Ermelinda Adabbo is Cosmic Patterns Italian professional translator. She translated the Indra report, and some of the Cosmo Reports in Italian. She is currenlty translating other report options into Italian.

Erlmelinda is an elementary school teacher, born in Genoa (Italy), emigrated to US in 1992. She is Italian with Jewish ancestors (she is Catholic). Ermelinda spent her childhood in the desert of Sahara (Africa) and part of her youth in tropical Africa (Liberia). Ermelinda loves traveling for pleasure and loves visiting holy sites.

Ermelinda is a kabbalist and a master of Christian esotericism. She attended a Masonic Academy in Milan under the direction of Master Renzo Calegaro, a world prominent spiritual figure who elected her as his continuator in Italy. Ermelinda have a passion for collecting prayers from the era before Vatican Council II. She now has a collection of them dating back from 1700 (in French and Latin), as well as a very rich collection that was handed down from her maternal grandmother.

Ermelinda is a poet and also writes passionate prayers. She won some Poetry Contests in Italy and at one point she was published locally. She is also an excellent Tarot Reader, currently has a practice in Folsom, Pennsylvania.

She taught in the elementary school circuit in Italy and tutored privately, especially foreign languages, to high school students. She dislikes mathematics and biology, her mentality is entirely humanistic. Ermelinda come from a family of intuitives, and could not envision her life without her collection of Tarot cards. When in Italy, people were traveling from relatively long distances to have a consultation with her. She has customers who call her from Italy to have their Tarot cards read.



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