Published in the South Florida Astrological Journal, #2, October, 2006 Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved

by Van Golay

Many observers have noticed a dual conservative/liberal cycle in U.S. politics. I believe it has an astrological basis. After Pluto completes aspecting (by 45 degree angles) the Ascendant/Mars/Uranus combination associated with imperialism (War of 1812, Mexican War, Spanish American War, Viet Nam, Reagan Era, currently 2000- October 2006 ) it begins forming octave aspects (45 degree) by transit to the U.S. natal Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury which as a group acts as a pacific relief and counter to the aggressive Ascendant/Mars/Uranus cycle.

You get periods of imperialist expansion followed by periods of introversion characterized by the psychology of Cancer and the benefic planets in that loose stellium of planets. Venus/Jupiter/Sun Mercury are in the 7th/8th house giving it a socialistic psychology. Think liberal democrat. This alternating dual cycle expresses itself in the tone and attitude of the administrations that come to power usually but not always along party lines, because there are usually conservative and liberal divisions of both parties when it comes to the "national defense" issues. That was especially true during the cold war.

Pluto transits to the Mars/Venus midpoint between the two groups is the pivot and Pluto's transit to that point triggers psychological swings in mass psychology that can cover periods from 6 to 30 years depending on the stage of Pluto's uneven elliptical orbit. It is very easy for politicians to get blind sided by this cyclic change and get out-hawked as was the case with George Bush over Al Gore or out-doved as in the case of Jimmy Carter over Jerry Ford when the pendulum shifts from one cycle to the other. Although the theoretical midpoint between the two trends is the Mars/Venus midpoint any time after the last pass of transiting Pluto to natal Mars can show signs of the shift. Pluto will soon be making the shift (an opposition aspect- 180 degree) from the conservative to the liberal stelliums of the U.S. horoscope. October 2006 - last pass of transiting Pluto opposed to natal Mars (precession corrected). The George W. Bush era is finishing and if he does not attack Iran in the next 2 months that should be the end of it. The mid-term congressional elections in November 2006 should reflect that sea-change in collective psychology. By 2008 the Democrats should take back the national legislature and presidency.

Van Golay AUTHOR: Van Golay