Published date: August 13, 2014
The First Monthly Online Saturday Seminar!

SEPTEMBER 13, 2014

David will begin giving an online monthly seminar and the first one is on September 13. This is an opportunity to learn about David's breakthrough discoveries in astrology, new insights, and to get simple and clear explanations of ideas that you are curious about. Below is information about the first monthly seminar. A schedule of future monthly seminars will be posted on this website page soon.

A Live Demonstration of Vibrational Astrology

DATE: Satuday, September 13, 2014, a 3 Hour Online Seminar
TIME: See list of times for different countries below.
         This seminar is 2 hours in length followed by 1 hour of questions and answers.
FEE: $35

Starting Time of Seminar:

6 AM - 9 AM: Hawaii
9 AM - 12 NOON:west coast USA (California, etc.)
11 AM - 2 PM:Mexico City, Mexico
12 Noon:east coast USA (New York, etc.)
1 PM - 4 PM:Buenos Aires, Argentina
1 PM - 4 PM:Sao Paulo, Brazil
5 PM - 8 pm:United Kingdom
6 PM - 9 pm:Germany
9:30 PM- 12:30 PM:India (next day)

In the following places the seminar starts in the early hours of
Sunday, September 14:
1 AM - 4 AMon Sunday, September 14: Japan
2 AM - 5 AM Sunday, September 14: Melbourne, Australia

Seminar Description:

David will briefly explain the fundamental concepts of vibrational astrology and then will analyze the birth charts of a few attendees to demonstrate how the ideas work with actual clients. As David interprets the charts of the attendees he will explain more of the details of how vibrational astrology works.

Vibrational astrology is based on harmonic astrology and midpoint theory, but is different in many ways from the ideas that were originally developed by John Addey, Reinhold Ebertin, and other early developers of the ideas.

FEE: $35.00 (US)
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No refund will be issued one week before the seminar.

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