The Advanced Forecast Report by Ronco, Jawer, & Hajjar
from Cosmic Patterns
Review from American Astrology magazine in 1996 by Hank Friedman

For years, the Basic Forecast Report by Gina Ronco has been the best transit & progression interpretation report in the business. Now Cosmic Patterns has released a more powerful version of the program, which includes all of the previous text for planetary transits and house ingresses, plus new interpretations of transiting and transited asteroids, the comet Chiron, and planetary midpoints. The new features are unique to this program, i.e. not available in any other predictive report writer.

In order to use the Advanced Forecast Report, one must already own the Kepler chart calculation program, so first time buyers will pay $450 (but get a very complete and easy to use calculation program with a built-in time change atlas included), while those already owning Kepler will pay only $250. The program also works with the ACS electronic atlases.

Happily, the new interpretations are as fine as those in the original program. They show you both what is going on, and how best to work with each transit. Here, for example, is the text for the transit Neptune Opposite the Venus/Saturn midpoint:

"You can be very sensitive to whether others approve of you or not at this time. You may be feeling vulnerable or uncertain about your self-worth or lovability. This is, though, a time when you may be able to dissolve some barriers around relationships and release feelings of doubt about yourself. Be patient and gentle with yourself as this can touch upon some very tender areas for you. Forgive yourself your faults and new doors to happiness may open."

It is simple to use the Advanced Forecast Report, and you can extensively customize the reports: adding graphics to the title page, changing the page format, rewriting the text, and selecting which points (and midpoints and aspects) to use for transit searches. You can view each report on your computer screen, and/or send it to be printed out or to a text file for editing (to modify individual reports). For each transit, the date (and for inner transits the hour) of exact hit is shown, as well as the entering and leaving dates.

All in all, the Advanced Forecast Report is excellent, and can help you to align with the heavenly cycles.

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