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by Benedict Elie – In cooperation with Mrs. France Lévesque

We all know the names of some coaches involved in sports, such as football, hockey and baseball. When a team wins a game, its coach reaps all the honours. But when a team loses, the coach risks losing his/her job. This goes to say how important it is for a team to be trained by a good coach who will help them achieve victory and reach the highest levels. A coach may be in charge of training an entire team or a single athlete towards achieving their goals.

In this regard, learning more about the path to your own destiny from an astrological viewpoint with a complete, clear and precise report is certainly a good way to start when you want to know how to achieve your own goals. In other words, a proper, precise and complete astrological report can serve as the foundation to practically effortless self-coaching. However, it must be pointed out that reflecting on oneself is necessary.

A self-coaching method, based mainly on one's natal astrological chart or, if you prefer, one's detailed astrological report, is proposed in this article. A "coaching sheet" is appended to this article for you to complete by referring to the example provided.


As pointed out earlier, we are all aware of the importance of a good coach. But there is more. When you think about it, the goal in life is to become as self-sufficient as possible over time. To succeed in doing so, self-coaching is therefore essential.

This activity is strategic: self-coaching is precisely what should be done at first. To be self-sufficient, one must know oneself, set one's goals and objectives, and plan reasonable timeframes to achieve them.

There is nothing like careful, strategic planning to sort out our goals and objectives. In the next few pages, an example of strategic planning is presented, including:

  • A list of recurrent projects, and
  • A list of short-, medium- and long-term projects.

In short, this is an excellent tool to put one's affairs and life in order. This example of strategic planning is based on the life experience and natal astrological chart of Mrs. France Lévesque.

Recurrent Projects:

"I was born under the sign of Virgo. One of my greatest joys in life is to always be of service to people around me. More precisely, I try to perform at least one small service for someone every day.

I am visually impaired; in other words, I am blind. However, I can easily get a sense of people's needs. But above all, I like to perform small services for them, improve their life condition, assist them and lend them a hand. My ability to perceive is all the more enhanced by the fact that the Moon is located in the sign of Cancer in my natal chart. I sense people's emotions relatively fast. Often, only a few words are enough for me to understand what is on their minds.

To feel good about myself and be happy, I really need to communicate with people at least once a day, by telephone or otherwise.

Although I think that I may seem somewhat detached, I have great interest in the human condition, small joys, concerns and well-being of the people around me. I give them my full attention.

Lastly, my Sun in the sign of Virgo makes me curious by nature. I would even say that I want to know everything about my friends. I can easily imagine what I would do in their place and, with the greatest of pleasure, I sometimes allow myself to give them some useful advice while emphasizing that they must make decisions on their own.

On the whole, I enjoy performing small services in a recurrent, ongoing and daily basis. First, I listen to what my friends have to tell me and, after having considered their issues from all angles whenever possible, I convey my comments, opinion and impressions to them. People appreciate my input and, in turn, it makes me feel good and brings a lot of joy to my life [ .]."

Short-term Projects:

"Venus, the planet of love, is located in the sign of Libra in my natal astrological chart. Strangely enough, one of my good friends was born under the sign of Libra, and we both have Mercury in the sign of Libra in our natal charts.

Since human communications are governed by Mercury, it goes without saying that we get along quite well, whether during our telephone conversations or when we are travelling together. My friend thinks that I am a very attractive person and he really likes to share his feelings, ideas and projects with me.

On the short term, I hope that I will get to know him better and continue to maintain a very good, friendly relationship with him [.]."

Medium-term Projects

"Jupiter in Sagittarius in my natal astrological chart inspires a lot of enthusiasm and optimism in me. I try to always be positive in all respects. To nurture this enthusiasm and love of life, I enjoy reading philosophical works on spirituality or novels on psychology. On the medium term, I would like to enhance my knowledge of these topics by addressing important and challenging issues in my life and the lives of others [.]."

Long-term Projects

"I want people who know me well to see me as a courageous, persevering and determined woman, if not audacious at times. Throughout my life, I have made efforts to become such a woman. This perception is very important to me and I would like it to take shape in several ways.

First and foremost, feeling good about myself has always driven my decisions. I spend a lot of energy to eliminate, definitely whenever possible, any barrier that come my way. I do not like to solve a problem more than once. On the contrary, when I have a problem, I really want to solve it completely. Every day, morning, noon and evening, I like to walk with my guide dog. I show everyone that I am self-sufficient.

I always take the time needed to achieve my objectives, even if things progress sometimes rather slowly. In my natal astrological chart, Saturn is actually located in the sign of Capricorn, which reinforces my determination and perseverance. Moreover, Mercury is located in the sign of Libra, which helps me to voice my thoughts, feelings and impressions. In this regard, one day I would really like to publish my personal views on life for the benefit of the general public. This is one of my strongest wishes [ .]."


Coaching Sheet Guideline for your reference:

  • For each short-, medium- and long-term project, it seemed suitable to us to design a "coaching sheet". At the centre of the sheet, the objective of the main project should be indicated and all the benefits that may be drawn from the project should be specified around it.

A coaching sheet that you may complete yourself:

  • The above blank sheet features a coaching sheet that you may complete yourself. This sheet provides an example to help you with this process. It is France's coaching sheet, which she used for her long-term project.

May you enjoy productive times of reflection on this topic, directly related to your life, objectives and projects. There is nothing like knowing what we want to do in life and reaping all the benefits that result from this process! The best of luck to you in your projects!


Permission is granted by the authors to reproduce this article by any means.

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