Horacio Valsecia


Horacio, the author of the Child Report, the Adult Report, Vocational Guidance, Solar Return, and Lunar Return.

Born September 29, 1958, 10:52p.m., in Corrientes, Argentina, under the sign of Libra, with Gemini as rising sign. With Uranus in the 3rd house and Mars in Gemini, his vocation for writing astrological and metaphysical subjects was manifested at a young age, beginning to publish articles at Kier Editorial uninterruptedly since 1983.

Horacio was an astrologer from the age of 21 and he also dedicated himself to teaching and transmitting his knowledge about the subject. Also, he has written, Egyptian Tarot Course, Spanish Tarot Card Course, etc. and he published his first book in Argentina called "New Age Love". Horacio passed away on February 14, 2000.




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