by Jan Warren Allen
Copyright © 1996 All Rights Reserved

Some years ago at one of the conferences a gathering of astrologers were sitting around and the discussion turned toward the U.S. chart, and which one was the right one. The one most people were familiar with was the Gemini rising chart for July 4, 1776. However, I remember that Michael Munkasey swore by a Virgo rising chart. About that time David Solte wrote the book Scorpionic America, and when I read it, I became drawn to and fascinated with that chart. It was for the signing of the Articles of Confederation, which was on November 15, 1777, at 12:46P.M. in York Pennsylvania.

The Articles of Confederation came about as our leaders were trying to get a loan from France to continue our struggle to free ourselves from English control. But the French balked because at that point they pointed out that we were 13 different countries with 13 different currencies, and felt that it would be too much trouble in getting paid back. So as a result, there was a compact made by and between the thirteen original States to form the United States of America. The compact continued the Continental Congress as the ?Congress of the Confederation? for the central government of the Confederation. Under its provisions the States engaged in an alliance of the friendship and mutual protection, and ceded to the Congress all power of controlling national and international affairs, Congress had the power to coin money, to limit the size of standing armies maintained by the States among themselves. With that in place, we got the money from France that we so desperately needed then.

I relocated the chart from York Pennsylvania to Washington, DC which doesn't change it any. It puts our natal Sun at 23 degrees and 46 minutes of Scorpio in the 9th house, and gives us a very different picture of our nation than the other charts do.

How does the sign of Scorpio relate to America, you ask? Think about it for a moment. Its ruler, Pluto, governs sheer power of the highest level, as well as total annihilation; therefore, it fits that our nation was the first country to unlock the basic energy source of the universe, and successfully test the first atomic bomb.

The Sun in the 9th house of foreign lands trines the 6th house cusp at 21 degrees and 54 minutes of Cancer. This signifies the great melting pot of the world that our country was to become, especially since the beginning of the last century. People from all over the globe came to America, and continue to do so because of a lack of freedom, political oppression, poverty, and a lack of opportunity in their own countries. They make this their new home, work their way up, and provide a better life for their families. This was the base and the promise of America?s potential greatness and also indicated our vast size and the wealth of untapped national resources (Pluto).

The first successful test of the atomic bomb happened on July 16, 1945, at 5:30 A.M. M.W.T., in Alamogordo New Mexico. At that moment and in true Scorpio fashion, the history of the world was changed forever. Because of it, we shocked the world in how we won World War II, and subsequently went on to become a great Super Power.

The progressed U.S. chart had the Sun (our leader) at exactly 12 degrees of Taurus in the progressed 9th house and opposed to progressed Saturn at exactly 12 degrees of Scorpio in the progressed 3rd house.

This refers to President Truman, who connects to this aspect by way of his Taurus Sun. He had the sole, awesome responsibility (Saturn) of making the decision (third house) just about a month later on whether or not to use this revolutionary new weapon against Japan.

At the time of the explosion, the transiting Sun of the U.S. chart was at 23 Cancer which trined the natal Sun of the U.S. chart at 23 Scorpio 46. With the emphasis on all of this Solar power, the description of the explosion by author Rock Hindley is very fitting. He said, ? No one was prepared for the incredible, almost unearthly light that was produced. It was many times greater than the midday Sun. It seemed to be coming from everywhere at once, and lighted every peak, crevice, and ridge of the nearby mountains;? and he went on to say that ?One felt as though he had been privileged to witness the birth of the world-to be present when the Lord said: Let there be light.?

The progressed U.S. ascendant was 1 Virgo 19 and conjoined the natal U.S. Part of Fortune and went on to trine the progressed 5th (young people) house cusp at 01 Capricorn 46 and the progressed south node at 2 Capricorn 18 minute; so the timing of first test explosion indeed indicated that many American young lives would be spared because of it, if the President chose to use it. Children were also put to work in helping in the grown-up war effort. They were sent out to collect tin cans, paper, string, etc., and stood in long lines sometimes for rationed items sugar, butter and nylons.

President Truman decided that by using the atomic bomb, World War II would be shortened by at least a year. With his Sun in Taurus, he valued the countless American young lives that would be saved because our troops would not have to fight a ground war on the main Japanese Islands and die in the process (Saturn in Scorpio).

Also involved in his decision, and weighing on his mind, was transiting Pluto at 9 Leo 22 in the 6th house of the armed forces squared natal U S. Mercury at 9 Scorpio 43 in the 8th house of life and death.

However, getting back to the opposition of the progressed Sun at 12 degrees of Taurus ( the natural house of values), it also had a beneficial trine to natal U.S. Mars (military action and weapons) at 12 degrees and 22 minutes of Capricorn (endings) in the 11th house of our hopes and wishes, and World War II ended shortly thereafter.

And another opposition was working also. Progressed Venus at 22 Taurus 7 was coming up to oppose the natal U.S. Scorpio Sun, with progressed Mars behind it at 20 Taurus 25.

Oppositions indicate conflict and decisions concerning? them or us.? The struggle with the Japanese was coming down to the wire in this great life or death scenario. Americans were obsessed with the desire to get the war over with and to get our boys back home. President Truman said he thought long and hard and weighed both the pros and cons when making the decision to use the bomb. Progressed Venus then (Truman's Sun sign ruler) also trined transiting Jupiter then at 22 Virgo 49 which was in the U.S 7th house of our enemies. Good for us and bad for them!

If we backtrack the U.S. progressed chart to December 7, 1941, the progressed U.S. Sun was at 8 Taurus 31 then and opposing natal U.S. Saturn at 8 Scorpio 16 in the 8th house of life and death. Furthermore transiting Saturn was at 23 Taurus 30 R and opposed the U.S. Sun at 23 Scorpio 46. In the progressed U.S. chart, the natal U.S. Sun was conjunct the progressed 4th house cusp at 22 degrees and 50 minutes of Scorpio, opposed to the Midheaven and progressed Mercury at 26 degrees and 20 minutes of Taurus respectively, which went on to form a T-square with natal U.S. Jupiter at 25 Leo 45 in the 12th house of treachery. This set the stage then for the beginning of World War II for America, as the bombing of Pearl Harbor started at 7:55 A.M. on that fateful day!

Furthermore, U.S. progressed Jupiter at 17 Leo 15 in the12th house of sorrow closely squared progressed U.S. Venus and Mars at 17 degrees of Taurus; and in the 9th house it pointed to hidden danger on the distant shores of Hawaii.

Jupiter, the foreign influence in the sign of Leo in the progressed 12th house of hidden enemies relates to the Japanese flag at the time. It was the ominous ?Land of the Rising Sun? remember? The natural 12th house is a water house, and its natural ruler, Neptune, is the planet of ships and also deception. This set the stage for the sneak attack-taking place from Japanese aircraft carriers in the Pacific Ocean, which almost completely annihilated our navy at Pearl Harbor that day.

Japanese diplomats were in Washington on December 7th ,supposedly to discuss (Mercury) peace, and obviously lying, while their warships were headed for a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. These aspects were warning us that something sinister was brewing for our homeland.

Harry Truman was born on May 8, 1884, in Lamar Missouri, time unknown. It is fascinating to see how his chart ties into the U.S. chart, as his Sun at 18 Taurus squares his Mars at 17 Leo.

About 4 years later, when the progressed U.S. Sun moved up from 12 degrees to 17 degrees of Taurus, he would heap havoc on the Japanese as that aspect was triggered in both charts.

The Part of Fortune in the chart of Pearl Harbor when the first Japanese bombs began to fall was 17 degrees and 22 minutes of Leo. There is that same degree number again that tied into the close square of the U.S. progressed Venus and Mars at 17 degrees of Taurus square Jupiter at 17 degrees of Leo; and, remember, Harry Truman?s Sun in Taurus, which is near that degree and square his Mars, also at 17 degrees of Leo. This again points to Truman being involved in using the deadly force of the atomic bomb four years down the road.

In the progressed chart, transiting Saturn then was 23 Taurus 30 minutes opposing the progressed U.S. 4th house cusp at 22 Scorpio 50, which was conjunct the natal U.S. Sun at 23 Scorpio 46 which formed an almost exact opposition.

The transiting Moon then was at 28 Cancer 19, and conjoined Truman?s natal Jupiter. In the U.S. natal chart Pluto, which rules atomic energy, and ruler of the U.S. Sun sign, is 28 Capricorn 01, in opposition to those planets. Oh how the Japanese nation would have to pay for their dastardly deeds they carried out on that fateful day!

In fact, after their sneak attack, one of the Japanese admirals remarked that he feared that all they really had done on that day was to wake a sleeping giant. No doubt he recognized the power and strength of our Pluto in the 12th house, which is trine natal Neptune at 28 degrees of Virgo. He was right, as in no time, our factories geared up and the whole nation went to work manufacturing guns, planes, ships, tanks, bombs, bullets and everything else needed for the war effort.

The Moon position of 28 Cancer, which refers to women opposing the U.S. natal Pluto is significant, as this forced our women to go out into the factories for the first time on a massive scale and take the place of the men who went off to fight the war. This changed the attitude and the direction of American women forever. This Lunar aspect was reflected in one of the biggest hit songs of the war, ? Rosie the Riveter.? But this Moon position, which also refers to families, widely squared the U.S. natal Venus, which refers to love and beauty, at 23 Libra 13, and got played out in a sad drama: many women lost their husbands and boyfriends temporarily, and most families were disrupted by the war. It also indicated that women donned masculine-looking bib overalls and heavy hairnets at their workplaces and didn?t have time to worry about looking attractive. They just did what they had to do!

Furthermore, the Moon then went on to form a T-square with natal U.S. natal Pluto (the life and death planet) and natal U.S. Venus at 23 Libra 13 in the 8th house of life and death which indicated that some of their husbands and loved ones would never return to their homes and families. Although that Moon position opposed our natal Pluto, Pluto?s trine to U.S. natal Neptune prompted another hit song of the war, ?Praise the Lord, which connects to Neptune, and Pass the Ammunition- which connects to Pluto.

Progressed U.S. Mercury at 26 Taurus 23 in the progressed U.S. chart for December 7, 1941, formed a T-square to the progressed 1st and 7th house cusps at 28 degrees and 13 minutes of Leo and Aquarius respectively. Communications were certainly out of sync and very lax. When the first Japanese planes were about to arrive, radar, which is Mercury ruled, was a brand-new electronic device at that time, and gave the warming of incoming planes; however, the officer in charge thought this new fangled contraption was just messing up and turned it off, then went off duty! The afflicted Mercury aspect shows that we certainly were not as prepared for such a devastating and daring attack as we should have been.

President Roosevelt never lived to see the tremendous success of the atomic bomb test for which he pushed so hard, as he died on April 12th, 1945. In the progressed U.S. chart for that day, the progressed Sun (the president), had moved up to 11 Taurus 45 in the 2nd house and had just opposed the Part of Fortune at 11 Scorpio 34 in the 8th house and sign of life and death. Transiting Mars came up to 14 Pisces to square natal U. S. Uranus (sudden - strokes - his Sun sign ruler), and the final trigger was the transiting Sun coming up to 22 Aries to square the progressed Moon in the emotional sign of Cancer at 22 degrees and 13 minutes on the 6th house cusp. Mercury, the transiting Moon and transiting Venus were also in Aries (fast) , which tied into the story as Aries has reference to the head. and also fits in with the fact that he had a cerebral hemorrhage! Many tears were shed for our beloved president as the country went into national mourning that day. An interesting correlation with Mars in secretive Pisces and squaring U.S. Uranus then was that President Roosevelt?s long time friend and secret paramour, Lucy Mercer, was alone with him when he died.

Progressed Mercury in the U. S. chart for the day he died was in the 10th house at 1 degree and 36 minutes Gemini trine progressed retrograde Pluto at 1 degree and 52 minutes Aquarius on the progressed 6th house cusp. This indicated that the office of the Presidency would be passed on smoothly and successfully in that very sad and trying time, and it was.

However, going back to the progressed U.S.Mercury T-square to the 1st and 7th house cusps show that the people, as well as many key politicians in Washington really didn?t know Harry Truman, or didn?t trust him. But President Roosevelt?s part in this great drama that was unfolding had ended, and it was Harry Truman?s turn to take his own place on the world stage.

Truman?s planets also tied into the progressed U.S. chart for that very sad day on April 12, 1945. Progressed U.S. Mars was at 20 Taurus14 then and was conjunct Truman?s natal Neptune, which was only 7 minutes earlier. I?m sure he was deeply shaken by the death of President Roosevelt at such a crucial time in history and felt somewhat insecure and confused about whether or not he could fill his shoes.

This aspect also indicates that he knew nothing about the experiments with this new and revolutionary weapon, but had to be filled in fast about the important and secretive work the scientists and the military were carrying out on the atomic bomb. As we just saw, the U.S. natal Pluto which refers to the atomic bomb at 28 Capricorn 01 in the 12th house opposed Truman?s natal Jupiter at 28 Cancer 4, which fell in the U.S. natal 6th house of the armed forces. Again, this showed that his decision, and his judgment alone would determine how to proceed from that point on.

The U. S. progressed Mercury trining progressed Pluto that we have already considered for the day Truman became president was conjunct Truman?s natal retrograde Mercury at 1 Gemini 18 and his Pluto at 0 Gemini 24 which went on to form a grand trine with the U.S. progressed Moon then at 0 Libra. That powerhouse connection ushered in the age of atomic energy. Transiting Mercury on that day was also retrograde. Remember the rule, that if a natal planet is retrograde at birth, important developments in the life happen when that transiting planet is also retrograde.

The U.S. progressed 2nd house cusp on that day was 24 degrees and 29 minutes of Virgo conjunct Truman?s natal Uranus at 24 Virgo 14, also retrograde. Transiting Uranus that day was 10 Gemini 24 conjunct Truman?s natal Saturn at 10 Gemini 16. Finally, the transiting Moon that day passed over Truman?s South Node at 21 Aries 48, so the dye was cast. In a flash, he came face-to-face with his destiny.

When Harry Truman became the President, he was 60 years old and his natal Pluto was triggered into operation to become dominant in his life at that time. This conclusion is reached by turning all of the degree numbers in a chart into their corresponding ages. I call this the Age Arc method of prediction; the part of a chart that is set in stone, so to speak, and can't be changed. So we do that with all of the planet degrees, as well as the house cusp degrees until we get to the number 30, which equates to age 30.

Then, because there are 30 degrees in a sign, we simply add the original degree numbers to 30 to get to the middle years in a life. With Truman, his natal Pluto was at 0 degrees and 24 minutes. This equals from birth to about 6 months old, again at 30 years old, and at 60, when he would have had some kind of Pluto experience. With Pluto ruling the Sun Sign of our country in this U.S. chart, as well as atomic energy, this timing proved to be very fitting. So at 60 years old, his Pluto age, Truman became the president, and the most powerful man in the world!

Truman was 61 years old right after that, in May 1945, so for the next year, his natal Mercury at 1 degree reigned (1+30 +30)=61 years old). It was shortly after that birthday that he had to make the biggest decision of his life concerning the use of the atomic bomb.

Truman's natal Mercury at 1 Gemini 18 R was only a degree shy of the natal U.S. Moon at 02 Gemini 44, and it went on to trine the U.S. progressed Pluto at 01 Aquarius 51 R in the U.S. 12th house as well as the progressed U.S. moon at 0Libra Fortunately for us, it seems that he had a guardian angel looking over his shoulder!

When the war ended on August 14, 1945, the progressed U.S. Moon was at 26 degrees of Cancer in the progressed 11th house which referred to the hopes and wishes of the public. This trined the progressed 4th house cusp which was the end of the matter, at 26 degrees of Scorpio. Our country was finally able to rejoice and celebrate.

Five years later though, on June 15, 1950, we see another important day in history. For one thing, progressed U.S. Mars had moved up to 23 Taurus 56 to oppose the U.S. natal Sun at 23 Scorpio 46. And remember, on the day of the Pearl Harbor attack, we saw how the progressed U.S. chart had Venus conjunct Mars at 17 degrees of Taurus square progressed Jupiter at 17 degrees of Leo.Well, on June 15th, 1950, the progressed Sun had moved up to 16 Taurus 46 and took its turn to square Jupiter at 17 Leo 46.

So the progressed U.S. Sun moving up to 16 Taurus 47 conjoined President Truman?s natal Sun, which is around this degrees mark, squared to his natal Mars at 17 Leo, which conjoined the U.S. progressed Jupiter at 17 Leo 47; and he was forced into swinging into action once again.

Transiting Mercury was 8 Gemini then, conjoined to the U.S. natal 4th house cusp and inconjunct natal Saturn at 8 Scorpio 16, and our boys left home again and marched off to war; this time in Korea.

As the progressed Sun, which was almost 17 degrees of Taurus, was applying to the square to progressed Jupiter at 17 degrees of Leo, as was in the case in the beginning of World War II, our position was very precarious in the beginning, and our troops were almost pushed back into the sea. This same square involving expansive Jupiter was tied into the fact that General McArthur wanted to extend and expand the war by invading China, as they had become allies of the North Koreans. The threat to world peace then shifted from Fascism to Communism, and McArthur wanted it to be an all-out battle.

General Douglas McArthur was born on January 26, 1880 in Little Rock Arkansas, time unknown. His Aquarius Sun at 6 degrees squares his natal Neptune at 9 degrees of Taurus. His Mars at 22 degrees Taurus and his Pluto at 25 degrees of Taurus boxed in President Truman?s natal Sun and Neptune near those points. Truman didn?t like the General, and in all of their fixity, they locked horns and differed on how to conduct the war. Then McArthur made the unforgivable mistake of disagreeing in public with his Commander-in-Chief. It would seem that McArthur?s Sun-Neptune square made him somewhat delusional about who was really in charge of running things. This same square went on to form a T-square in the U. S. chart to Saturn and Mercury at 8 and 9 degrees of Scorpio respectively. His dangerous ideas about expanding the war and threatening to use the atomic bomb on China clashed badly with the ultimate authority figure (Saturn), in the U.S chart. Truman ultimately forced him to step down, and he retired.

Furthermore, McArthur's Mars and Pluto at 22 and 25 degrees of Taurus opposed the U. S. Sun at 23 Scorpio 46. Although he had an illustrious career during World War II, in the end he became a sad and fallen hero. His Neptune at 9 degrees of Taurus opposed to the U.S. natal Mercury at 9 degrees of Scorpio and conjunct natal Saturn at 8 degrees of Scorpio is what we perhaps remember most about the General-his famous farewell speech ( which again refers to Mercury), to Congress in which he said ?An Old (Saturn) Soldier Never Dies, He just Fades Away (Neptune).?

Besides the Korean War starting in 1950, on November 1, 1950, while the progressed Sun was still at 17 degrees of Taurus and squared progressed Jupiter at 17 degrees of Leo, which triggered President?s Truman Sun-Mars square near those degrees, there was another important event involving personal danger for him. On that day, two Puerto Ricans nationalists tried unsuccessfully to assassinate him. They killed one secret service guard and wounded another. This took place at Blair House in Washington D.C..

The transiting planets that day also warned of danger. The transiting Sun and Mercury were at 8 degrees of Scorpio conjunct natal U.S. Saturn and Mercury at 8 and 9 degrees of Scorpio. This went on to inconjunct the U.S. progressed Mercury at 8 Gemini 34 on the U.S. 4th house cusp. Transiting Mars (which rules guns) at 26 degrees of the foreign sign of Sagittarius squared progressed U.S. Neptune at 26 degrees of Virgo. The attempt probably failed because transiting Saturn at 28 degrees of Virgo went on to trine natal U.S. Pluto at 28 degrees of Capricorn. The Saturn Neptune trine went on to sextile Truman?s natal Jupiter at 28 degrees of Cancer. His guardian angel was surely looking over him that day! But even this scary close call would not keep feisty President Truman from going out every day for his brisk walk.

On a lighter side, Truman?s Sun-Mars square, which tied into the progressed U. S. Sun-Jupiter square from 17 Taurus to 17 degrees of Leo also worked on another level about that time. The Sun refers to one?s children, and Taurus rules the throat and singing. Jupiter refers to opportunity; the sign of Leo represents the stage; and Mars refers to men and one?s energy . President Truman?s daughter Margaret was desperately trying to get established in the musical world as a serious opera singer. She trained with all of the best teachers in the world, but her much publicized debut was a gigantic flop. No matter how much influence her father had, the critics panned her mercilessly and reported that she lacked any basic talent. In terms of this square, with Mars involved, in the romance department, Margaret didn?t seem to have the usual number of boyfriends that girls her age had. In fact, when she finally did marry, it was much later than most girls of her era did, as well.

By the time the progressed U.S. chart moved forward to November 22, 1963, we witnessed the assassination of President John Kennedy. He was born on May 29, 1917 at 3:00 PM in Brookline, Massachusetts.

His natal nodes were at 12 Capricorn 29 (north) and Cancer (south) respectively and his north node conjoined the U.S. Mars (guns) within 6 minutes of arc. A bad omen to be sure. Furthermore, his natal Uranus (sudden-explosive was at 23 Aquarius 43 R squared his natal Jupiter at 23 Taurus 03 in his 8th house, and both went on to T-square the natal U.S. Sun at 23 Scorpio 46.His own progressed Mars (guns) was at 21 Gemini17 in his 9th house and transiting Venus (the throat) at that time came up to oppose it at 21 Sagittarius 27 in his 3rd house.

Finally transiting Saturn was going through his 4th house and was at 17 Aquarius 19 and exactly, to the second, T-squared his 2nd and 8th house cusps. His progressed Moon was at 8 Gemini 56 and conjoined the U.S. 4th house cusp. It went on to inconjunct natal U.S. Saturn at 8 Scorpio 16, the sign and house of life and death, and indeed, the end of the matter was just waiting to get triggered.The progressed U.S. Sun had moved up to 29 degrees and 42 minutes of Taurus (rules the throat) . I find that the last degree of a sign brings in monumental and oftentimes catastrophic events.

Transiting U.S. Pluto was sitting at 14 Virgo 04 in the 7th house of enemies, and squaring natal U.S. Uranus at 14 05 R in the 4th house of our home. Progressed U.S. Uranus had come to 14 Gemini 28 to conjoin it, as did progressed Venus at 14 Gemini 39 and progressed Mercury, which was only 1 degree past this, at 15 Gemini 50. Transiting Uranus (sudden-explosive) was at 9 Virgo 49, also in the 7th house.

So the faster moving transits and the exact timers for that fateful day was transiting Mercury (President Kennedy's Sun sign ruler) coming up to 9 Sagittarius 45 just 1 degree past the 10th house cusp to square transiting Uranus, and the transiting Sun at 29 Scorpio 44 (life and death) coming up to oppose the progressed U.S. Sun at 29 Taurus 42 (the throat) and he was shot; the unforgettable pictures of his assassination burned into our brains. The 3rd and 9th houses of these placements also reiterate that he was shot while traveling (9th house), in a car (3rd house).

The progressed U.S. Moon at 13 Pisces 45 then formed a T-square to the aforementioned Virgo and Gemini placements. Many tears were shed as the Neptunian era of Camelot ended forever. Transiting Jupiter reinforced this as it was at 9 Aries 49 R then and conjoined the U.S. 2nd house cusp, which went on to oppose the 8th house cusp. This shook our values and what we took for granted to the core.

Progressed U.S. Mars at 3 Gemini 23 was a degree past the conjunction of the U.S. Natal Moon at 2 Gemini 45. With all of that emphasis on this dual sign, it fits that a few days later there was another assassination, that of Lee Harvey Oswald.

President Kennedy was pronounced dead at 1:00 P.M. in Dallas. A chart calculated for Dallas then is very interesting, as at that moment the transiting Sun at 29 degrees and 45 minutes of Scorpio formed a fixed grand square with the ascendant and descendant at 29 Aquarius 30, and Leo respectively, and the progressed U.S. Sun in the 3rd house at 29 degrees of Taurus. When the news was announced that the president was dead, the whole country went into a kind of shock, and the country was never quite the same again.

In looking at this event, my curiosity prompted me to do a little research into the first U.S. presidential assassination, that of President Lincoln, and I found some fascinating correlations between the two. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 at 7:20 AM in Hodgenville, Kentucky.

Isn't it ironic that Lincoln's natal Sun at 23 Aquarius 29 conjoined Kennedy's Uranus? And of course, this went on to square the U.S. Sun at 23 Scorpio46 as well. Lincoln's 12th house cusp was at 28 Capricorn 56 which conjoined the natal U.S. Pluto at that degree. and Lincoln's natal Pluto was at 13 Pisces 37, the same placement that the progressed U.S. Moon was when Kennedy was shot. Furthermore, when Kennedy was shot, the progressed U.S. Mars (gunshots) was at 3 Gemini 23, and Lincoln's natal Saturn at 3 Sagittarius 09 opposed that. Saturn brings things back from the past, so could this be a clue to what happened to Kennedy was a repeated event?

Lincoln was shot on the night of April 14, 1864. In the progressed U.S. chart for that date the Sun was at 21 Aquarius 35 and opposing retrograde Jupiter at 21 Leo 57. And going back to the chart for Dallas for the actual time of the Kennedy shooting, which I feel was at 12:36 P.M., the ascendant would have been 21 Aquarius 35; that same degree

The Civil War started officially on April 12, 1861, although the first hostile shot of the war was fired by the Confederates on January 9, 1861. On that January date, transiting Uranus was retrograde at 8 degrees and 32 minutes of Gemini conjunct the 4th house cusp of the U.S. natal chart. The progressed U.S. chart for April 12, 1861, the official date of the beginning of the war, is fascinating. In it, the Midheaven is 2 degrees and 52 minutes of Pisces, which squares the U.S. natal Moon at 2 degrees and 45 minutes of Gemini. This went on to form a T-square when you add the progressed 4th house cusp to the aspect at 2 degrees and 52 minutes of Virgo. The duality of the Gemini Moon manifested in our nation, as it officially split into two countries for four years, and we actually had brother fighting against brother in some instances.

There are some other matching, almost exact points between Kennedy and Lincoln's charts. When Lincoln was shot, progressed Venus was 11 degrees and 10 minutes of Aquarius. When Kennedy was shot, the transiting Moon was 11 Aquarius 14. In the Lincoln's chart, Saturn was 15 degrees and 10 minutes of Scorpio then, and in the Dallas chart, Neptune was at 15 degrees and 55 minutes of Scorpio. In the Dallas chart for 12:36 P.M., the political 11th house cusp which refers to our hopes and wishes at 28 Sagittarius and, and the 5th house cusp was 28 Gemini which went on to T-square the U.S. retrograde Neptune at 28 Virgo 51.

In the progressed U.S. chart for time of the Lincoln assassination, the 1st and 7th house cusps were at 28 Gemini 36 and Sagittarius respectively tying the charts even further together. All of these similarities raise the question in my mind that perhaps President Kennedy was the reincarnation of President Lincoln.

Civil rights was Kennedy's big issue, and abolishing slavery was Lincoln's cause. So for some spiritual or karmic reason, did Lincoln have to come back to this plane of existence as Kennedy and go through another assassination all over again?

Here are some uncanny similarities between the two men, and the situations they found themselves in! I invite you to ponder the question and decide for yourself!

CareersAbraham LincolnJohn Kennedy
Studied lawStudied law law
Served in the militaryServed in the military
Once was a boat captain. He briefly worked as assistant pilot of the Talisman, a Mississippi River boatOnce was a boat captain.He briefly worked as assistant pilot.He was a a naval lieutenant and skipper of PT 109
Elected to Congress in ?46Elected to to Congress in in in ?46
Was the runner-up for the nomination of vice president in '56Was the runner-up for the nomination of vice president in '56
Involved in a famous political debate - the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858Involved in a in a famous political debate - the Kennedy - Nixon debat tes in 1960
Republican Convention was held in Chicago in '60Republican Convention was held in Chicago in'60
Defeated opponent was born in '13 (Stephen Douglas)Defeated opponent was born in '13 (Richard Nixon)
Elected president in ?60Elected president in ?60
Won the election with less than fifty-percent of the popular voteWon the election with less than fifty-percent of the popular vote
Thought of as one of the greatest presidentsThought of as one of the greatest presidents
Elected on November 8th for the term in which they were assassinatedElected on November 8th for the term in which they were assassinated
The legality of the election was contested The legality of the election was contested
Directly involved with black civil rightsDirectly involved with black civil rights
Made his civil rights views known in '63Made his civil rights views known in '63
Killed while serving as presidentKilled while serving as president
In 1964, the book entitled Mr. Lincoln and the Negroes, by W. O. Douglas, was publishedIn 1964, the book entitled Mr. Kennedy and the Negroes, by Harry Golden, was published
Personal traitsAbraham LincolnJohn Kennedy
Born second in birth orderBorn second in birth order
Named after his grandfatherNamed after his grandfather
Over 6 feet tall and athleticOver 6 feet tall and athletic
Seemed to have lazy eye muscles which would sometimes cause one to deviateSeemed to have lazy eye muscles which would sometimes cause one to deviate
Suffered from genetic diseasesSuffered from genetic diseases
Suffered from depressionSuffered from depression
Known for his quick witKnown for his quick wit
Could express himself very wellCould express himself very well
Enjoyed sitting in a rocking chairEnjoyed sitting in a rocking chair
Liked to quote the Bible and ShakespeareLiked to quote the Bible and Shakespeare
Many of his literary works are considered classicsWon a Pulitzer Prize
Known for not carrying money around with himKnown for not carrying money around with him
Known for constantly borrowing funds from friendsKnown for constantly borrowing funds from friends
Repeatedly spoke of, and had dreams regarding, assassination attemptsRepeatedly spoke of, and had dreams regarding, assassination attempts
Often stated how easy it would be to shoot a presidentOften stated how easy it would be to shoot a president
Disdained bodyguardsDisdained bodyguards
Had no fear of his own mortalityHad no fear of his own mortality
SpousesAbraham LincolnJohn Kennedy
Wife had been previously engaged to someone elseWife had been previously engaged to someone else
A dark-haired twenty-four year old woman at time of marriageA dark-haired twenty-four year old woman at time of marriage
From a socially prominent familyFrom a socially prominent family
Fluent in the French languageFluent in the French language
Known for her high fashion in clothesKnown for her high fashion in clothes
Criticized by her husband for spending habitsCriticized by her husband for spending habits
Renovated the White House after many years of neglectRenovated the White House after many years of neglect
FamilyAbraham LincolnJohn Kennedy
Married while in his thirtiesMarried while in his thirties
Had sons named Robert and EdwardHad brothers named Robert and Edward
Had four childrenHad four children
Children rode ponies on the White House lawnChildren rode ponies on the White House lawn
Lost a sister before becoming presidentLost a sister before becoming president
Lost a son while serving as presidentLost a son while serving as president
Two of his children died before becoming a teenTwo of his children died before becoming a teen
His son married Mary Eunice HarlanHad a sister named Eunice Mary Kennedy
Robert's second son Abraham was known as ? Jack?Was known as as "Jack"
Lincoln's son, Tad, had his funeral held on July 16, 1871. Later he was exhumed and moved to a different grave site.Kennedy's son, John Jr., was lost at sea on July 16, 1999. Later he was found, brought up, and then re-buried at sea.
RelationshipsAbraham LincolnJohn Kennedy
Had a doctor named Charles TaftHad a doctor named Charles Taft
Had a friend and adviser named William GrahamHad a friend and adviser named Billy Graham
Was friends with an Illinois Democrat named Adlai E. StevensonWas friends with an Illinois Democrat named Adlai E. Stevenson
Was related to ambassadors to the Court of St. JamesWas related to ambassadors to the Court of St. James
Was related to an attorney general who graduated from Harvard UniversityWas related to an attorney general who graduated from Harvard University
Was related to senatorsWas related to senators
AssassinationsJohn Wilkes BoothLee Harvey Oswald
John Wilkes Booth was born in '38Lee Harvey Oswald was born in '39
Lacked a strong father figure in his lifeLacked a strong father figure in his life
Known by his first, middle and last nameKnown by his first, middle and last name
Often used aliasesOften used alias
Had two brothers whose careers he covetedHad two brothers whose careers he coveted
Was fond of writing down his thoughts in a journalWas fond of writing down his thoughts in a journal
Was a Southerner favoring extremist viewsWas a Southerner favoring extremist views
Was a known sympathizer to enemies of the United StatesWas a known sympathizer to enemies of the United States
Traveled to enemy territory (the Confederate state of Virginia) and borrowed a military uniform pretending to be a soldier so that he could witness the hanging of John Brown in 1859Traveled to enemy territory (the USSR) and wrote to his brother saying, "In the event of war I would kill any American who put a uniform on in defense of the American Government"
Knew of his victims' whereabouts by reading of it in the newspapersKnew of his victims' whereabouts by reading of it in the newspapers
Planned his deed wellPlanned his deed well
Envisioned his deed as a way to glory and fameEnvisioned his deed as a way to glory and fame
Was in his mid-twenties when he killed the presidentWas in his mid-twenties when he killed the president
Assassins escapeJohn Wilkes BoothLee Harvey Oswald
Was detained by an officer named BakerWas detained by an officer named Baker
Booth was aided in his escape from Washington by a man named OswaldThe assassin's name was Oswald
Booth was also aided by a man named PaineOswald got his job at the School-book Depository through the aid of Mrs. Paine, his landlady
Booth ran from the theater and was captured in a warehouse (barn)Oswald ran from a warehouse and was captured in a theater
Ford Theater's concession operator was named BurroughsThe Texas Theater concession operator was named Burroughs
Assassins deathsJohn Wilkes BoothLee Harvey Oswald
Was killed with a single shot from a Colt revolverWas killed with a single shot from a Colt revolver
Was killed in a blaze of light in front of a burning barnWas killed in a blaze of light in front of the television camera
Was killed before going to trialWas killed before going to trial
Was killed before his version of the assassination could be learnedWas killed before his version of the assassination could be learned
An autopsy was done to clarify his identityAn autopsy was done to clarify his identity
Presidents FuneralsAbraham LincolnJohn Kennedy
After the ceremonies at the U.S. Capitol, the funeral procession with Lincoln's body left Washington, D.C.Mrs. Kennedy insisted that her husband's funeral mirror Lincoln's as closely as possible.
Casket was carried on a caissonCasket was carried on the same catafalque and caisson as Lincoln
Buried in a mahogany casketBuried in a mahogany casket
Shortly after the funeral, his family moved to Georgetown at 3014 N StreetShortly after the funeral, his family moved to Georgetown at 3017 N Street
Vice PresidentsAndrew JohnsonLyndon Johnson
Andrew Johnson was succeeded by a Republican (Ulysses S. Grant) in '68 who was elected to another term in '72 and whose administration was racked with scandal. In his first campaign for the presidency, Johnson ran against a Democrat by the name of HORATIO Seymour Humphry. Lyndon Johnson was succeeded by a Republican (Richard M. Nixon) in '68 who was elected to another term in '72 and whose administration was racked with scandal. In his first campaign for the presidency, Richard M. Nixon ran against a Democrat by the name of Hubert HORATIO Humphry.

The horrendous Civil War lasted for four long years. Many astrologers believe that Pluto refers to African Americans and the black race in general. As this planet rules our national Sun sign, living together in harmony, peace and equality has indeed been one of our nation, greatest challenges. We have made great strides though, as currently we have an African American running for president this year. This challenge is reflected by the Sun in Scorpio, T-squared to the ascendant and Jupiter in the 7th house cusp in the U.S. chart; in terms of what our country is supposed to be all about-that is LIBERTY, reflected by the ascendant in Aquarius , and JUSTICE, as reflected by JUPITER on the 7th house cusp, for ALL, as revealed by the Sun sign in Scorpio in the 9th house; this was the vision of our founding fathers!

Material taken from website: The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln by Kevin Williams

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