by Jan Warren Allen
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The world lost a pop music icon Thursday, June 25th, 2009 when Michael Jackson suddenly died. He was interesting, talented, and complex, and his work changed the music industry as he took it to a whole new plateau. However, his talent was both a blessing and a curse.

I have constructed a triple chart for him. I got the time of birth from the Cosmic Patterns website. Michael was born on August 29, 1958 at 11:53 PM in Gary Indiana. The inside chart is the natal, the middle is the relocated progressed chart, and the outside wheel is the transit chart for when he died. (As well as we can tell).

The aspects are so interesting as well as telling in this sad event. Notice that transiting unpredictable Uranus at 26 Pisces 37 ( the sign of drugs) was coming up to square his part of fortune in the 7the house at 27 Sagittarius 36. This indicates how unstable his plans were about his coming tour in England.

Transiting R Chiron at 25 Aquarius 53 (the wounded healer) in the 10th house was opposing his natal retrograde Mercury at 25 Leo 20 in the 4th. As a Virgo, (health) as well as having Gemini rising, Michael was strongly ruled by Mercury. So with Chiron's health implications, it explains how lethargic he was said to be at the rehearsals every day. He had already canceled the beginning of the tour, and at five foot 10 and weighing 125 pounds, how could he possible have had the energy and stamina to take on such a daunting schedule?

His ascendant and descendant at 16 degrees and 49 minutes of Gemini and Sagittarius respectively, formed a T-square to transiting Saturn in the health sign of Virgo at 16 degrees and 18 minutes in his 4th house. Again, indicating that his health was a problem, but he was not getting the right advice (Gemini) or treatment for it. It would also show that he was avoiding any constructive and practical advice he should have had from family (4th house). If you add the Moon to this T-square, it would form a mutable grand cross.

With these aspects sitting in the background then, two timers came up on the 25th to set them off. One was transiting Mercury, his chart ruler which came up to 15 Gemini 22 to square his natal Moon at 17 Pisces 06, and I bet this will turn out to show that he got a fatal drug overdose.

Furthermore, transiting Mars then at 18 Taurus 21 in his 12th house was squaring the midpoint of his natal and progressed Chirons while transiting Venus at 19 Taurus was closely squaring his natal Chiron at 19 Aquarius 18 R near his mid heaven; which tells us that his actions then crossed the line, and his body couldn't handle anymore abuse!

One other thing that stands out is his progressed R Mars at 01 Gemini 51in the 12th house of his undoing which was squaring his natal Pluto at 02 Virgo 10.

The transiting Moon then at 16 Leo 28 was at the midpoint of his progressed Uranus at 15 Leo 52 and natal Venus at 17 Leo 18.

Michael's progressed Moon was at 01 Aquarius 21 which conjoined the transiting north node at that degree.

Why this was such a major, major news story which blotted out all other important news is also interesting. The reason is that It connects to the U.S. chart I follow..the one for the signing of The Articles of Confederation..which happened on November 15, 1777..12:46PM..York Pennsylvania. I have constructed a triple chart for it to show you the ties in both charts for that day. Again, the inside wheel is the natal, the middle is the relocated progressed wheel, and the outer wheel is for the transits when Michael died.

The Sun then at 04 Cancer 22 conjoined the U.S. progressed Mars at that degree, and there certainly were many tears shed that day by the sad news of Michael's demise.

It is amazing that Michael's natal R Mercury at 25 Leo 20 conjoins the U.S. natal and progressed Jupiter at that degree in the 7th house. This is what perhaps catapulted him to super stardom in the first place, as he won the hearts of young people the world over. Of course it opposes R Chiron at 25 Aquarius 53 as well as Neptune and Jupiter only a degree later.

The U.S. progressed Moon at 24 Scorpio 47 just a degree past the U.S. Sun tells us that people from all over the world are shocked and saddened by the news of his death also.

Transiting Uranus at 26 Pisces 37 opposes progressed U.S. Neptune at 26 Virgo 44, and I feel this is the connection to drugs in this event.

Transiting Mercury at 15 Gemini 22 was at the midpoint of natal and progressed U.S. Uranus, which again was being squared by transiting Saturn at 16 Virgo 14, of course, in the U.S. 7th house. The duality of Mercury and involvement with Uranus ties into the fact that there were two death a few hours apart that day; a Mercury ruled person, as well as Aquarian Farrah Fawcett (Uranus ruled), who passed away that morning. Two autopsies being performed also fits into the picture.

Mercury coming up to Michael's ascendant then brought him into the news which set off a media frenzy. And the next day as it reached 17 Gemini, it conjoined U.S. progressed Uranus at 17 Gemini 07 which squared Michael's natal Moon at 17 Pisces 06, (the sign of sorrow). Grief stricken Friends and fans left tons of flowers, notes, candles, etc. as they paid homage to him outside of his rented home, as well as in different places around the globe. Moving vans came to remove his belongings then, indicating that indeed it was the end of an era.

Michael's natal Pluto at 02 Virgo 10 squares the U.S. Moon at And perhaps the most amazing tie between the two charts is Michael's progressed Moon at 01 Aquarius 21 was not only conjunct the transiting north node at that degree, but they both go on to conjoin the U.S. progressed R Pluto at 01 Aquarius 03 in the U.S. 12th house of sorrow.

And finally Michael's progressed Jupiter at 08 Scorpio 37 in his 6th house of health conjoined the U.S. natal and progressed Saturn in the U.S. 8th house of life and death at that degree.

This was another senseless end to a gifted and talented person, and reminiscent of what happened to Elvis Presley and Anna Nichole Smith, as well as others down through the years!

Hopefully, with transiting Uranus opposing progressed U.S. Neptune, people will wake up and finally realize that taking drugs indiscriminately is a crap shoot which can and will kill you eventually!

Lynda Hill AUTHOR: Jan Warren Allen