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LIFE STUDIES: Data Gathering Website

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Welcome to our Life Studies page

Thank You For Joining Us!

The first step in astrological research is to collect data. Very simply put: without data, research is impossible. Astrology is a controversial subject, and even astrologers do not completely agree about the extent to which astrology can be validated through research. Please assist us in determining the validity of astrology by contributing your birth data to this database. Our hope is to eventually ahve hundreds of thousands of charts to analyze. The Kepler astrology software is capable of providing the research, but we need more data to advance astrology to a higher level of accuracy and sophistication. Thank you for your help!


To make real progress in astrological research, astrologers need birth data! We need data not only of famous people, but also "ordinary" people. Your birth data, plus some information about any special talents, strong interests, problems of a psychological or medical nature, or important dates (accidents, first time you met your spouse, etc.) can greatly further astrological research.

If we can collect tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of charts, then we will have hundreds of cases of charts with various specific talents, medical problems, etc. that will provide a foundation for proving (or disproving!) astrological theories. Whether you are a believer in, or a skeptic of, astrology, contributing your birth data and some basic information about yourself will be a valuable donation in helping astrologers and astrological skeptics in determining what validity, if any, various astrological theories have.


We will need the following information in order to conduct astrological scientific research:

  • NAME: Your actual name and e-mail address. We will need this information in order to communicate with you when we actually start collecting the actual data to start the research. We may need to ask you some questions in order to clarify issues in your submission and for research purposes.
  • BIRTH DATA: Your Birth Data such as, Date of Birth, Time of Birth (extremely important), and Place of Birth.
  • SOURCE: Accuracy of your birth data: Birth Certificate preferred.
  • HEALTH: Health Issues if any: details about your health issues such as nature of your health problem. Specifics such as the location of the desease, possible cause and treatment, the date when first diagnosed, etc. will be helpful for this studies.
  • CAREER: Career and Interests, hobby, special favorite, etc.
  • FAMILY: Family issues if any. If you are having problem with your parents, sbilings, aunts and uncles, etc.
  • ACCIDENTS: Any accidents, death in the family, job changes, births, marriages, separation/divorces, moves, etc.
  • GENDER: Please also specify gender: that is, whether you are male or female.
  • RESIDENCE: Where do you currently reside?
  • STATUS: Single, Married, Divorced, or Separated.


PRIVACY GUARANTEED!!! All birth data will be treated confidential. Personal information will be collected for follow up if questions about data collected arise.

Many people wish to contribute to a good cause, but not if it also means that this personal information will be available to other people without their approval. This website page and the following pages for entering your information are secure and the information will be transmitted to us using industry standard encryption security. The data will be used only in research conducted by Cosmic Patterns Software, Inc.


Thank you very much for your contribution to astrological research!!!

  • Thanks again for joining us on this research to help promote astrological awareness and acceptance of this subject.

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