David Cochrane:
David is the founder of Cosmic Patterns Software, Inc. and the author of the Kepler astrology program. David's involvement in astrology for over 3 decades is impressive. David is a dynamic and engaging speaker who is able to break complex ideas down into simple form and to inspire as well as to educate.

David has been called a "theoretical genius", "the world's greatest expert in harmonic astrology", and "the best speaker" at national conferences, and even simply "the best astrologer" by some of the world's most respected and experienced astrologers.

David was a full-time professional practicing astrologer from 1973 to 1981 in Gainesville, Florida. He had a full time consulting schedule and saw clients every day. He also taught classes about 2 times per week. During this time period he saw thousands of clients and he maintained correspondence with a few astrologers, such as British astrologer Pam Crane and American astrologer Charles Jayne. David brought in major speakers like Zip Dobyns and Charles Jayne to speak to his students in Gainesville during this time period.

Between the year 1970-1980, David learned computer programming. With the help of Neil Michelsen who flew down to David's home to help him, he was able to get his first astrological software running on a mainframe computer to calculate many theoretical ideas he had developed in harmonics and cosmobiology. David developed many pioneering ideas during this time and he corresponded with Dane Rudhyar and Marc Edmund Jones on his innovative work with degree meanings. He spoke at major international conferences as well, and he developed a friendship with Charles Jayne, Michael Munkasey, Zip Dobyns, Neil Michelsen, and other astrologers.

By 1981 David became very excited about the newly available home computers. He moved to Michigan to help the then fledgling Matrix Software company develop its first line of astrological software.

In 1982, David moved back to north Florida and started his own astrology software company, Cosmic Patterns Software. During the early 1980's David conducted research in astrology, developed some specialized astrological software, and did computer consulting at the University of Florida. By the mid-80's he was fully engrossed in astrological programming, which evolved into the Kepler program and by the mid-80's David was dedicated to developing astrological software to meet the needs of other astrologers and students of astrology.

Throughout the 1990's David stayed focused on astrological software development as a home business. His company grew, and now Cosmic Patterns Software operates from its own office building, and employs 4 full-time computer programmers and 3 business operations and technical staff, as well as many astrologers, translators, artists, etc. who work independently. David's dream is to keep improving Kepler so that it can do nearly anything any astrologer would want, perhaps an impossible dream but one that he and the rest of the team at Cosmic Patterns Software persistently work towards.

David co-founded The Avalon School of Astrology with his wife Fei, which is one of the only state-licensed physical astrology schools in the USA. He also authored two books (Astrology for the 21st Century and AstroLocality Magic) and a third book (Astrology and Sacred Geometry) is expected out in 2006.

David's extraordinary breadth of knowledge and experience in astrology, combined with his knowledge of psychology, astronomy, research methodology, statistics and celestial mechanics, his many years of work with clients, teaching experience, and strong spiritual and metaphysical orientation to life is a rare combination. David has led international conferences in opening and closing meditations.

For over 30 years David has been devoted to astrology and until the mid-90's, like many astrologers, he simply devoted himself to his work, and was not active with astrology groups and he has avoided speaking engagements in order to stay focused on software development. In the late 1990's this began to change when he accepted a position on the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) board and became President of ISAR for 2 years. David was, and still is, actively involved in working with ISAR and other astrological organizations on issues regarding professional standards in astrology and other important issues that are affecting the field of astrology. David has a well-earned reputation for helping find creative solutions that help resolve problems and help programs forward and become successful.

David devotes most of his time to software development (although once he also gives professional astrology consultant to his close friends and family). He is also involved in astrological research, study, and writing. Because he devotes most of his time to these projects, he accepts invitations to speak only about twice a year. He is currently scheduled to give a weekend seminar to the Astrological Society of North Texas in Dallas in April, 2006 and to give presentations at the ISAR Conference in Chicago in August 2006.

David is very well-read as well as having had a wealth of personal experiences in astrology as a consultant and attending seminars of other leading astrologers.

  • Amazing and Unknown Similarities in Ancient and Modern Astrology: Amazingly, seemingly completely different techniques, like Arabic Parts and Composite Charts, for example, share much in common! Perhaps even more amazing is that Arabic Parts can be closely related to harmonic astrology. Theories and ideas that span millenia and seem unrelated are actually based on the same principles! Get ready to be surprised by some fresh and exciting new insights. Although targeted to the intermediate to advanced level, this seminar presents new material that beginners can also follow. (Can be given as 1 to 1 1/2 hr lecture but can be shorter or longer)

  • Harmonic Astrology in Plain English: Many astrologers have heard of harmonic astrology, but really don't know what to make out of it, and find it difficult to understand and relate to. In this seminar, David removes the mystery and shows what harmonic astrology is and how harmonic astrologers interpret charts. Although targeted to the intermediate to advanced level, this seminar presents new material that beginners can also follow. (Can be given as 1 to 1 1/2 hr lecture but can be shorter or longer)

  • Relocational Astrology for the 21st Century: New insights into relocational astrology, which really work. A small pilot study validated the theories of Relocational Astrology. By combining insights from Vedic astrology, harmonic astrology, cosmobiology, and astro*cartography, a new level of detail and accuracy is revealed. A fascinating and intriguing new look at different astrological theories, and a fresh approach to applying these ideas with clients.

  • Degree Meanings, Harmonic Charts, and Vedic Varga Charts: Are They Really So Different? David deliver's fresh and exciting look at degree meanings from a new perspective. It is possible that several different astrological concepts are closely related! Examples of the close connections between these different theories and a look at your own chart might lead you to some startling new ways of looking at degree meanings.

Given below are other topics that David can speak on. The topics listed above are the ones that most astrology groups and conferences express an interest in, and which combine new information with practical application. If any of the topics below interest you, a brief description can be provided.

    * Practical Tools and Tricks for Astrological Consulting

    * The relationship of astrology to the psychology of Jung, Maslow, Frankl, etc.
    Insights into the fundamentals of astrology and how different astrologers view the meanings of planets, signs, houses, and aspects.

    * Spiritual perspectives versus psychological perspectives in astrology

    * Scientific research in astrology and statistics

    * New Perspectives on Astrology from An Astronomer's Point of View

    * Astronomy, including coordinate systems, spherical trigonometry, structure of the solar system and universe, etc.

    * Astrology and energy dynamics, meditation, and religious-spiritual philosophy

    * Physics and Astrology: Bell's Theorem, Platonic Idealism, The Scientific Method,

    * Superstring theory, Synchronicity and Their Relationship to Astrology

    * Kepler Software (or anything related to astrology and computers like web sites, etc.)

David is also well acquainted with ideas in many schools of astrology such as western classical, Vedic, Uranian, etc. and can communicate and explain relationships among a wide variety of ideas in astrology. In presentations that are more than 2 hours he often uses charts of attendees to demonstrate how the ideas presented are useful and practical in an astrological practice. These live examples are very exciting because they demonstrate the consistent practical benefits of using what is taught in a real-life situation.

David is married, has one child, and was born on May 1, 1949 at 4:26 AM in East Meadow, New York. He received his B.A. degree in psychology in 1972.

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