Anne Mogul


Anne Mogul is the author of the Life Path Report.

Anne has had an avid love of Astrology for many years. She took up the art even more seriously a few years ago after her two children were grown and she had more time to devote to developing her interest. Anne enjoys sharing Astrology with others and she stays very busy traveling to festivals and various conventions introducing the benefits of Astrology to others, as well as selling an array of lithographs by well known fantasy artists. Additionally, she offers a simplified home study course available through mail order. "Many of the people I met expressed a desire for instruction which emphasized the how-to aspect of Astrology presented in an easy to comprehend format."

She now resides in a lovely country home nestled in the scenic hills of north Georgia. Anne's husband David enthusiastically encourages her Astrology practice. As he puts it, "Like so many others who had never experienced real Astrology, I didn't give it much merit-that is until Anne introduced me to the kind of Astrology that goes way beyond what you read in the daily newspaper!"




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