The final chart? (first published in 1988) Copyright © 2005 All Rights Reserved

by Marc Penfield

Well, I'm going to have to eat my words, folks, as new light has been shed finally on the birth time of our President. In her new book "Reagan: The Early Years", authoress Anne Edwards has recounted the events on the day Reagan was born. Seems there was a blizzard raging the night before he was born which he didn't let up until the early morning hours. As Mrs.' Reagan's labor pains were increasing that morning, her son, nicknamed "Moon" was sent to a neighbor's house while he awaited the birth of his young brother. Seems it took a while for the doctor to get to the house trudging through the snow, etc. and an afternoon birth time is implied.

This correlates to the first chart I ever saw erected for Reagan in Marc Edmund Jones' book "Sabian Symbols" many years ago. A friend of mine, Alice Reichard, who is in possession of Ralph Kraum's files, long before he became interested in politics, or had the need to hide his birth time from our prying eyes. The chart , as given in Jones book is slightly incorrect. The M.C. is given as 14 Pisces (no time noted) and the Asc. was incorrectly shown as 5 Cancer. At the latitude of Tampico, the Asc. would have been 7 Cancer, so even if Kraum did have the correct birthtime, he got the Asc. wrong.

It is my belief that our President was born at 2 p.m. on Feb. 6, 1911 with a M.C. of 14 Pisces 53 and Asc. of 7 Cancer 51. I will have to eat my former article giving Reagan a Capricorn Asc., but then, after relocating the "new chart" to several locales around the world, I feel that we should have stuck to the original Kraum chart in the first place.

Relocating the chart to Washington, the M.C. becomes 28 Pisces 45 and the Asc. is 16 Cancer 55. Pluto is square the M.C. in Washington and Neptune is conjunct the Asc. within 3 degrees. Reagan's administration will probably be known for tearing down many governmental practices and concepts which the public had accustom to over the previous four decades. Pluto is hard aspect to the M.C./I.C. implies a compulsion to regenerate and in the process destroy outmoded methods of operation.

Pluto is also big business and the money it generates, The fact that Reagan has gotten away with so much in his "teflon presidency" is shown by Uranus being sextile to the M.C. as well. Reagan is thought of by many to be a reactionary conservative, but with the planet of revolution in harmonious relationship to the point which governs his career, he has had multiple opportunities to reform our government, some of if positive, but a lot of it retrogressive in nature. Uranus always turns things over 180 degrees or more and things ain't the same afterwards.

Jupiter is trine the relocated Asc. in Washington and the Moon is sextile. Surprisingly, despite all the hardships caused by Reagan's policies to the homeless, welfare recipients, etc. he is probably the most popular president we've had in generations. This might also account for his surviving the assassination attempt on his life less than three months after he took office in 1981. Note, however, that the Sun is inconjunct the Asc. in Washington, pointing to health problems (possibly because of his advanced age) that seem to have plagued his tenure in the White House during the past few years.

The Sun rules the 2nd house of finances, and he has had a lot of problems with the deficit, foreign trade balance, not to mention severing payments to many institutions that counted on governmental support over the years, Note also that Jupiter is sesquare the M.C. in Washington, adding further fuel to the fire of abundance and waste that Reagan felt he had to eliminate. But in getting rid of one thing, he saddled his administration with massive debts that generations in the future will still be paying off. Fiscally, Reagan's time in office has been a disaster as shown in this chart.

Relocation the chart to Los Angeles/Hollywood, we find that the Sun is conjunct the M.C., a fine placement for anyone contemplating entering the motion picture industry. Jupiter, however, was square the relocated M.C. in L.A. so Reagan didn't achieve either the popularity or notoriety of other "stars" of his era. Mars inconjunct the Asc. didn't augur well for portraying the "macho" he-man" so desired by the studios either, and with Venus square the Asc. (co-ruler of the 5th house of acting), he sought to throw his weight in other directions. In many respects, the relocated chart for Hollywood shows a person who will be in the limelight, but a person who will be beset by image problems.

The relocated chart for Sacramento, where he took office as Governor in 1967, shows M.C. of 11 Aquarius and Asc. of 3 Gemini. Jupiter is still square the M.C. illustrating that Reagan wasn't adverse to using force when he felt state institutions were being threatened. As Jupiter also has dominion over finances in his chart (because it's in Scorpio, the sign of other people's money), the state budget underwent the upheaval of sorts. Pluto is sesquare the M.C. in Sacramento, in adverse aspect just as it was in Washington. Neptune is semi-square the Asc. showing the galmour that surrounded his terms in the Governor's Mansion; the old one that is: he spent millions building new one which his successor (Jerry Brown) wouldn't live in, so it sat unused for two terms. A typical example of Neptune in Cancer in the second house. Venus square the Asc. in Pisces made many think Raegan was unsympathetic to the plight of the "hippies" and those less fortunate that the business people Raegan was courting at all time. In many circles, he wasn't a popular Governor at all.

Relocating the chart to Nicaragua which is the focal point for the current investigation in Congress, we note that the M.C.becomes 18 Pisces 22 and the Asc. is now 25 Gemini. Having the Moon sextile the M.C. in Managua and Neptune trine the same axis doesn't hinder one bit of his popular idealism in helping to rid that country of Communist influence. If he's not overly popular in the country, his policies concerning Nicaragua are striking a responsive chord in the American people. Pluto conjunct the Asc. as well shows the compulsions and obsessions that his administration has placed on this country, as well as other nations in the periphery, Uranus (ruler of the 9th and placed in the 8th) show that his stance on the Contras will cost a bundle, and since the planet of revolution is inconjunct the Asc., the transformation and revolt he so desperately seeks will require an alteration and adjustment if it is to survive.

Lastly, Reagan's chart relocated to Iran shows many interesting anomalies. On one hand, Regan's Mars is sextile and Venus is trine the Asc. at almos 1 Scorpio, showing he doesn't want to go to war over the Persian Gulf crisis, and also will try and appease the radicals in that country (and Iraq) just like he got our hostages out of Iran on the day of his first inauguration. Saturn sits exactly opposite the Asc., showing the ordeal his administration will have in trying to control hostile forces in this region. Seems the other country (Iran) is playing hard-ball (Saturn) and won't budge one iota. Saturn's trine to Mars and its sextile to Venus illustrate that if we "hold out and wait", things should subside in time. Reagan's Mars and Venus are both inconjunct the M.C., showing the impasse that is obstructing a peaceful solution to the situation in the Middle East. Does he want war or peace? I'm sure the Iranians are so confused on this issue as is Reagan, but something will have to give in order for order to be restored again. This is the quandry Regan faces: to strike or to defend, Inconjuncts often operate simulataneously, sort of like sitting on a fence post in a Jekyl-Hyde manner, a dangerous push-pull syndrome that could lead to disaster if corrective measures aren't taken to cure the ills.

Marc Penfield AUTHOR: Marc Penfield