everything that gets in the way of your highest ideal.  This is not easy and will require many attempts before success comes about.  Personal progress is sure though, as soon as you see your higher ideals as a direct extension of universal principles to advance for the entire society.


Fear of responsibility and a feeling of being trapped can easily lead you into poor "road of life" decisions.  When this has happened you end up feeling quite alone.  Reconnecting with regular society means taking one step at a time to do the most responsible things and avoiding involvement with people who are not of good solid character or who encourage you to escape your obligations rather than meeting them.

SECTION IX.  URANUS - Your Search For Freedom.

The planet Uranus is beyond the orbit of Saturn and can't be seen without the aid of a telescope.  It represents the sky in us, that which transcends the limits of finite life.  Uranus raises the vibration of everything it contacts.  The sign placement of Uranus shows your broadest striving for freedom.  The house placement of Uranus indicates your area of direct unique expression.  The aspects to Uranus indicate the way you express your need for higher consciousness.


You see a picture of perfection and you willfully dive toward it. Although you are insightful, you need to stay open to alternate points of view.

Uranus in 3rd house

You have a unique manner of expression and an independent and inventive mind.  You stay active and like to travel.  Your driving skills may seem very erratic to others.  You should be careful that you always keep your attention on what you are doing while in a position of trust, as when you are driving.

Uranus in 3rd house Unafflicted

You seem to create success by darting back and forth in a completely unique and unrepeatable fashion.  There is a spontaneous quality to your method and a uniqueness to your thought processes that others find enjoyable.


You have Uranus in aspect to Mercury.  Your Mental attitudes express your quest for freedom.  This is explained in Section IV. Mercury -Your Mental Life.


You have Uranus in aspect to Venus.  You look for freedom in your love life.  You express your creativity in a unique way.  This is explained in the particular in Section V.  Venus - Your Love Nature.


You have Mars in aspect to Uranus which means you are attempting to raise the vibration of your desire nature during the course of this life.  Exactly how that works out in the day to day world is shown by Section VI.  Mars - Your Energy.


You have Uranus in aspect with your Saturn.  This indicates that you are attempting to accommodate the urge for security and the urge for freedom.  More detail on this blending is in Section VIII.  Saturn -Your Obligations.


You have an interest in spiritual subjects and are inclined to live out one of your higher visions of truth at some time in this life. You project a big picture of the possible in society.  Your unconscious mind is a forceful, creative energy that bursts forth every so often.


Your underlying faith in some higher all encompassing truth gives you balance and a belief in your own ability to achieve personal freedom some day.  Further, you are quite tolerant of many other approaches to change other than your own.  You distrust back sliding, indecision, and lack of motion.


You have a compulsive and unconscious desire to change.  There is a revolutionary quality to the way you go about bringing change in life. Years can go by relatively peacefully and then all of a sudden there is an explosion in your life.  When the dust settles all goes well again but you and your world are never the same. Real change is always fundamental.

SECTION X.  NEPTUNE - Your Spiritual Aspirations and Ideals.

The planet Neptune has an almost perfectly circular orbit.  It represents the part of our nature that strives for perfection, that looks to some higher ideal.  The planet Neptune rules the ocean and the part of us that is beyond the limits of the shores of personal existence.  The culture moves with the cycles of Neptune and it is the primary indicator of your connection to the culture that you live in. The sign of Neptune shows an ideal that you desire to manifest.  The house placement of Neptune shows the area of your life that you want to express this ideal in.  The aspect patterns of Neptune indicate the most direct connections yet most subtle networking of your personality into the world at large.


You have powerful and unconscious impulses for sensation.  You wish most of all to keep a social ideal alive through emotional intensity. You struggle to work out your secret desires.

Neptune in 5th house

You have a taste for beautiful, cultural things.  You wish to create something of beauty during your life.  You have artistic and dramatic ability which surfaces during all of your day-to-day activities.  You have lots of fantasy in your love life.  You may adopt children or your marriage partner may have them already when you meet.

Neptune in 5th house Unafflicted

The arts are a continuing source of inspiration for you.  The ability to blend fantasy and ideals and point them toward a common long-range goal burns brighter in you with age.


You have an aspect of Neptune to the Moon.  This indicates a deep interest in the arts and in cultural pursuits.  How your aesthetic taste influences your daily life is discussed further in Section III. The Moon - Your Personal Life.


You have an aspect of Neptune to your Mercury showing a deep vision of the truth and some psychic awareness.  This perception of yours is discussed in some detail in Section IV.  Mercury -Your Mental Life.


You have Neptune in aspect to Venus.  This indicates that you are very artistic by inclination and idealistic in love.  This pattern is described in Section V.  Venus - Your Love Nature.


You have an aspect of Neptune to Saturn, showing an interest in bringing about an ideal.  This aspect of your nature is discussed in Section VIII.  Saturn - Your Obligations.


You have Neptune in aspect to Uranus showing that one part of your nature will have a propensity to act out the unexpected. How this manifests is indicated in Section IX.  Uranus - Your Search for Freedom.


You are fundamentally an idealist.  You would like to see change come about in a way that doesn't destroy the existing social order.  You believe in transition and transformation as saner and kinder principles of social change than revolutionary upheaval.


Your higher ideals are the continuous recipient of forceful energy for change.  Your long range perspective (even though this may at times be unconscious) is always toward your ideals winning out through deep self transformation.

SECTION XI.  PLUTO - Your Need For Fundamental Change.

The planet Pluto represents the dark underground part of you.  It shows your ability to transform the most fundamental properties in your own inner nature.  The sign of Pluto is the way the obsessive, compulsive and committed part of your nature expresses itself.  The house placement of Pluto shows the area of life where you make your most fundamental and most potent changes. The aspects to Pluto show the deepest most unconscious links in your personality structure.


At best, you have critical powers to discriminate between that which works and that which doesn't.  There is a striving for perfection at the core of your being that can narrow your horizons so far that you focus too much on basic issues connected with your own life.  At worst, you are so critical that you slow down everyone's effectiveness.  Patience and hard work are required in order to complete your personal transformations.

Pluto in 3rd house

You were incredibly probing and insightful at a very early age. Your intellectual development was faster than your emotional development. You could see other people's motives before you knew what they meant. At best, it meant you were clever, at worst, paranoid.  An aura of secrecy guards the doorway to your senses and your mind.  You like to observe without being observed. Because you observe and judge at the same time, you feel others do so as well.  You attribute characteristics of your thought process to others.  You are painfully self-aware.

Pluto in 3rd house Unafflicted

The powerful image-making function of your mind can sustain you in any project regardless of how confining or lengthy.  The hidden is revealed to you even when you can't express it to others.


You have an aspect from Pluto to your Sun showing that much of your ego stays submerged and that you have a deep wellspring of inner forces to call upon.  This is described in Section II.  The Sun - Your Ego Structure.


You have an aspect of Pluto to Venus showing that you have a very deeply entrenched love nature that you are transforming.  The details of this are discussed in Section V.  Venus - Your Love Nature.


You have an aspect of Pluto to Uranus indicating you have a powerful urge to change in a fundamental way.  This change in described in Section IX.  Uranus - Your Search for Freedom.


You have an aspect of Pluto to Neptune which shows your involvement in a large cultural process.  This involvement is described in Section X. Neptune - Your Spiritual Aspirations and Ideals.



Part of your style of being a person is tied to your personal method of adapting to and interacting with other people.  This aspect of your personality shows itself through every aspect of how you deal with the environment.  This method of your being encourages as well as reveals your uniqueness.


You are comprehensive in your outlook.  Your inclination is to seek help and to change directions when you run into problems. Not that you lack fortitude, it is just that you are able to see an easier way to bring about changes than fighting.  You have the ability to create opportunity by altering the focus of a situation to become favorable to you and your projects.  You are the master of blending ingredients together and coming up with new opportunities.  Your keyword is Synthesis.


The following material is an index of things that you have developed as inner resources.  You may take them for granted, but in times of reevaluation and rest this part of your personality can provide you comfort and strength.

Well-Aspected Jupiter.

Your sense of humor and your optimism buoys you up.  Your self confidence opens doors for you.  The fun loving, joyful side of your nature aids you in all forms of achievement.  Your belief in yourself opens doors.  Improvement comes through your faith in life.

Moon in the Second House.

You have the ability to earn and save based on your solid pattern of habits.  You develop a network of personal self-worth that serves you well.

Mars in Capricorn.

You have ability and a natural knack for seeing opportunity before it will occur.  Your stamina is very strong and your timing is impeccable. Your greatest asset is that you know what you want and are willing to go for it.


This material describes the "cutting edge" of your work on yourself. The thoughts rendered here are meant as further guidelines for growth. You should take difficulties and challenges in the right spirit.  They are always positive indicators as to how you can experience the joy of becoming a better person and more like your REAL SELF.

Afflicted Moon

You have routines in your life that operate as if on remote control. These unconscious habits bring you a harvest that is out of tune with your conscious aim in life.  Before you act, be thorough in your projection of what you can meaningfully expect from your actions.  You will learn in this manner and be able to bring about more positive results from your efforts.

Afflicted Saturn

Fear and self-restriction have stopped you many times from enjoying life as much as you could.  Work on breaking the habit of worrying by learning to see it and feel it as starts to manifest and using your sense of detachment to stop it.  When you act unkindly to others or you are reacting to their unkindness to you, get to the roots of your fears.  Force yourself out of your fears and refuse to let them be your motivation.  You will see a new picture of the universe and your place in it start to develop along very pleasing lines.

Venus in Virgo

You are service-oriented in your expression of love for others, for you wish to be of help.  But, you need to feel better about yourself so that you can give and receive love based more on who you are, and less on what you do.

Jupiter in Virgo

Your values are so much more limited than you think they are. You can see (and then potentially change) your limitations by observing how you make choices; then honestly evaluating the long-term results that come from your decisions.  Practical considerations ground your ideals and you do best to make sure that the practical issues are taken care of first.  When you let your mind fly free, then try to manifest your vision, you end up chasing a rainbow and wasting your energy.  Before you embark on any project evaluate the material and circumstantial needs the situation.

Saturn in Aries

You have difficulty in self-expression.  You accomplish more when you stop trying to avoid your real obligations and just execute them.  You appear to others as if you have a "chip on your shoulder".  Get rid of your fear of others and relationships improve.

Pluto in Virgo

You suffer in the process of self-transformation because you have difficulty in making the decision to change yourself rather than changing  circumstances in your life.  Get more basic, change your attitudes and habits and life becomes much lighter.


The Growth aspects operate differently than other aspects in your chart.   While it is possible to use them descriptively, as showing finer shades of meaning within the chart, we wish to use them in a different manner for our purposes.   The growth aspects are tools of self development.   If you apply attention to the various qualities in your nature linked through the growth aspects, you will see positive change over time.   These qualities generally do not show quick effortless solutions, but instead show a path of change requiring exertion and emotional honesty. Under these circumstances, the way these aspects of your nature change through time are truly amazing. The qualities mentioned here can be the very mechanisms to release the highest, finest side of your nature.

Sun in Growth Aspect to Saturn

You grow through learning lessons of responsibility in life. Desire for personal self expression is not directly correlated to your perception of what the world offers.  Learning lessons of duty, responsibility, self sufficiency, and boundaries leads eventually to integration with life and the completion of important personal goals.

Sun Quincunx Saturn

It is easy for you to take on responsibilities that aren't yours while ignoring ones that are.  Because you work hard and aren't always recognized or compensated for it, you often "run out of steam" before your work is done.  Your life works best when you learn to take care of your most important responsibilities first.

Moon in Growth Aspect to Uranus

A certain underlying erratic action can prevent you from being as productive with your energy as you would like.  You will need to develop meaningful outlets for your nervous temperament while learning to integrate the spontaneous side of your nature in a positive way with the more pensive and more traditional sides of your personality.

Moon Semi-Sextile Uranus

Your self picture may not include the more dramatically innovative thrust that emerges periodically from your unconscious mind.  There is a certain panache or "twist" that you place on your actions, sometimes at the last minute.  Your uniqueness and sense of individuality finds expression in this way.  Through focusing on this process you are able to stabilize its function and have it be more useful in your life.

Moon in Growth Aspect to Pluto

Uncomfortable experiences with women, family and mother are ignored, avoided, or repressed for a while in life but these experiences eventually give potency to the core of the personality and prompt you to reevaluate, then change your emotional expression.  As you grow and change, your ability to be definite, to say no, then be complete on each project, promotes real self progress and understanding for you.

Moon Semi-Sextile Pluto

Deep-seated attachments and unproductive cravings can throw off your ability to deal rationally and happily with people you are in a close bond with.  Learning to express and make use of the deeper side of your emotional nature sets the path correctly for good self expression.


There is another dimension to your astrology chart.  This has to do with planets being the same distance from the celestial equator.  When both planets are on the same side of this plane there are called parallel.  When the planets are the same distance but on opposite sides of the celestial equator they are referred to as being contra-parallel. Both of these aspect activate your ability to organize and reorganize some aspect of your life.

Mercury Parallel Neptune

Your idealistic mind is colored by a storehouse of subjective impressions and judgments.  This can give great depth to your understanding, and certainly heightens your understanding of seemingly impenetrable problems and difficulties.

Moon Contra-Parallel Mercury

You have a need to know what others are thinking and this puts you forward in life to share what is on your mind as a format for acquiring more information about other people. Your vast range of interests can make you an interesting conversationalist.

Moon Contra-Parallel Neptune

There is a deep and sympathetic side to your nature.  You empathize with the less fortunate.  You trust your feelings to guide you in an inspirational manner in all of your dealings. There is a basic softness to your way that needs balance in order to for your feelings to be grounded enough to be productive.

Neptune Contra-Parallel Pluto

A formidable battle is waging in your unconscious over the correct path in life to fulfill your destiny.  You wish to live out your highest aspirations yet how to do this?  The pull into group situations and collective decision making can run counter to your desire for deep and meaningful personal satisfaction.  As your relationship pattern gets clearer and clearer, you are able to connect with the most progressive and useful manifestations of your higher vision.


The Moon's North Node is an all encompassing and instructive point of synthesis in the chart; we could easily start or end our analysis with this one single factor.  Because this indicator is so all inclusive it most shows your karmic direction in life. The sign placement of your North node points to your destiny. When your actions, interests, and values are structured by this position, your general sense of personal well being improves. The house placement of the North Node of the Moon indicates or points to an area of life, an arena of experience.  By confronting, even augmenting this arena you can inadvertently improve every aspect of your life.  By dealing with issues connected to the North Node placement in your chart your general character strengthens and refines.

North Node of the Moon in Aries

You grow stronger through the experience of self assertion.  You are diplomatic but may suffer from being too accommodating.  Be honest with yourself.  Is your desire to please based on some personal weakness (i.e. fear of others, lack of commitment, laziness, lack of self esteem, etc., etc.)?  If this is the case, learn to express your real self without creating any disharmony. Translate your  initial impressions directly into action. Postponement can mean procrastination.   The thoughts, needs, opinions and attitudes of others may be too great an influence in your life.  Develop your own opinions and attitudes and hold fast to your truth regardless of the consequences.  Remember the truth always creates harmony in the world. Whether others respond positively or not, your truth is what must come out of you, regardless of whether or not it seems to create harmony or not.

North Node of the Moon in Aries and in the Tenth House

Life progresses through intelligent self-expression and taking responsibility for other people, usually members of your family. There is a dynamic tension between what you must do for others and your personal need for individual self-expression.  Soul growth happens by correctly balancing the two with procrastination or waiting for others' approval.  You experience loneliness because you are forced to act spontaneously on your own perceptions.  This is good for you and promotes self-development and career success.

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