David is the founder of Cosmic Patterns Software, Inc. and the author of the Kepler astrology program. David's involvement in astrology for over 3 decades is impressive. David is a dynamic and engaging speaker who is able to break complex ideas down into simple form and to inspire as well as to educate.

David has been called a "theoretical genius", "the world's greatest expert in harmonic astrology", and "the best speaker" at national conferences, and even simply "the best astrologer" by some of the world's most respected and experienced astrologers.





The emphasis of this seminar is direct and practical. After listening to this seminar DVD, you should feel confident that you can use what you have learned to better understand the motivations and talents of natal charts that you interpret. You can also use the handouts provided to refresh your memory and guide you. The handouts provide a detailed and clear set of principles and procedures to follow using this system of interpretation.

Included with the Harmonic Audio DVD is a Guide to the Harmonics Seminar Audio DVD. This is a PDF file that you can browse through while listening to the audio of the Harmonics Seminar. All of the charts, diagrams and notes that are mentioned in the seminar are included in this Guide. By scrolling down through the Guide while listening to the seminar you are able to better understand exactly what David is presenting in the seminar

In the past few years the theory of harmonic charts has taken major steps forward. This Harmonic Astrology Seminar on DVD includes the latest improvements in the understanding of harmonic charts.

Building upon the work of other astrologers, David has developed a new model for chart interpretation. This seminar is packed with new information, but presented in a very clear and organized format so that you can easily follow and master the material. The seminare devoted the entire two days to the practical application and thorough understanding of this exciting new system of chart interpretation.

Brief Summary of Some Topics Covered in this Seminar:

The seminar is divided into 4 major sections, the morning and afternoon sessions on Friday and Saturday. Each of these 4 major sections begins with a brief meditation. The opening meditation includes a guided meditation that leads into a discussion of the assumptions and theoretical foundations for the astrological system that will be presented, which is referred to as "cosmic cybernetics".

After an introduction to the system of astrology in about an hour, most of the rest of the seminar is devoted to seeing how cosmic cybernetics works in the charts of attendees through a four-step procedure of interpreting the birth chart.

Some (but not all) of the topics covered are:

  • Comparison of views of how planets, zodiac signs, and houses work differently according to cosmic cybernetics and other approaches to astrology. Cosmic cybernetics as a system that reflects modern views in physics: an intricate and sophisticated manifest world based on simple principles, and an emphasis on waves. Harmonic astrology as one key part of cosmic cybernetics.
  • Emphasis on astrological systems as models. More than one model may work.
  • The three basic steps to chart interpretation using cosmic cybernetics are presented.
  • Meanings of planets, zodiac signs, houses, and aspects are given in the handout (which is on the DVD as a PDF file). Examples of some similarities and differences in these meanings as compared to other schools of astrology.
  • Understanding what an aspect is from the point of view of harmonic astrology.
  • The harmonic chart: what it is and how it is used. How a series of related harmonics is seen in the harmonic chart. What orbs are used for aspects and why these orbs are used. How an important detail is lost in the harmonic chart: the numerator of the aspect is lost, but the numerator can be known with appropriate astrology software.
  • Understanding the 5th harmonic chart using the chart of an attendee. Discovering an interest in theatre and plays in her chart. The meaning of the 15th harmonic chart and how 15th harmonic aspects are seen in the 5th harmonic chart. Description of details of how she works best in this context.
  • The importance of the 8th harmonic chart using the chart of an attendee. Identifying the most important drives and motivations in the 8th harmonic chart. An emphasis of Jupiter and Neptune in the 8th harmonic chart resulting in grand vision being the primary interest and talent of the person. The importance of "octave harmonics" and how high harmonic influences differ from low harmonic influences. Importance of following the rules given for interpretation and not bending them.
  • Understanding the 11th harmonic chart using the chart of attendees: the hunger for something more. 11th harmonic grand trines in the charts of several attendees and what they mean.
  • Two strong 8th harmonic patterns in the chart of an attendee and what it means. How her twin sister expresses one pattern and the attendee expresses the other.
  • Other patterns in the charts of other attendees: an interest in sacred ritual is shown in the 8th harmonic chart.
  • Issues of health and healing, and the importance of the 9th harmonic.
  • The charts of famous people: the 13th harmonic in Van Gogh's chart, the 45th harmonic in the chart of the founder of Krishna consciousness movement. The effect of 2nd order harmonics (35, 45, 63) on culture and in birth charts. Influence of the 17th and 19th harmonics. The quindecile and other 24th harmonic aspects. Also, the effect of the 25th, 27th, and 49th harmonics. The importance of the 9th and 27th harmonics in Vedic astrology and Indian culture.
  • Analysis of a large number of higher harmonic aspects in harmonic charts, but always understood in terms of the factoring of the denominator, which is made clear in the harmonic chart.
  • Discussion of some of the cosmic cybernetic interpretations of zodiac signs and houses. Introductory comments on forecasting, relocational astrology, and compatibility with cosmic tapestry. Brief description of how these ideas have been studied in research in relocation, gold prices, and professional groups in the Gauquelin database.
  • How we determine whether the astrological influence works and how we gather anecdotal evidence from people. Criteria for considering whether our theory is supported or not.
  • Review and practice following the entire procedure from beginning to end in interpreting the chart. A fourth step in interpretation: isotraps (planetary pictures) and how they tone the overall approach to life of the person.

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Note this DVD is an audio only and not a video. It comes with a guide that you can browse through while listening to the audio. All of the charts, diagrams and notes that are mentioned in the seminar are included in this Guide. By scrolling down through the Guide while listening to the seminar you are able to better understand exactly what David is presenting in the seminar

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