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FELINE REPORT: by Linda Frano. Optional Report Option of Kepler, Sirius or Pegasus: Independent of mind and spirit, cats have always displayed outright indignant behavior at any attempt to train them. Having a mind of their own and a highly changeable nature, cats are unlike any other animal you've owned. The favorites of many, they are misunderstood by all. Astrology helps us to understand some of the quirks these highly intelligent animals display.  About 10 pages in length. Price: $100. Language available: English




The Feline Report For


July 30, 2002
2:28 PM
New York, New York


        Independent of mind and spirit, cats have always displayed outright indignant behavior at any attempt to train them. Having a mind of their own and a highly changeable nature, cats are unlike any other animal you've owned. The favorites of many, they are misunderstood by all. Astrology helps us to understand some of the quirks these highly intelligent animals display.

        Are they good house pets or will they drive you crazy until, against your better judgement, you let them out? Refined hunting skills and sharp instincts are common traits of most cats. Some are known for their patience, or perhaps for nurturing others. Others just prefer your lap, or to lounge on the sofa until served their favorite meal.

        The many personalities we see displayed in these wonderful creatures are all part of the plan. Would you automatically choose a beautiful Taurus Cat if you knew that Venus will always make her attractive? Kitty's chart can show you just how important some things are for her survival. What makes Kitty tick and what can she absolutely not do without? How can you add more enjoyment to Kitty's life? Does she need companionship or is she just as happy not sharing your attentions with another cat? These are some of the questions we seek to answer when looking at our beloved feline's chart. Astrology can guide you to get the most enjoyment out of your cat. Kitty will thank you for it.

        There are 4 basic elements that make up a chart; they are earth, water, air and fire. If Kitty has four or more planets in one of these elements she is considered to have more than average. Applying a weight or number to these planets, we can determine if the chart has tendencies that would be influenced by being overweighted in that particular element. The Ascendant, Midheaven and planets on the angles are also given a number, which is included in determining the makeup of a chart.

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        This birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:

Sun      7 Leo 25               Pluto    15 Sag 05
Moon    19 Ari 12               N. Node  16 Gem 26
Mercury 17 Leo 52               Asc      18 Sco 11
Venus   21 Vir 56               MC       29 Leo 05
Mars    10 Leo 59               2nd cusp 18 Sag 03
Jupiter 29 Can 34               3rd cusp 22 Cap 47
Saturn  24 Gem 44               5th cusp  1 Ari 11
Uranus  27 Aqu 38               6th cusp 27 Ari 05
Neptune  9 Aqu 39

Tropical Zodiac   Daylight Savings Time observed.
GMT: 18:28:00     Time Zone: 5 hours West.
Lat. and Long. of birth: 40 N 42 51   74 W 00 23

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction  :  7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition   :  5 Deg 00 Min
Square       :  5 Deg 00 Min
Trine        :  5 Deg 00 Min
Sextile      :  4 Deg 00 Min
Conjunct Asc :  5 Deg 00 Min Above,  7 Deg 00 Min Below

Element Emphasis

Fire Sign Emphasis:  (Score of 15,3,6,4)

        Kitty's strong personality can be a little overwhelming at times. "I am the Center of attraction in this house - take notice of me," is what Kitty seems to be saying to you. Proud of her hunting, Kitty will be sure to bring you all her catches so that you can praise her kindly. Kitty is quite an explorer, known to hunt far and wide until her tired body can take no more. Not one for hanging around much, Kitty would much prefer going out to chase prey. Keep Kitty stocked with toys and catnip mice to keep her entertained. She needs activity and will often initiate play with you or other animals in the household. Her behavior could very well border on aggression toward other animals. Kitty needs to feel like she is number one, and has gone as far as using bad behavior to get her point across. Give Kitty a place in the Sun when she returns from long excursions. This will rekindle the fire energy Kitty needs to feel fulfilled.


        The Ascendant, or sign on the horizon at birth, changes approximately every two hours. To get a true picture of an animal, an exact time of birth is very helpful. From the Ascendant, not only do we learn the appearance and characteristics of an animal, we also derive a pattern of the chart itself. The Ascendant is the face we show to strangers - animal and human alike. We may view Kitty as her Sun sign, but other will see the sign on the Ascendant first. The rising sign dictates how Kitty portrays herself to others. These characteristics are entirely different from what we see when Kitty is in her home environment. Learn more about how others view Kitty.

Scorpio Rising:

        Your perfect black cat. Why is it that every time you want to find Kitty, she turns up missing in action? Kitty proves to be quite the mystery. No one is allowed to find her secret domain and this is where she will hide from others when need be. Kitty likes it that way, so allow her the privacy she requires. This is where all her memorabilia is kept away from strangers' eyes, such as the mouse remains she had last week, or your favorite wool sock. Kitty keeps her secrets well hidden and will always be a mystery to you in many ways. It could be that the way she arrived at your front door was the first mystery. Seemingly out of nowhere, Kitty appeared. She soon ingratiated herself with you, forming a strong and lasting bond. Kitty is a major player in your household. She came in and wouldn't budge. Soon you felt owned by Kitty, instead of the other way around. Kitty does not like to share your affections with other animals and will let them know in no uncertain terms.


        The Sun is Kitty's source of energy and vitality. Its placement in her chart indicates Kitty's true identity, which may or may not always be apparent. Just watch the façade that appears when Kitty is placed in the position of meeting newcomers. The side that she shows to others may be very different from the one you saw a few minutes ago when you were all alone with her. And that's only after Kitty trusts you enough to show it. The basic needs and patterns in Kitty's life are strongly influenced by the sign and placement of the Sun. This is where Kitty puts her best paw forward. This is what Kitty is really like when all barriers and inhibitions are removed. She gets recognition here sometimes, making a visible difference in your world, too. You will always remember Kitty by the characteristics displayed by the Sun even if it's just a quirk or habit. Sometimes it is beneficial in naming your new kitten to use your keen observation to help you find a suitable title to call her by. Try to determine what it is that makes her stand out from the rest by discovering the Sun sign individuality of your cat.

Sun in Leo:

        Show this lovely feline off at all costs. Kitty loves to be fussed over and made to feel special. A real natural in the cat shows, Kitty loves the admiration it takes to win. A bit arrogant and smug, Kitty often expects you to make the first approach. Her coat may be what you first notice, but it's her big heart that gets the winning result. Kitty was born to be a winner and shines under any attention you display. Keep praising Kitty every day and you will have a loyal pet for life. Kitty's heart is yours and no one can take that away. Kitty enjoys your family as well as her own brood of kittens. She is a good parent and will help in caring for others as well. Kitty gets the respect she deserves and will make you a proud parent. Keep an extra stash of combs that you can use on that beautiful fur.

Sun in the 9th house:

        The well known traveler of the neighborhood, Kitty is seen near and far. Kitty could win awards for frequent travel miles. She may travel abroad before settling down. A true people cat, Kitty will love to amaze you with all the latest tricks she has stored away in her memory banks. Well-educated and capable of following commands, Kitty would love to teach you a few tricks and is a true teacher by example of her younger charges. Kitty is capable of understanding quite complex tasks, surprising you in the process - once is all it takes.

Sun Conjunct Mars:

        Full of spit and vinegar is how you might describe this fire cracker of a cat. Always in motion and quick to respond to noises, Kitty has wounded you in the process when a claw accidentally met your skin. Next time use a larger playing object that will leave you with fewer injuries. Too quick for her own good, Kitty will need to be guarded from head injuries when she is found in the wrong place at the wrong time. Flying leaps might not always meet solid ground. A true pioneer, Kitty will be the first one out the door - sometimes without permission. Guard against escape and never forget to watch for her return. Often she comes back with prey to bribe you, and of course a few new battle scars. Kitty won't ask to go out but takes the liberty of escaping without you even knowing. It might be difficult to prevent Kitty from seeking outdoor entertainment with her high instinct for hunting prey.

Sun Opposition Neptune:

        Not making wise decisions, Kitty may place her trust in the wrong person, putting herself in danger. Know where your kitty is at all times and protect her from those who might do her harm. Children can be one source that Kitty places her trust in, which may not always be a safe bet when she gets stifled with affectionate little hands. Keep water nearby and a favorite fish tank to provide Kitty with the type of environment needed for relaxation.


        The Moon tells us how Kitty bonds emotionally with us and her other feline friends. It's hard to believe, but cats really are moved by emotions - some more than others. If you ever really want to know what makes your kitty enjoy life look to the Moon sign. Soon you will discover what she can't live without. It could be something as simple as a catnip mouse, but it will bring lasting enjoyment and a bond with you that will be memorable for life. Learn what your cat desires the most.

Moon in Aries:

        Always a kitten at heart but a fierce hunter by any other description, Kitty has a temper that can be seen when she is subjected to limits. Don't try to prevent Kitty from escape - it is almost impossible. She has a strong prey drive and can surprise you with many presents left for your approval. Kitty is a leader in exploring and marking new territory; you may need to intervene to prevent injury when you hear another cat's call for help. She can't help demonstrating who's boss. Kitty's tendencies to head injuries may have you visiting the vet more than once. Missing parts from ears or tail is common. It's not often she loses, but size may be the determining factor. Perhaps the aid of a dog partner, offering protection, will assist Kitty to win battles.

Moon in the 5th house:

        A very productive young cat this is, often having many offspring with or without intervention. Kitty feels joy from each subsequent delivery, and a desire that one or more offspring will stay to provide comfort and affection. Creative in finding ways to get your attention, Kitty may be found under the covers or in your clothes bin. It's not as if she planned it this way, but the need to share space has been a source of displeasure causing Kitty to find alternative methods for satisfaction. A gambler by nature, Kitty takes many chances that other cats will not. Attempts to steal food off table or out of the garbage might set her up for problems down the road. There is not much that can stop Kitty from attaining her goal. The desire to create a different environment is strong and Kitty makes efforts to place herself in extraordinary circumstances. Kitty may be chosen as Cat of the Year for Friskies Cat Food. The public take a liking to Kitty, making it easy for her to seek attention from those who matter. She is a winner of contests where photo advertisement could be profitable and her picture in lights is possible. Kitty has the ability to look good to many. The nation needs a cat like her to make a statement. Keep photos available for advertisement display or commercial use.

Moon Trine Mercury:

        A talkative one Kitty is, never stopping until she gets what she wants. Even when Kitty isn't looking for favors she talks. This cat actually likes to hear the sound of her own voice, which is more than can be said for you when a 3 AM serenade suddenly awakens you; that early morning wakeup call may not be appreciated. Don't try to lock old Kitty out - her meow goes through walls and doors. She is active and playful and the more time you spend together, the more you get hooked on each other. It's a loving mental and emotional bond that you feel with Kitty. The understanding you share with her transcends all that you have known before. She is a very intelligent, intuitive soul that shares your thoughts and feelings.

Moon Trine Pluto:

        Kitty now knows that change can mean good things. She is a product of many changes in the emotional arena - there may be many who have come and gone in her household. This makes it difficult for Kitty to get close to others. She doesn't care as long as the one constant in life is you. A deep and penetrating wound is felt every time something is removed that she once loved. Give Kitty reassurance that your love will always survive. She feels like she owns you, and sharing is not an option. Never place the love of a human or another animal before her; this does not settle well and will leave Kitty depressed.


        Mercury, the planet of communications, suggests how felines communicate with us. There are many different forms of communication besides meowing. Body language will also give us clues into what our cats want. But their most important form of communication is reflected in their ability to send messages telepathically. Some cats are better at this than others but equally important is our receptiveness to such information. We all know how Kitty can get her point across when she wants to. Now learn what you can do to facilitate greater sensitivity to what it is your cat has to say.

Mercury in Leo:

        The true lion of felines, Kitty won't let you forget who's first on your list. Her beautiful fur will remind you just how gorgeous a cat you have. Treat Kitty like the royalty she is and she may grace you with some attention. Kitty will learn to expect grooming and looks forward to you helping her be the best. A true charmer in every sense of the word. She is a good parent and continues to be fond of her young for life, showering them with much attention, which they soon return.

Mercury in the 9th house:

        Kitty is one adaptable cat. Travel is one of the things she adores most. Kitty's love of adventure is hard to compete with. Being always on the go looking for adventure can leave poor Kitty tired and exhausted from roaming the streets. Her multilingual environment has no bearing on how she communicates. The universal language of telepathy is used, making ordinary language unnecessary.

Mercury Trine Moon:

        Kitty doesn't always know what she wants when crying for you. Changing from very loud to a constant purr, Kitty just likes to hear herself talk. There is no mistaking the shrill call when Kitty wants you to view the latest catch. All the other animals will be equally curious. Kitty knows how to make everyone understand. There is no difficulty understanding the communication of love Kitty sends to you. She tries to treat you as one of the litter and will expect equal care from you when the roles are reversed. This changeable, adaptable feline brings good fortune. Her ability to use reasonable judgement in determining when and how to act is significantly higher than in other cats. Psychic faculties are fine tuned in Kitty and she may be the first to alert you when spirits visit. An acute awareness of other realms can be a gift or a burden.

Mercury Conjunct Mars:

        Few can escape the swift movements of this agile feline. Kitty's quick and accurate moves often hit home leaving her with a more than adequate choice for dinner. She is a good hunter and provider for the young. Kitty can demonstrate difficulty when forced to do something against her will and is noted for struggling when the veterinarian is mentioned. Gloves may be the answer in coaxing Kitty into her carrying case for travel. A bit of a scrapper, Kitty enjoys sparring with other cats in your household. Provide toys for Kitty to beat up and take her aggressions out on.

Mercury Trine Pluto:

        Kitty is the boss and leader of the entire litter as well as of your household. She is the biggest and the bossiest overall - you can just tell what a marvel Kitty will turn out to be. She needs a castle to rule over and even you will be subservient. Kitty has no difficulty getting the meaning across - a hungry meow is not forgotten soon.


        Venus shows us how sociable Kitty can be. It gives us a clue as to what she is attracted to. This can range from inanimate objects to objects of desire. Venus exerts an energy that attracts you and others to Kitty like a magnet. How your feline returns this affection is revealed by Venus. Venus can determine whether Kitty has a pleasant disposition or is of a less affectionate nature.

Venus in Virgo:

        Kitty is one very popular cat that is sociable to a fault. There isn't anyone Kitty can't get along with. Her beauty is only exceeded by her pleasant and endearing nature. Kitty will enjoy partnership with you or any animal she encounters. Not fond of being alone, Kitty would prefer to be in a multi-animal household. She is a true winner of contests for good nature and looks.

Venus in the 10th house:

        Kitty is one popular cat. Special in every way, she has an appearance that is second only to her sweet personality. Kitty is so cool she could become famous. She is photogenic and sociable as well, which makes for a good combination in the advertising world. A winner at cat shows and photo shoots, this attractive pussy cat takes all by her personal magnetism. Attractive to other felines as well, Kitty simply takes their breath away with her presence. Hard to resist by human or feline.

Venus Square Saturn:

        There may be problems between Kitty and another cat in your household. It may even be your mate that disapproves of Kitty. This is an obstacle you will both have to overcome if happiness is to ensue. Jealousy over your attentions can be reason for Kitty's bad behavior. This in turn gives people the wrong idea about her, and gets her the wrong kind of attention back. A pattern then takes place making amends difficult.


        Mars shows how Kitty expresses her energy and enthusiasm for life. Mars gives passion and vitality to the place in the astrology chart where it is located.

Mars in Leo:

        The dramatic effects that Kitty provides for you can be closely associated to what lions do in the wild. Fast and furious when hunting prey, she is only trying to provide for those at home, which she demonstrates by bringing you the proof. Kitty makes it a family affair, but is sure to be the first to eat.

Mars in the 9th house:

        Kitty might be considered wise by cat standards and exceptional in human eyes. Smarter than words can say, Kitty has a love of travel that may keep you waiting for days for her arrival. A wanderer by nature, Kitty needs to feel independent and capable of hitting the pavement when possible. Kitty is also a social feline and will enjoy the companionship of any that visit your home.

Mars Conjunct Sun:

        The leader of the pride, Kitty shines energy on all that join her in the frequent hunting excursions she loves to take. She is a true adventurer who does not allow fear to enter her mind when it comes to exploring, and a fierce and aggressive opponent.

Mars Conjunct Mercury:

        Smarter than most, Kitty will go out of her way to prove it to you. She is telepathic by nature so it won't be long before Kitty understands you better than your spouse.

Mars Opposition Neptune:

        Overeating and sleeping could cause Kitty to become fat and lazy. Provide her with adequate stimuli to get her motivated and off the couch. Keep a cat video handy for when you're away. Kitty needs encouragement to not be frightened of others; her imagination or fear may cause her unnecessary problems.

Mars Trine Pluto:

        Kitty knows how to use her authority to the max. She directly benefits by joining you in a group effort to watch over others. Kitty's loud roar will be noticeable only in an emergency. Much preferring to work from behind the scenes, Kitty appears only when necessary. Kitty's ability to use her position to advantage is seen by the way she leads you around.


        Jupiter is where the window of opportunity opens up for Kitty. This is where Kitty finds her fun. Pleasant memories from these times provide a lifetime of happiness for Kitty. Jupiter's influence is truly beneficial in most cases but can also suggest an area of excess, with food being the major culprit.

Jupiter in Cancer:

        Mommy's little helper, Kitty is seldom missing from your side. Her favorite place is the kitchen so that any extra food might find its way into her waiting paws. Mother to all, Kitty has enough love and patience to provide for everyone, nurturing her own and other kittens that come her way.

Jupiter in the 9th house:

        This wayward cat has traveled many a varied path. A lover of foreign places, Kitty travels many miles. She is a teacher of other animals; it's almost as if they wait until Kitty tries something first before partaking themselves. A very enlightened pussycat, wise to the ways of the world. Possibly once a feral cat, Kitty has a desire to travel that may be too hard to control. Provide her with plenty of catnip and cat videos.


        Saturn shows us where there is restraint or obstructions in Kitty's life. Saturn also shows us lessons Kitty needs to learn in life and how she might accomplish this. This is where Kitty learns to be resourceful and how to survive in life.

Saturn in Gemini:

        Kitty analyzes every word that comes out of your mouth. Always ready to learn a new trick, Kitty actually enjoys the hard work it takes to get it right. Give this feline someone to talk with and she won't disappoint you. Continue talking to her as if she were human. Anything less will get you a look of disdain and she will have hurt feelings that make her feign ignorance next time you call her. This will drive you crazy when you expect her to behave as predicted. Protect Kitty from respiratory infections or immune deficiency disease.

Saturn in the 8th house:

        There were plans to keep Kitty long before she was born. The pick of the litter was to go to a home that more than adequately provided for her. With everything a kitten could possibly need, Kitty grows up to be quite a spoiled kitty cat. Kitty lives a long life enjoying the catnip you provide for her in the garden.

Saturn Square Venus:

        Kitty can't always have what she wants but she keeps on trying. Even after spaying you'll find Kitty still attempting to go through the motions. Food is something she will stop at nothing to obtain. One look and you know that Kitty's earned every bit of the reward.

Saturn Trine Uranus:

        Kitty is the leader of all the other animals in your household, including you. Her intuition is extremely strong which helps her to develop plans to solve any problems. She is very ingenious and inventive in all she attempts. Opening doors and cabinets is not a problem; even locks won't keep Kitty out.


        Uranus demonstrates genius and intuitive abilities. Kitty's independence is strongly influenced by where Uranus falls in her chart. This is where Kitty's talents lie - waiting for you to discover them by subtle communication.

Uranus in Aquarius:

        Kitty's finely tuned senses allow her to receive mental messages easily and use them to her advantage. Kitty's unselfish devotion to her friends and family is worth mention. She is willing to give up her time and energy to care and groom those in need. Food is given in loving anticipation of acceptance; Kitty may even leave you a few tasty morsels for consumption. Reward her highly with praise and affection. Because of Kitty's unselfish giving, she is often rewarded in life with many blessings to sustain her. A guardian angel resides on Kitty's shoulder.

Uranus in the 3rd house:

        Kitty has been subject to strange occurrences on her travels through the neighborhood. Sudden unexpected turns of events may make travel both exciting and sometimes dangerous for her. Kitty's communication skills are purely psychic and her insight into your mind and intentions is probably more accurate than your own. Trust Kitty's judgement of others.

Uranus Trine Saturn:

        A keen intuition allows Kitty to communicate with little effort.  Before you know it you'll have her signals down pat so that you never have to put up with the incredulous looks she gives you. Her indignation can only go so far, and if looks could kill, Kitty would win hands down. Kitty is very ingenious and can outsmart any plan you have for her. Her abilities will be more than surprising, particularly when it comes to her ability to navigate through sheer air. A lover of high places, Kitty would like an adequate supply of cat trees to climb. The rescue squad and ladder may be necessary to retrieve her if she wanders too near power lines and tall trees. It is best to keep this little darling indoors or her desire for daring aerial endeavors could get her in trouble.


        Neptune shows you where and how Kitty spends her spare time. Where does Kitty's imagination take her when you are not there? Does she have a favorite escape that you are unaware of? What fantasy truly inspires Kitty and sends her to nirvana? Kitty returns here often when stressed, or just for fun. Neptune shows where she can achieve the same sensation with a little help from you.

Neptune in Aquarius:

        Kitty is far too ahead of her time to be appreciated. She is totally independent and it may be difficulty to curb some of Kitty's original ideas. Popular with many other animals, Kitty shows them all new tricks to make life more interesting. Kitty can be very animated and original in her displays for attention. Provide the opportunity for Kitty to visit with other animals of her choosing. Always the life of the party, Kitty dreams of having a house full of friendly animals she can play with.

Neptune in the 3rd house:

        Psychic and quite capable of carrying on a conversation with you without words or meows, Kitty has eyes that say it all. Communication is seldom difficult unless you're not paying attention. She is fond of traveling, especially to water. Kitty will relish the idea of watching you fish for dinner. A fantasy that brings her near nirvana would be to sail the seas with you eating the catch of the day.

Neptune Opposition Sun:

        Kitty lives in her own little imaginary world. Reclusive and reticent, Kitty may have difficulty expressing her emotions. Nicknamed the scaredy cat, Kitty may need to be shown a loving touch and a lot of patience to get out of her shell.

Neptune Opposition Mars:

        Kitty acts on impulse, often placing herself in harm's way. Attuned to another realm, her senses don't always acclimate her to reality. Keep her in a safe environment that has entertaining possibilities to keep Kitty feeling alive. Bring out the wild cat by introducing her to a new play toy that requires Kitty to be more creative.


        Pluto is where Kitty finds release from those powers that bind her. Old conditions that are no longer useful are eliminated. Obsessive or compulsive behavior that needs to be eliminated or changed will be here. Pluto forces Kitty to deal with it. Pluto shows her how to transform for better or worse, and you may be the most likely Pluto character in Kitty's chart. An awareness that nothing is permanent helps Kitty accept the challenge that loss has brought her to where she is. Kitty will find many new beginnings where Pluto falls in her chart. A constant renewal and regeneration awaits her there. Although not usually very malleable, Kitty learns that this is where she must change to continue as planned. Kitty soon sees that change can be good when she senses the improvement in your acceptance of her.

Pluto in Sagittarius:

        Kitty teaches all the other animals in the house how to behave. Her unique understanding makes her a step above all others. A traveler by nature, Kitty has been known to give up all to travel beyond her home environment. It is through these journeys that Kitty learns things she can bring back to teach others. Looking for love in all the wrong places can be Kitty's motive.

Pluto in the 1st house:

        Kitty's insecurities cause her to resort to defensive behavior when threatened. To her, a threat is anyone who might enter her domain without acknowledging her as boss. Her need to be in complete control stems from a time when Kitty was unable to fend for herself. Once Kitty can stop neurotic behavior from interfering, she can develop a more meaningful relationship with you and the other animals in your house.

Pluto Trine Moon:

        Manipulative to an extreme, Kitty knows exactly how to pull all your heart strings for the maximum effect. Fancy Feast and chicken have been known to fall from the counters when you think Kitty has forgotten her love for you. Kitty knows you need the nurturing she provides for you and will withhold it when there may be a reward in the future. She is aware of how much to deliver to get the right response.

Pluto Trine Mercury:

        Kitty can communicate with the Pope, it is so easy for her to make others aware of what the issues are. She won't quit until it sinks through your head. Don't try to ignore this pushy feline. Kitty can go to extremes to get her point across.

Pluto Trine Mars:

        Kitty understands how to direct her energy constructively. An aggressive hunter, she knows how to provide a good lunch. Don't allow Kitty to cause death or destruction of the wild life that comes across her path. Provide Kitty with plenty of fantasy to make the transition to indoors much more appealing. The tasty delights you provide for Kitty will be enough to keep her belly full and her desires in check.

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