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Below are some compliments from our Siruis and Kepler users and web site guests.
Over the years we have received hundreds of compliments and we will be adding
more compliments to this page.

I have extensively used all the major astrology programs on both PC and Mac. Nothing remotely compares to Sirius for awesome functionality and ease of use. The Help System and educational resources are superb, and Cosmic Patterns customer service is unmatched. Sirius is truly a stand alone astrology library and a great buy.

Portland, OR

Thank you for sending the Sirius upgrade so promptly. As you say it really is a beautiful program. It is a credit to all your efforts at CPSI.

Goshen, IN

Kepler is the opposite of Winstar 4. It installed without any trouble or any bugs and I love the art work. It will look glorious on my clients' charts. And they will love the "treasure maps". (Though if I really wanted to advance my career, I would have to move to Omaha!.)

It certainly is the greatest astro program ever invented, but I never would have been able to buy it, if YOU hadn't finagled an older version for me. I don't see how it can be improved on, anyway.

New Orleans, LA

Thanks so much. I use this program very heavily for the moon phases and the planetary hours. While there are free programs for the planetary hours, believe the calculations used by Sirius to be more accurate.

Kerrville, TX

I LOVE Kepler for all the obvious reasons. It takes the hard, mathematical work out of astrology, leaving the fun part to enjoy.

Edmonton, Canada

Thank you, Fei, for providing the solution to my printer problem. While I was temporarily out of commission, I had an opportunity to explore the many informative features of my Kepler 7.0 program … just want you and David to know how much I appreciate all that you are doing to help astrologers/seekers access a higher consciousness in understanding the world we all share.

Marietta, GA

Sirius is great! - I have several other packages, but none utilise/show detail like Sirius. Thank you to you and David, and of course all the Cosmic Patters team.

-H. P. Spargo
Surray, England

Thank you so much, Fei, you are like a very old friend who I know is always there and would never consider any other program but Kepler.

-M. Bremer
Las Vegas, NV

I do not know what happened but thank you for sending the info. I love your company!!!

Many blessings!

Los Angeles, CA


Sirius is without a doubt the finest piece of software that I have worked with in any field over 43 years. Its stable, intuitive, full featured, incredible functional, and crammed with content. It is well worth a third of any astrologer’s total budget.


I was elated that you'd be merely charging me for the upgrade. I'm sure many software companies wouldn't be so considerate to their customers. Just wanted to give out a huge "THANK YOU" to all of you! Kepler software is the best, and so is Kepler's customer service! I can't imagine why anyone would choose any other astrological software!

Algona, WA

Thank you for all the work you do! Your company has enriched my life beyond measure and words!

Hollywood, FL

I like your programs very much! I have Matrix and Solar Fire, but I use yours

-M. B. Powell
Pebble Beach, CA

My email address has changed, could you please update your records.

PS By the Way, I just love Sirius...!

Bordentown, NJ

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