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by Donna Cunningham


Have you discovered that the planet Saturn is traveling through one of your career houses —the 2nd, 6th, or 10th? Are you thinking, "That can't be good?"

Some astrologers frown when talking about a Saturn transit through your career houses or forming aspects to planets in those houses or to the Midheaven. They may say you'll suffer losses, delays, or setbacks-but that's only part of the picture, a short-sighted one at that.


If you've been working both hard and smart for a long time, Saturn can bring the reward; if you're doing a shoddy job, you'll be held accountable. If your foundation isn't firm enough, you'll be asked to rebuild.

Saturn transits to career houses represent times when performance demands are high and there are obstacles to overcome. Yet at the same time, we're often given the chance to prove ourselves and show our capabilities in more challenging work opportunities. Our level of maturity and the life experience that we've accumulated and can land us a position of considerably more responsibility.


A Saturn transit through a career house often entails a temporary sacrifice for a long-term goal. For instance, if it's in your 6th, you may take a lower-ranking job in a different field or company that opens up opportunities once you've got a track record behind you. Saturn transits represent a period of focusing on bottom-line issues, job accountability, and long-term goals.

Saturn transiting the 2nd House:
Depending on natal placements in this house, Saturn's travels through the 2nd mean you can benefit from a practical, common-sense approach to finances, with the tendency to live frugally and not to waste money or resources on frivolous purchases or pursuits. It requires an essentially sound manner of managing money and a capacity to live within your means. If you've been working hard, the Saturn transit shows a payoff. You may be pursuing some long-range goal, such as professional education, and so you'll need to be very stringent with yourself financially. To establish yourself in a new career direction, you may even temporarily take a pay cut, yet this strategy should pay off in the long run. One challenge to overcome, however, is a tendency to earn considerably less than your work is worth. Additional financial stresses or a higher work load during the Saturn transit might bring you to the point of setting limits and demanding fair wages for your contribution to the workplace.

Saturn transiting the 6th House:
You'll be working hard, but now is a time when you can begin to see the rewards for a foundation you've been laying much of your work life. There may be increased demands due to downsizing, so that you're carrying the load for two. Still, even in a financial downswing, good skills and work ethic are likely to make you irreplaceable.

One concern is that career potentials can be limited due to health issues during this time. If your office or work station is toxic in some way, you may find yourself sensitized to it. Given the workaholic patterns of people with Virgo in a career house, years of serious overwork could ultimately overstress the body, so it's time to manage the workload to take better care of your health, with a better diet and plenty of rest.

Saturn transiting the 10th House:
As Saturn crosses —or aspects— your Midheaven, you may be thrust into a position of authority despite yourself. Once you realize how much better the mission will flow with your extensive set of skills and abilities, you may well accept the position and spend the next couple of years getting used to it. Given Saturnian traits like high standards and perfectionism, you might well have trouble delegating and would have to learn that praise is a better motivator for employees than criticism is.


Let's end with a boost for anyone who has Saturn transiting their vocational sectors. Saturn is naturally related to Capricorn. If you have Capricorn planets in an occupational house natally, you probably already have a solid track record in just the qualities needed to benefit from this transit.

When Capricorn is strong natally, and especially when Saturn is also strongly in your birth chart, this transit by Saturn can be a time when your Inner Parent is finally satisfied that you've paid your dues, are entitled to expert status, and qualify for a better —even a managerial— position.

Donna Cunningham AUTHOR: Donna Cunningham