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~ Art Wheels
~ Asteroids Wheel
~ Arabic Parts Wheel
~ Fixed Stars Wheel
~ Midpoint Wheel
~ Medieval Wheel (with Essential Dignities, almutens, etc.
~ 3-D appearance
~ Square Wheel
~ Huber House Wheel
~ Huber Mondknoten
~ Blank Wheel
~ Wheel with TransPluto
~ Vedic Chakra Chart
~ Regular Chart Wheel
~ BiWheel
~ TriWheel
~ QuadWheel
~ 2 Wheels on one page
~ 3 Wheels on one page
~ 4 Wheels on one page
~ 90 Degree Dial


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Kepler Art wheels are beautiful chart wheels. Our art wheels were designed by graphic artist Paul Guess. The planetary positions are placed within these exquisitely beautiful chart wheel images. These chart wheels are perfect for framing. These chart wheels are best printed on a color printer. For an incredibly stunning chart wheel, print an art wheel on glossy paper with your color printer.

There are 30 art wheels to choose from, and there is a portrait (normal) and landscape (sideways) version of each art wheel.

In most art wheels the planet positions in the wheel are printed with a shadowed or outline font so that the information has a more 3-dimensional or artistic quality than if the planet positions were printed with a normal, plain text format.
There are art wheels with a variety of different themes. Some have natural scenes, and some have a celestial background. Some art wheels have an exotic Asian flavor and one art wheel has a romantic theme of red roses.

The variety of themes and colors gives you a wide variety to choose from. An optional CD of about 138 art wheels for the astrologer who wants to offer clients an even wider selection of art wheel styles to choose from. Click here for details.

To see a sample of all 30 art wheel styles that are included in Kepler and Sirius, click here.


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