Astrology for the 21st Century

Astrology for the 21st Century

strology for the 21st Century and AstroLocality Magic are refreshingly interesting and exciting books, and hold the reader's attention from cover to cover. The author presents concrete and practical ideas that are substantiated with research. The information is innovative and exciting. The author synthesizes a new vision for astrology from the ancient traditions and he reveals an amazingly simple and practical way to interpret astrological charts. Finally, we have astrology books that speak the language of the general public: it is practical, supported by research, is fascinating, and engrossing, and neither bores the reader with intellectual sophistry nor makes unsubstantiated and glamorous prognostications. These are books that the general public, as well as the professsional astrologer, will love.

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Astrology for the 21st Century: $17.95
AstroLocality Magic: $8.95
Add $3.00 for shipping for up to 2 books

AstroLocality Magic
AstroLocality Magic

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