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Michael J. Fox

June 9, 1961
12:15 AM
Edmonton, Canada

March 1, 2000 - March 5, 2000

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Your Astro-Forecast begins on the next page. If the time period for an interpretation is, for example, given as "July 1, 1993 (June 15, 1993 to July 15, 1993)", then it starts in mid-June, reaches greatest intensity around July 1, and ends in mid-July. The first date listed is the time when the influence has reached maximum strength; we can call this date the "peak date". The influence starts on the beginning date, gradually increases in strength until the peak date is reached, and then it gradually fades out until the ending date is reached. An influence may last for as little as a week to as long as half a year or so.

You may also notice that the same interpretation shows up periodically during the year; this is not unusual. In some cases the beginning and ending dates of the 2 influences are the same; the only difference between the 2 interpretations is the peak date. This means that this particular influence has two peak dates instead of one. It is even possible for there to be three or more peak dates for the same astrological influence. To eliminate redundant interpretations, you may be informed that the astrological influence also occurred earlier and that you should refer back to the previous occurrence of this interpretation.

You may be wondering what the funny abbreviations after the dates are. For example, you may see "Sat Conj Plu", "Ura Trine Nep", etc. These abbreviations are given for the benefit of astrologers and they show the astrological factor that is in effect.

We hope you enjoy your Astro-Forecast. For the benefit of astrologers, some technical details are given below.

Tropical/Placidus NATAL CHARTCalculated for time zone 0 hours
Natal positions:
Nep= 8SC58
6th h=18CN54
Moon= 1TA27
Jup= 6AQ49
Plu= 5VI40
2nd h=22AR21
Merc= 9CN21
Node= 0VI54
3rd h=24TA15
Ven= 2TA58
5th h= 0CN40

Natal: Sun Moon Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Asc MC
Transiting: Sun Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu
Conj (0 deg 00 min)
Sqr ( 90 deg 00 min)
Sxtil ( 60 deg 00 min)
SSqr ( 45 deg 00 min)
1 deg 00 min
1 deg 00 min
1 deg 00 min
1 deg 00 min
Oppos (180 deg 00 min)
Trine (120 deg 00 min)
Qucnx (150 deg 00 min)
Sesqu (135 deg 00 min)
1 deg 00 min
1 deg 00 min
1 deg 00 min
1 deg 00 min

Feb 8, 2000 (Feb 7, 2000 to Apr 11, 2000)Sun 1st H.

The Sun has now entered your 1st house. But what does the monthly position of the Sun mean to you and how will it effect your life at this time?
This month the emphasis will be on recharging your body and getting ready for a new 12 month cycle. Your focus will be on self expression, making impressions on others, self confidence, asserting your will and strenghtening your drive to accomplish. At the same time you may be somewhat forceful in your attempts and somewhat self centered. Marital problems won't work out very well this month, because your mind will be on "YOU", rather than "WE". Look at the aspects to the Sun this month to see what you will accomplish.

Feb 9, 2000 (Feb 8, 2000 to Mar 4, 2000)Ven 12th H.

Venus has entered your 12th house now. Venus is the Goddess of love and where you might find it and money matters and how you will handle it or what you might spend money on.
Compassion and understanding for the world around you, selfless actions in love and helping those more unfortunate than yourself become important now. Problems that are unresolved, spiritual rewards, private and secret loves are highlighted as well. Secret admirers or relationships with secret overtones can easily develop. If Venus forms harsh aspects to the 12th house, there may be some secret love attachments or adopt a self-indulgent attitude that has a harmful affect on your reputation.

Feb 29, 2000 2 PM(Feb 28, 2000 to Mar 1, 2000)Ven Sxtil MC

This is not a day to be alone, so go to the park and introduce yourself to someone new. Be with friends and loved ones if you can, you will both enjoy and grow from the experience.

Mar 1, 2000 3 PM(Feb 29, 2000 to Mar 2, 2000)Mars Trine MC

Your confidence level is on the high side at this time and your ability to get that task or job done will have great success.

Mar 2, 2000 (Feb 13, 2000 to Mar 21, 2000)Ura Trine Sun

The wheels of fortune bring possibilities for advancement now, so try and learn something new. This is also a great time for a second honeymoon. If you are interested in electronic gadgets and toys, this is a favorable time for them and some wonderful creative insights can arrive just at the right time.
Social activities are on the increase now and whatever you tackle should work out well. Very unusual encounters with very unusual people can occur now. Use your originality for something special because the time is right!
Take an old project and apply new methods of doing it, as it will work out very well if you do. You will be feeling freer than usual now, so go with the flow of life instead of trying to fight it. New diets or health habits started now have excellent results especially if the old ones aren't working. Popularity and opportunities can arise for advancement now that can bring endless possibilities to you now.
Romantic encounters or the beginning of relationships now is guaranteed to be ELECTRIC in nature or some sort of sudden turn in your life can occur that has you looking at things in totally new ways. You may suddenly decide to move or change your vocation now and creativity is blessed with some new concepts, ideas and form.
Explore the new and the untried, discover the undiscovered tap the Universe for sap and unfold yourself to new spiritual possibilities. Unexpected good fortune may find you now, so go on an adventure or be an adventure! Expect to be very popular with the opposite sex now and this will be a very social and romantic time for you.

Mar 2, 2000 (Feb 26, 2000 to Mar 7, 2000)Jup Conj Ven

Any social activities and sporting events are happy and joyous occasions during this transit and there is an increased enjoyment of intimate moments with your spouse or lover as well. All of the joys that can be experienced through "love" with another person are favored now, and foreigners or people at a distance will be drawn to you. Perhaps people of a sad heart who know they can call you to be cheered up at a moment of desperation in their own lives will call. People involved in "Psychic Hotline" type work will find a popularity among men/women who are having troubles of their own and your heart can go out to them as well. Expect to hear from friends from the past or recent past who you had forgotten about who now would like to be a lot more in your life in the romantic department.
A marriage of souls can take place during this transit, or a physical marriage can occur, bringing an extra blessing to the event. I, the author of this material was suddenly and blissfully married under the Jupiter conjunct Venus transit (exact) and it was a most memorable occasion.
You may feel a need to adopt some new philosophies or religious beliefs including more humanitarian efforts for the "masses" versus the individual kind now and people may be surprised to see your polite attitude when around them and your manners will take a turn for the better as well.
Happiness is bound to arise now and consideration and compassion for others in your surroundings will be very strong. This is an excellent trend for music, artistic endeavors or a romantic evening for two. Schedules move along well and spending sprees can be a source of joy, at least until the money runs out! Last minute rescues from potentially sticky situations can arrive in the nick of time and lady luck may have some surprises in store for you that can put a smile on your face.
You will be feeling great and ready for the good times ahead. A gift of some sort can find you when you least expect it and this transit attracts money, friends and very pleasant experiences. People may show up at your front door without warning, but you are pleasantly surprised, especially around 4AM, needing some very special tender loving care. Business trips and pleasure trips are favored and you may meet someone quite foreign to yourself and a relationship can begin.
The only really negative side to all of this wonderful energy is an increase in sexuality and desires for sugar, sweets, SODA and sweet juices such as orange juice, even if you are not a big juice drinker. The desire can even turn into obsessions as you can't seem to quench the thirst for all of the wrong things. That increased sexuality and desire for sweets can have some very adverse effects on the body through kidney problems, weight gain and gout.

Mar 3, 2000 1 PM(Mar 2, 2000 to Mar 4, 2000)Merc Trine Merc

That trip you may have been planning is favored now. Communications will be at their peak, so get your point across to others while you can. You will be able to understand new concepts very easily and your social intercourse with others will be pleasant.
You may experience a state of restlessness now. Do not sit around waiting for something to happen, go for a walk at least. This is the time to sign contracts or conclude agreements that have been pending. Appointments that are made now will be on time and prosperous. This transit also favors reading, teaching, lecturing and group activities.

Mar 3, 2000 (Feb 27, 2000 to Mar 8, 2000)Jup SSqr Sun

Practical considerations can go right out the window as you make some large scale errors in judgment. Never count on anything until you have it firmly in your hand especially under this transit, as what you hoped for can turn suddenly elusive and disappear from sight.
This is not the time to bank on any kind of sure thing, no matter how "sure" it is. Avoid going overboard financially or in business, as you can easily spend a lot more than you intended to on ANY items purchased. This is not the time for any kind of expansion, so you would be better off waiting until this aspect is over. This can be a great time to diet because you can lose weight.
You may quit your job because of ego conflicts and this is an unfortunate time for gambling, romance or business. Foolish optimism can bring heavy losses during this transit and be careful not to promise more than you can deliver, no matter how good the intentions.
Expect confrontations that can easily breed hurt feelings in others. Overinflated egos can get in the way of important issues, so avoid being arrogant when around others, they don't need to feel your unhappiness.
Should you be in the company of others, you will find it more important to espouse what your needs are, while completely ignoring theirs. Relationships may be very smothering right now, so carefully examine the cause.
There will be a strong temptation to go for something "BIG" now, but don't do it as your timing is wrong. An important note: Don't try to take something that doesn't belong to you, no matter how small or trivial, as the temptation may be very strong.
Disagreements can easily occur with your boss, father or other person in authority over your ideas in general. Take this time to meditate, perhaps you will find the answer to your situation. You can use this time most effectively if you HIDE and let this transit pass away as gracefully as possible.
This is not the time to get involved in religious matters and disputes or deal with legal issues. The relationships of people who live at a distance from you will not be doing well now and progress and success in your life will face some heavy obstacles of short duration.

Mar 3, 2000 10 PM(Mar 2, 2000 to Mar 4, 2000)Merc Trine Nep

People in public relations fields will be filled with inspiration now, so let inspiration be your guide. Heightened intuition and creativity can take you into unknown areas for exploration, so follow your hunches, you never know what genius lies inside you. The magic of make believe can influence creativity, so don't let anything pass you by.
You may find a good luck charm, or it may find you. Meditation now can reveal some wonderful answers to your questions, so be sure to put some quality time aside to do so.
Make agreements, sign documents and travel now, they are all under favorable times now. You have the ability to sense coming events now and spiritual awareness is very strong. This is an excellent time to make some plans in advance, with strong yearnings for far off places and people.
This is sure to be a very telepathic, intuitive and insightful time for you. Short trips are favored and you will find that your creative expression is on an unconscious level. Secret information and investigations into something you have been curious about can be accomplished now and you will find that you have a very metaphysical type of mind temporarily, interested and fascinated by science fiction.
Always read everything before you sign, as you can get lost in a day dream and miss the fine print. The study of mystical subjects is favored and you can be the channel for a spiritual source, so open up a channel and await further instructions. Photography, drawing and painting are all favored as well.

Mar 3, 2000 11 PM(Mar 3, 2000 to Mar 4, 2000)Ven Trine Sun

Ah, love, sweet love, this is a superlative time for romance. Be affectionate to everyone around you and don't forget that favorite pet of yours. Are you awaiting any financial negotiations? Well, the outcome looks good! Prosperity surrounds you with this aspect and You may get a cost of living increase that you weren't expecting, or a pay raise.
A very relaxed atmosphere surrounds you now and you are more considerate to others. Attraction to the opposite sex can easily increase as well as financial, business, legal and marriage matters that are bound to have a joyous outcome.

Mar 4, 2000 2 AM(Mar 2, 2000 to Mar 5, 2000)Mars Sesqu Node

This is a MINOR influence or aspect, but it can take on more importance if it occurs at the same time as other negative aspects.
Poor circumstances have arrived for business and professional endeavors temporarily and your behavior will be characterized as antisocial. There can be a dislike for social traditions and situations as well.

Mar 4, 2000 7 AM(Mar 3, 2000 to Mar 5, 2000)Ven Oppos Mars

There is no excusing abuse in relationships in any form and this transit can promote just that. Romantic quarrels are apt to be hot and heavy if you let them get out of hand. Problems in social areas and business are likely to arise, so watch those not so nice remarks now as they can cut like a knife. Avoid any purchases of extravagant items at this time, as they may have to be returned for one reason or another. Control your emotions and your feelings so they don't get away from you.
Opposing views regarding confidential data causes separations. The battle of the sexes continues in high gear and jealousy can rear its ugly head demanding to be heard. Sexual needs become accented and sexual incompatibility or aggressiveness are also indicated. Selfish attitudes can arise and financial extravagances can leave you broke, so try to tone down spending. Items bought at the store may have to be returned with defects, especially electrical/mechanical. Be precise in all things you do to avoid the mistakes that can easily occur now.

Mar 4, 2000 7 AM(Mar 3, 2000 to Mar 5, 2000)Ven Conj Asc

A very friendly and affectionate time surrounds your life at this time, so enjoy your time spent with others. If you are encountering any difficulties at this time, this is a great time to settle them. A new friend or lover may enter your life now.

Mar 4, 2000 (Mar 3, 2000 to Apr 24, 2000)Ven 1st H.

Venus has entered your 1st house now. Venus is the Goddess of love and where you might find it and money matters and how you will handle it or what you might spend money on.
You are very sociable now and you love making a good impression on others, making peace with the world around you, taking vacations, attracting people and having a good time. Your environment is happy and content and a romantic admirer may take a shine to you. If Venus recieves a stressful aspect while transiting the 1st house, you are likely to be more self indulgent and spend more on extravagant items and in some cases be a little bit more "HYPER" than usual.

Mar 4, 2000 8 AM(Mar 3, 2000 to Mar 5, 2000)Sun Sqr MC

An active time filled with hard work, accomplishments and enlightenment. Ego conflicts with authority and family are likely to occur. Don't let it get out of hand. Responsibilities in your domestic and work environment are likely to increase. Family problems can arise to be dealt with.

Mar 4, 2000 10 AM(Mar 3, 2000 to Mar 5, 2000)Sun SSqr Sat

This is a MINOR aspect and influence, but it can take on much more importance if it is connected to other negative aspects at the same time.
Someone in your domestic arena or friends may depart. Expect delays and obstacles to confront you, but you can overcome them, just be realistic in your approach and you will be fine.
** Colds or the flu can put you to bed for a few days and your mental outlook will be on the negative side. This is a wonderful time to establish a method of doing something you have always wanted to do. Get a plan first, then go after it. Projects that you would have never attempted before can be successfully completed now.
Selfish ambitions are number one on the hit parade now. If you are in a position of power, be careful of the little people under you. Remember if the foundation cracks, the house under you is going to fall. Do you like change? Are you being forced to make changes in your life but don't want to? Then you may not appreciate this transit. This is a very difficult time for any kind of advancement. Responsibility can really bog you down.
A time when you can feel very lonely and unloved. Your health may be vulnerable in the areas of: Teeth, back and heart. Your attitude will be very serious and you will feel like you are being held back. Perhaps you are, there is a reason for everything. As the great man said "Sometimes the answer is no!"

Mar 9, 2000 (Feb 19, 2000 to Mar 28, 2000)Node Sqr Moon

This transit brings out the need to be by yourself, shunning contact with the public and incompatibility in relationships. Separations are possible from relationships and friends as well.

Mar 9, 2000 (Feb 20, 2000 to Mar 30, 2000)Ura Oppos Mars

ALL activities seem to STOP temporarily and this is a transit that was a last minute thought designed by the Universe to be a REAL PAIN IN THE BUTT! Your health may not be at its best now, so have you been overdoing it physically? Now is the time for rest.
Explosive situations can really get out of control at this time and changes are imposed on you now rather than chosen. Use caution as freak accidents can happen now and it's very easy to lose your cool, so watch what you say and do. Uncommon happenings are sure to happen and physical upsets can be experienced. Traffic jams, fires and bad tempered people can be encountered as well.
You may experience annoying impulses to do something that you know is wrong, but it still keeps eating away at you. Outbursts of anger that you experience now will be directed at everyone around you and you will find it very difficult to relate to others. Any interfering that you do in other peoples lives will be very disruptive to all concerned and you may notice fluctuations in your energy levels and have some muscle spasms as well.
Accidents can occur through careless behavior, so avoid working on or near electrical equipment, wiring, appliances, machinery, sharp tools, fireworks or automobiles. Do not give into peer pressure that dares you to do something that you wouldn't normally do. If this is the case, you might want to consider new friends.
Your behavior might cause separations or permanent breakups of relationships, friends and family. Expect nervous tension and an irritable nature to be your friend now, so spend some time by yourself and avoid getting into tiffs with close friends and associates. Temporarily, you are very erratic for no real reason.
This transit is the most frustrating of them all as it brings with it confusion and a sense that you have lost your way. The influence of this transit is one of being enveloped in a cloud of constant negativity and you may find yourself just trying to get a break from yourself. Money becomes nonexistent, but like all things there is a positive side, as it forces you to finish tasks that you have been working on to a successful conclusion. Once this transit ends, then everything goes back to normal income wise etc., whatever normal happens to be!
People will try to make you overreact, so don't fall victim to their ploys, but you won't choose to listen to advice, so do what you have to do. You will be leading a very reckless lifestyle now.
News can come to you of a death. Since there are so many people in the world, it is difficult to avoid isn't it!
Problems in joint finances, insurance, alimony, taxes, nervous stress, conflicts and outbursts are all influences of this transit.

Mar 9, 2000 (Feb 20, 2000 to Mar 31, 2000)Ura Conj Asc

Expect relationships to change drastically now, as this is a time for breaking free from restrictions and obligations that have held you back. A difficult time for marriage and intimate relationships and you may break free to find a new love. This is an exciting time, with lots of sudden occurrences.
Impatience and rebellion are your short comings now and you may quit that great job so you can "breathe", no matter how secure the job is. Expect changes in appearance and mannerisms to take place. Parapsychology may hold an interest for you as well as computers, new age equipment and astrology.

Mar 9, 2000 (Feb 20, 2000 to Aug 16, 2000)Ura 1st H.

Uranus has entered your 1st house now. Uranus is the planet that causes us to make changes of the sudden and electric kind in our lives with very little regard as to whether we want to or not.
Changes in looks, surroundings and commitments take place now and rebellious tendencies develop that are not easy to understand. Any marriage or relationship that cannot cope with changes will end, as you are seeking more freedom in your surroundings. If Uranus makes a difficult aspect while transiting the 1st house, you are rebellious, very impatient and totally impractical.

Mar 11, 2000 (Feb 10, 2000 to Aug 15, 2000)Nep Qucnx Plu

The Quincunx has the annoying capability of letting us feel that the problem at hand will soon be solved, while continually eluding us and giving us FALSE HOPES through self deception and frustration.
You may very well abandon things at this time because you feel there is no hope in continuing them. Relationships can suffer from a loss of self esteem which undermines it, and you can become very unsure of the role each of you play in that relationship. There can be extreme reactions to drugs, and there can be changes in your appearance due to a lack of caring.
There will be many changes that take place on an inward level, along with a great deal of activity in your personal life. Strong feelings may confront you which will be strange and confusing and they may prove to be positive or negative. Confusion will arrive in matters of love and it is advised that you let it go until the obsessions you are feeling make their departure.
Someone or something is knocking at your door with an emotional offer of love. Will you let those emotions in or not? They have to be dealt with eventually you know. If you don't deal with them now, they are not going to go away.
There may be disappearances of people, circumstances and possessions in your life during this transit. Normal life will be disrupted to say the least and relationships will become quite mysterious. This is an unfavorable time for money and taxes.

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