COMPATIBILITY & CONFLICT BUSINESS & FRIENDS by Dorothy Oja. Optional Report Option of Kepler, Sirius, or Pegasus. This report is based on Dorothy Oja's extensive work in relationshp counseling and analyzing the lives of the famous and infamous. The contacts described in this report are certainly not all the combinations possible between two individuals, but instead this report focuses on the core patterns of relationship analysis that Dorothy uses in determining areas of compatibility and potential conflict between individuals. These basic points of contact are analyzed to arrive at an interpretation of what is central and important in the relationship. This interpretive report is actually two different reports with the same format. You can run a report for friendships and a different report for business relationships. Price: $200


Business Compatibility and Conflict Report for
Elizabeth Taylor

Michael Jackson

Birth Data for Elizabeth:
Elizabeth Taylor
February 27, 1932
2:15 AM
London, England

Birth Data for Michael:
Michael Jackson
August 29, 1958
11:53 PM
Gary, Indiana

Chapter 1: Bonds For Energy, Fun and Lasting Impressions

This section is based on the idea that there are three basic needs in every relationship:

Interest, energy and stimulation.

Enjoyment, abundance, expansion of awareness/possibilities and sense of contentment or happiness.

Commitment, consistency, teaching each other, sharing values or reaffirming/confirming something essential in each other.

The sort between your charts is for eleven separate aspects that define energy, fun and lasting impressions between you. Most strong relationships have at least four to six of these aspects between their charts.

Michael's Sun Opp Elizabeth's Mars:

Core Themes: This aspect is active, restless, assertive and can even get aggressive. It is bold about stating, even demanding, what it wants. Basically you stimulate, energize and challenge each other. Mutual respect and patience is one of the inherent lessons or intent of the aspect. Avoid making irrational demands or confronting the other in anger. Give yourself a chance to cool down first. Workout or otherwise reduce your physical tension before addressing the problem areas of the relationship. Managing anger by turning it into progressive motivation and actively pursuing important goals is the essential dynamic of this combination.

There is a stronger tendency to conflict and competitiveness with this aspect. Yet, when properly directed, can get the job done in a dynamic and accelerated way. This doesn't mean never getting angry but learning instead to handle anger in a healthy and productive way. Take turns leading in any mutual projects or clearly define and understand each of your specific roles when working together. One person may be tempted to control your joint actions exclusively. Ultimately this will backfire and create resentment. However, this aspect can provide more than enough stimulation and get up and go for both of you. Use the energy you have together to fuel projects and achieve your goals instead of wasting it battling each other. You could even choose to lobby for and support a cause and, in this way, harness the proactive energy this combination brings. Your association has a tendency to be restless, so challenging projects are indicated. Because of the need for stimulation, this aspect indicates that, together, you are project people, always involving yourselves in a fresh venture or adventure.

Elizabeth's Asc in Sagittarius and Michael's 7th House in Sagittarius:

Core Themes: With this aspect, you will feel an easy natural relating when you are together. Although your approaches may differ, you will often complement each other. The intent of this aspect is to focus and strengthen your ability to relate harmoniously without giving up individuality within relationship. The ASC's personality reflects what the DSC person is in part seeking from relationship with others and vice versa.

Even though it's true that your natural approaches to people and projects differ, you have much to offer each other in a complementary way. What one overlooks the other will pick-up and vise versa until before you know it; you operate like a well-oiled machine. Be sure to give praise and credit where it's due, so as to avoid getting locked into only a single way to get things done. If you're working together on a project, play to each other's strength, allow each other to take on the role most suited and you will win the day. This is the classic "complementary opposites" situation, with a great deal to offer both of you.

Michael's Sun Square Elizabeth's Asc.:

Core Themes: This aspect challenges each of your normal ways of expressing your personality and character. The essence of this aspect asks you to allow each other to be who you are and express yourselves freely, without undue interference from the other. At the same time, the aspect will challenge your ability to tolerance different ways of expressing and approaching life situations.

Your interaction will, at times, be uncomfortable because of an initial inability to understand where the other is coming from on an important issue. It will take a greater measure of tolerance and respect for differences before you attain a working harmony in this association. Alleviate the potential challenges by really listening to your colleague, appreciating who this person is and what he or she is trying to accomplish. You may discover something you didn't know before. Frequently, you will be going in different, even opposing directions. There is no law of interaction that says you must always approach things in only one particular way.

Michael's Venus Conj Elizabeth's Jupiter:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to expand the full potential of your creative expression while still taking into account potential consequences and risk factors. There is no expansion or expression without universal feedback, and this aspect teaches you responsibility for your use of energy, your own, or the other person's. You seek a certain amount of variety and can tolerate a fair amount of risk-taking. Your over-optimism, however, can be like wearing rose-colored glasses, and you'll need to take them off now and then to deal with the important practical realities of life.

You'll find it very easy to like each other and to feel the positive energy you generate in each other. It's quickly obvious that you can benefit each other in many ways and business alliances are favored. To some extent, you have a golden touch as long as don't get too greedy. Wanting more than your fair share will bring you misfortune, eventually. Relying too much on your good luck can make you lazy and careless. Keep up your high business standards and your good fortune will be secured. Your positive disposition and willingness to share the wealth will earn you good contacts and loyal customers or associates. Your widespread energies can bring you into foreign affairs and contacts.

Elizabeth's Mars Trine Michael's Jupiter:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is expansion of knowledge and aptitude through a variety of learning adventures including writing, publishing, promotion, sales, sports or religion. The end result is to attain wisdom and a greater capacity for self-expression - "to be the best you can be". The impulse is for improvement and breaking previous records or boundaries in whatever field you choose.

You are together to motivate, expand and develop your project, to take charge and lead yourselves and others into new territories of experience in your business goals - mentally or even spiritually. You can spread optimism according to your means and you may be philanthropic. There's great joy, good will and possibility in this combination and, as partners, the two of you will continually see the silver lining in any black clouds that drift your way. In a business partnership, benefit and opportunity comes to you from this association. Whatever project you are working on, the impetus is to expand its influence and develop connections to further promote and publicize the product or service. It is your positive attitude that will earn the support of others. Don't make the mistake of resting on your laurels. Be sure to maintain the quality of your product or service.

Elizabeth's Moon Square Michael's Venus:

Core Themes: With an overall tendency to good fortune and harmony, this aspect brings up issues concerning shared values and mutual support. Social connections and interactions are favored and favorable. The intent of this aspect is to address the issues of ease, cooperation and consideration in all interactions and associations and to come to terms with one's value system.

Although there is kinship between you, you may feel undervalued, misunderstood or poorly treated by your associate or business partner. The fondness is there but you'll have to work on the breach of respect or any damage to self-esteem caused by you or your partner. It's important that you put effort into acknowledging the good qualities that each of you has, even though they may be very different from your own. When you are in conflict make sure you don't disparage your partner just because you don't like their choices or values. Be sure to give credit where and when it is due. It's easy to take the good graces and support of your partner for granted but it does harm to the good will of your relationship long term. The purpose of this aspect is to teach you cooperation, negotiation and compromise even in small everyday matters and choices.

Chapter 2: Emotions and Communication

The following aspects detail the quality of your emotional connection, your basic level of comfort and your ease or difficulty in communicating, and discussing emotions and simply understanding where each of you is coming from. Additionally, these aspects help describe how you reason together and resolve issues or problems.

Elizabeth's Moon Trine Michael's Moon:

Core Themes: Similar emotional needs are indicated, as are, to some extent, comparable dispositions. Daily habits can coincide, making it easier to share the same physical spaces for long periods of time. In matters of timing, it is likely that you will have similar understandings and be more in agreement than not. The intent of this aspect is to find your way to emotional understanding and harmony and to respect the feelings of the other person.

You are blessed with a similar overall emotional style and disposition, which makes understanding each other and working together easier. You share some of the same rhythms and personal habits or predilections that make daily contact more comfortable. Timing will not be as much an issue, in that you can more easily and quickly respond to each other's levels of excitement or emotional energy and empathize with each other's disappointments. You will feel met by the other because you're very much on the same wavelength. Environments that comfort and support you are more often similar than not, for your associate or business partner. Social connections and the types of people you choose to interact with tend to be of the same general type. And you will appreciate the fact that you share many interests and are able to enjoy numerous activities together. This is not to say that at times you won't be totally perplexed by each other's reactions because, of course, there are other factors in each of your personalities that must be considered.

Michael's Mercury in Leo, and Elizabeth's is in Pisces:

Core Themes: Outlook, perspective or styles of problem solving, even communicating, are the core of this aspect. This combination is more challenging because your mode of thinking and communicating tends to be quite different. The intent of this energy combination is to resolve issues of communication, speaking, reasoning etc., so that you can reach solutions and conclusions in creative and original ways.

Although you are associates or business partners, there are times when one of you will have great difficulty in figuring out where the other is coming from and what she or he is trying to tell you. Your styles of communication can be very different. The premise upon which you base your reasoning or the logic you use will often perplex your partner. Especially if you have to decide on projects or activities together, your differences can quickly become an issue between you. Talking things through slowly, step by step, will help each of you to understand how the other arrived at his or her opinion or conclusion. This will take patience but in the end will be worth it. What's more, by taking the time to really understand how your partner is thinking, you can not only learn something important about your partner but also get a different perspective yourself. And you will learn how your communication affects others, since your partner is probably not the only one who can't always understand what you're trying to say or figure out your logic. Your interaction will allow you to fine-tune your own thought processes and become more adept and flexible in the ways you communicate with others. This will be doubly useful if you are in a business that requires writing, speaking or regularly communicating with others.

Chapter 3: Fulfilling Each Other's Relationship Needs

These aspects explain how you meet each other's needs in important business or friendship partnerships. These aspects are based on what your natal chart describes that you're looking for in any major one-on-one relationship interaction.

Michael's Sun Opp Elizabeth's 7th house ruler, Mercury:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to have you communicate with strength, warmth and laughter without letting stubbornness get in the way. And this aspect encourages you to express your opinions with the same dignity, certainty, courage and healthy self-esteem that you also allow others.

One of you can be particularly encouraging and lend enthusiasm for the ideas of the other. So when you share opinions, don't fall into the trap of making it a contest of whose opinion is better or right. Make sure neither of you is so wrapped up with your ideas that you lose objectivity. On the other hand, you can hatch some grand schemes together and feel the thrill of recognition and acceptance when you put them out into the marketplace of ideas to fuel your projects. Topics of communication between you will concern your role in the work you do together, as well as your position in society. You will never be at a loss to communicate and you'll want to communicate on a variety of topics. Do not let stubborn pride and false ego get in the way of continued communication between you. Promoting, advertising and putting the best face on your projects are special talents you share.

Michael's Neptune Trine Elizabeth's 7th house ruler, Mercury:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to provoke a deeper understanding of your soul's purpose and the symbolic meaning of the events of your life, including the reason that you are drawn to a particular relationship. A spiritual attitude, faith and compassion are important themes and your relationship will not work at its optimum without these ingredients.

Keep your business dealings honest and aboveboard at all times. There is a danger of scandal or impropriety and you certainly don't want to fuel those negative energies in any way. Also, don't keep secrets from each other. Secrets create an invisible barrier between you that will inevitably damage the fragile trust and appreciation you have for each other. Trust is always a tenuous commodity particularly in the beginning stages when you don't yet know your business partner or associate well enough. As you become more closely acquainted, you will be tempted to second-guess your partner at times, because you'll be convinced you know what he or she wants. Although you may be right some of the time, it is important to check with your partner for certain. Taking things for granted and expecting that your partner will always react the same way is not good for the health of your partnership. Your relationship will require more than the average understanding and sensitivity. Giving to community causes or charities will add the right spirit to your business and will benefit you in amazing ways.

Michael's Pluto Opp Elizabeth's 7th house ruler, Mercury:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to push your buttons forcefully; bringing you in touch with your core beliefs, getting you to admit your needs and desires and ultimately, having you understand yourself and others better.

You have strong reactions to each other when you first meet, either on the positive or on the negative side. It will be important to explore the roots of your reactions and what feelings are evoked or what your business partner reminds you of. Your thinking and perspectives will change dramatically during the course of your relationship. One of the reasons you are together is to transform each other indelibly and any business project you commit to. The way you relate to each other, as well as the latent impulses you evoke in each other, will be powerful and can serve your mutual goals well. Learning to share power and the responsibility that power demands is one of the lessons of this combination. In particular, by focusing your mental energies, you can make a strong impact in your business and environment. Let that impact be positive.

Elizabeth's Mars Trine Michael's 7th house ruler, Jupiter:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to have you go beyond instant gratification and seeking the applause of others. Applause will come naturally as you act wisely in taking advantage of the opportunities that come your way or expanding your available resources.

There are opportunities to benefit each other and any business dealings you have together. However, be aware that something that looks too good may, in fact, be a mistake. Wanting to test your limits or otherwise taking risks is a feature of this aspect between you. Your actions and plans can easily influence others to take chances and expand their life possibilities, and your encouragement can make a positive difference in other people's lives. Your combined energy encourages a renaissance style or one that is interested in a variety of activities and projects. Sometimes, in your desire to experience, you will overwhelm yourselves and your schedules. Be aware of the difference between recognizing an opportunity and being an opportunist. Resist making too many claims to boost your self-importance or making promises that you cannot or will not keep. In the process, you will learn about misjudgment and miscalculation, especially if you act without the necessary information. You can achieve great things by curbing ego, staying on target and eliminating unnecessary distractions that keep you from important goals.

Elizabeth's Saturn Square Michael's 7th house ruler, Jupiter:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to teach you balance and tame any runaway unbridled enthusiasm with a practical assessment of the situation. Supply and demand issues (resources, energy available, etc.) also need to be addressed with this aspect.

The sober and responsible energy of one of you helps to temper the impulsiveness and terminal optimism of the other. This is very good for business. Taking a second look at any quick impulsiveness can save you a heap of trouble in the long run. You'll have to negotiate when one of you feels too stifled by the endless planning of the other. Having separate projects will alleviate feeling restricted by the very different style of your partner. Taking turns planning and managing will also help. After a while, the two of you can get a rhythm going which will give you the best of both worlds -- opportunity and a plan to go along with it. One of you will always challenge the practicality of any project you pursue together, but this need not overshadow your enjoyment. Instead, it can support the long-range successful outcome of your project. You will need a commitment or contract that allows a certain amount of freedom to develop on individual paths and a healthy dose of adventure without constant legislation. This pattern also puts some fun and spontaneity into a partner who otherwise is overly cautious or fearful of taking risks.

Chapter 4: Your Closest Contacts, Your Strongest Themes

This section interprets the closest connections between your charts. The wisdom of this section says that the closest aspects explain the major or central themes of your relationship and the reason you have come together. The nature of these aspects will also define the main activities, interests and patterns that affect your relationship life together.

Notice that, in this section, each paragraph contains both the easier expression of energies and the more challenging ones. Both interpretations are included because these close connections pertain to the central learning curve of your relationship. Based on the premise that the more exact the connection (also the closest energetic contact) between your pair of planets, the more psychologically significant the aspect will be for each of you. This means that you are likely to be strongly influenced by each other in the areas described. Because of this, it will be useful to consider both the easier and more challenging interpretations even though you lead with one of them. You will, from time to time and in various circumstances, probably exhibit some elements of each interpretation, both the easier expressions as well as the more challenging ones. Another thing - it's possible with both types of aspects that you will have the same challenges but simply respond or react to them in different ways. The goal is to rise to the best possible expression of each combination. This is the learning curve and this bestows the necessary wisdom to develop your relationship.

Elizabeth's Venus Trine Michael's Venus (easier aspect):

Core Themes: If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme is creating smoothness and harmony in your relationships through cooperation, compromise and negotiation. The importance of partnership is obvious and valuable to both of you.

Easier aspects: The most obvious and important element in your partnership is that each of you prizes the valuable contributions of the other. It's easy for you give credit when it is due and acknowledge your partner's skills. In important business matters, you share the same values most of time which makes being part of a team easy-going. It also means that making critical decisions is easier because you are in agreement. You are both committed to cooperation and negotiation to accomplish your goals and to service your clients or customers. You will be seen as having class and good taste because of the way you conduct yourselves in business. Taking the high road and maintaining the good quality of all your interpersonal relationships will reap you valuable rewards, in the short and long term. Once you've established a mutually supportive situation in your business, it's natural for you to be supportive within your community.

Challenging aspects: Although your values may differ markedly, you are both intent on maintaining harmony in your business relationship. Getting out of balance from time to time seems more likely so guard against letting things slide just because it seems easier in the moment. Use your disagreements in a group setting as checks and balances and to troubleshoot important projects. It's quite possible that you will borrow bits and pieces of each other's ideas in the final analysis. Your preference for the finer things in life means that, at times, you spend too freely and create budgeting problems for your business concerns. Substance is a more important than the packaging ultimately. Although of course, it's great to have both.

Michael's Venus Trine Elizabeth's Uranus (easier aspect):

Core Themes: If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme is developing global consciousness and humanity, accepting differences in yourselves and others, telling the truth, living authentically and enjoying a creative, original and individualistic lifestyle.

Easier aspects: You express true humanity, treat others fairly, know how to be a great friend and possess a sense of humor - all qualities that will earn you support and influence. You own your own unique style and you tolerate differences in others. Those who know you respect your integrity, as well as your obvious acceptance of the original or creative. In business, you look into the future more than most and you catch the pulse of the times. You're always the first one to support an innovative idea. It is you that others will emulate. Slicing through the confusion and arriving at the crystal clarity of truth in any situation is your special gift in the business world. You will likely have many diverse friendships, since you value innovative and self-styled people. Your controversy has charm, and when you stand up for a cause, others will listen, because they'll sense an innate truthfulness. You have the ability to encourage others to look at the bigger picture and think outside the box.

Challenging aspects: You will never be completely conventional and, to some extent, you enjoy shocking others. Some will find you refreshing, but others will find you offensive, because of a hard edge you present and your seeming lack of consideration for others' feelings. Your counterculture values or abrupt manner can sometimes be extreme and brand you as unpredictable or a loose cannon. Standing up for worthy causes is one thing, but creating needless disruptions is another. It's important to learn the difference. If you can focus on the stimulating energies engendered in the group process, your creative process will have a natural outlet. Although at times you may be frustrated with group dynamics and want to strike out on your own, think of the consequences before doing so. You need your allies and support system, if you're going to deliver your brilliant idea. This combination describes a volatile brilliance.

Elizabeth's Uranus Trine Michael's 7th house cusp (easier aspect):

Core Themes: If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme is to express yourselves freely without excessive constraint and without automatically conforming to societal expectations. You support truth and human rights.

Easier aspects: In your business relationship, you are seen as innovators and team players. You prefer the power of the group and consensus to make decisions and reach conclusions. Others may be fascinated and inspired with your boldness, your willingness to go against the grain and be controversial. You automatically sort for innovative means, methods and solutions and those that help the most people in an honest way. One of the best skills you have in terms of business is your social instinct. Acceptance of differences in style, ethnicity and any other human variable will earn you respect in your circle because you go beyond the limited viewpoints often in place. You tend to be very much who you are without putting on any social airs. People will respect your truthfulness and enjoy knowing that they can count on your honest opinion. Your approach may earn you some raised eyebrows initially but in the long run, your methods will be emulated.

Challenging aspects: Your natural tendency to attract controversy could turn into a foolish need to gain negative attention or simply to irritate your competition. This is never a good enough reason to take an initiative. It's the "rebel without a cause" syndrome and is a waste of your efforts. If you're going to make a ripple in time or at least in your business circles, make sure your are either defending an inalienable right or presenting a brilliant innovation. Simply making statements that attract attention or create a scene will quickly earn you the reputation of being a "loose cannon". Sometimes, this method works in your favor, but most times it is disruptive and damages your reputation. Work at smoothing some of your rough edges, and your original and timely message may actually penetrate the consciousness of those you seek to influence. You bring out the strong will in each other, which doesn't easily lend itself to the compromises necessary in a business relationship. Still, if you want to be a team, you'll need some rules to go by.

Michael's Sun Conj Elizabeth's Neptune:

Core Themes: If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme is to trust your insight while simultaneously distinguishing between fantasy and reality. Having and maintaining faith and adhering to a spiritual practice will alleviate life's many incongruities and contradictions. Seeking and providing inspiration and meaning through your faith, compassion or your artistic sensibilities, will be central and essential.

Challenging aspects: You may experience deception or misrepresentation in your relationship with each other or through friends and associates. Be certain to be aboveboard in all your dealings and strive to recognize when you are giving mixed messages or confused information. Avoid substance abuse and recognize addictive or co-dependent behavior by honestly reviewing your interactions with others. Having outlets for expressing conflicting and confusing emotions is one way to alleviate the stress and subtle pressures of this aspect. A consistent spiritual attunement will give you the inner strength to meet the difficulties that arise. This can indeed be a challenging aspect and it's vital to acknowledge your weaknesses or blind spots. If you are having problems in this regard, bring in an outside consultant with a fresh outlook.

Easier aspects: This aspect makes it easier for you to be sensitive to your business partner's doubts, fears and foibles and to recognize both the strengths and weaknesses in your business plans. Your compassion, sensitivity and understanding run deep, and are a boon for the challenges of running a business or in daily business dealings. You are more responsive to the subtleties and symbols beneath the fluctuating patterns of life. Compassion, service to others, understanding of often-complex dynamics represents the edge you bring to your business life. Depending on the business you are in, artistic expression is easily part of your day-to-day routine and can soften the otherwise hard edges of commerce.

Elizabeth's Venus Trine Michael's 7th house cusp (easier aspect):

Core Themes: If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme is expressing fairness, cooperation and graciousness in all your relationships with others.

Easier aspects: Others will naturally be drawn to you and appreciate your willingness to understand and negotiate for win-win solutions. In your business relationship, conducting yourselves with kindness, graciousness and fairness will, more often than not, win you friends and influence people. If you practice these methods, you will quickly become aware of the long-term benefits of compromise and the blessings of harmony. Your greatest achievements arise from being true to yourself, as well as pleasing others. You have great skills in social connections and are often called upon to organize social occasions, gatherings and networking functions. You enjoy mingling with people and have many friends and associates. The quality of your associations is key in the success of your business and it is your biggest asset in accomplishing your goals. The benefits of cooperation and fair-play are tremendous.

Challenging aspects: Your desire to please others can take the form of compromises that are too costly for you or your business. The best way to handle this is to have a partner or colleague with you when negotiations are taking place. Although you have a great ability to charm, at times you are insincere in your complements, inconsiderate or unaware of your affect on others. This is a pattern that will be bad for business. You can express extremes of either laying it on too thick or offending others. Do not let the good life or too many pleasures create a life of dissipation or debt. Consider what your most important values are and align yourself with them. It will always be easy for you to make friends, but the way you treat them and yourself will tell whether you keep them.

Elizabeth's Mars Opp Michael's Pluto (challenging aspect):

Core Themes: If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme is to understand, express and harness the wealth of human emotions and resources, passion, power and empowerment.

Challenging aspects: In your business relationship, you could easily be dealing with the deep and sometimes unresolved emotional and psychological conflicts of your partner or close business associates. These dynamics may interfere with your work goals. This combination ensures that you will be working deeply and passionately, often very intensely and competitively, on some business projects and goals. Issues of power and management of resources are likely to rise to the surface from the intimate connections of your work. Buttons can get pushed and reactiveness will need to be dealt with. So tread carefully and also don't overreact. Spend necessary time to understand what motivates you and be sure to "own your stuff," as they say. Avoid blaming others or projecting your old wounds. Work with your frustrations and your passion and learn to control your angry responses. Self-control, now that's real power.

Easier aspects: As business partners, you are able to easily focus your energies on what you want and you have the impetus and drive to attain it. You forge strong bonds with others that involve various resources such as emotional involvement, time and money. The psychological or political savvy you possess wields power and magnetism in the circles in which you participate. When you set a goal, you pursue it with all your great passion and power and you are relentless in that pursuit until you attain your goal. You will be solicited for positions of power, because you have a knack for influencing and persuading people to follow you. People quickly realize that you can make things happen in a big way, and this is your greatest talent. The underlying trick is knowing how to leverage and maximize your resources. Part of giving back what you accumulate can be encouraging and can train younger folk to persist and go for the prize.

Elizabeth's Sun Opp Michael's Sun (challenging aspect):

Core Themes: If this is your most exact aspect, the major theme of your relationship concerns your expression of willpower, your heart and creativity, your life perspective and how you use these to reach your goals. The roles of ego, loyalty, and your place or position in life are other features of this combination.

Challenging aspects: Often there is a clash of wills, you seek to go about life in dissimilar ways, or you want to handle issues in ways that your partner cannot agree with. Get to the core of your reasons for wanting to pursue a particular method and, in sharing your reasons, cooperation can more easily be gained. As long as you respect each other's methods for achieving admiration, respect and recognition in life, you will be fine. Still, at times, you may not understand how your business partner or associate wants to be recognized and you could fail to give what he or she needs in your teamwork together. With adequate discussion of what is meaningful to each of you and what is intolerable, these misunderstandings can be corrected. If differences cannot be negotiated, you may part ways. Just don't burn your bridges.

Easier aspects: You will experience a general harmony in life processes and expressions when pursuing business projects and in your primary business goals. Your personalities are likely to have some strong similarities that will lend support for your most important enterprises, and you are likely to support each other's enthusiasm. It will be easy, most of the time, to give your business partner the strokes or recognition needed to keep doing their personal best both in terms of your relationship and in developing mutual projects. Both of you have an intuitive understanding of what is needed in order to shine and be noticed and take the lead in areas integral to your business needs.

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