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by Lorna Houston

Many changes have been happening in the world economy and it is important for us to remain centered, as individuals, so that we can maintain a positive perspective about these changes and manifest prosperity in our own lives.

A. The Global Perspective

First of all, how do astrologers explain this rapid rate of world change and upheaval? One factor which we look at is major aspects between outer planets. There is a Uranus-Pluto square which peaks in 2012. This means that, if you figured out where exactly Uranus is in the sky from your earthly position, Pluto would be at exactly 90 degrees from it. Uranus indicates sudden change and Pluto long-term change. The square aspect, ruled by Mars, shows that the sudden events, ruled by Uranus, have far-reaching, worldwide changes. So, it is just the universe unfolding as it should for people to be rebelling against the status quo and creating a newer and better order. The last time that there was a major Uranus-Pluto aspect was in the mid-l960s, and there was much social and economic change then too.

When there are major outer planetary aspects, the attention tends to focus on world issues and less on the individual. For example, in late 2011, there have been "occupations" by large numbers of activists in front of major financial institutions around the world to protest the huge gap between the rich and the poor. This gap was created during the years when Uranus and Neptune were in (sidereal) Capricorn, when the emphasis was on social status, competition, and getting to the top ahead of the other person. This trend was coupled with Pluto's (sidereal) position in Scorpio for several years, which indicates the widespread scheming, in which the perpetrators manipulated other people's money in ways which made many of them poor.

However, now that Pluto is in (sidereal) Sagittarius, the trend is towards a return to honesty and traditional religious beliefs to generate prosperity. The only conflict in this - and it is on the superficial level - is the differences between religions; ultimately all religions have good underlying values. Uranus is now in (sidereal) Pisces, bringing the cause of the poor to the forefront. Equality for the poor, therefore, will be a central theme throughout 2012.

Philosophically, the rich will often be reminded that they cannot take their wealth with them and that they may as well save their souls by sharing with those in need.

It must be remembered, in looking at world economic trends, that any economic problems have come about because of the sum total of too many individuals not living in harmony with their God-given mission on this planet. Too many have neither meditated nor prayed nor kept in tune with what is in their astrological charts. The answer now, is for you, and for others, to take these steps. As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said, "It takes green trees to make a green forest". Each individual who remains centered, who knows why he or she is here, who sees the relativity of the current trends, and who has positive faith, is a cornerstone of the new, economic awakening. Each person who acquires his or her wealth by honest means and who shares it with the less fortunate is a beacon of light for others to follow in the creation of financial stability and security for all.

B. The Individual Perspective

How, then, can you tune in to what your own mission is in this world? How can you discover your own prosperity potential and achieve it in such a way as to be in harmony with the global trends? The best tool which I have created for this is my Prosperity Report computer software, which is sold by Cosmic Patterns. It is based on your unique date, time and place of birth so that it tells what planetary influences are most relevant to you and your personal mission, as an individual. It is especially valuable in keeping you centered during these times of high macro-economic activity, so that you are always in tune with what your own, unique path is.

Coupled with your natal Prosperity Report are your current transits. These do not alter your fundamental destiny form your birth, but they do show you how best to direct your energies at the current time, in keeping with your underlying mission. I am willing to assist sincere persons with an interpretation of your current transits, in light of your natal Prosperity Report; I can be contacted at

C. Individual and World Chakras and Prosperity

You may also be familiar with the yogic concept of individual chakras. These are the seven main energy centers in your aura, through which the divine energy enters your mind and body. To make maximum use of these energies, it is helpful to get an astrological chakra reading, designed for you as an individual. You can obtain my Chakra Healing Report from the Cosmic Patterns website. To view the sample, go to this link: Chakra Healing Report.

The chakra most directly concerned with your prosperity is your Brow Chakra, ruled by Jupiter, which has to do wth positive thinking and faith. Of course, all of your chakras are involved too, including your Root Chakra, which rules actual, physical manifestation. If your energy is flowing properly within your aura, you will manifest prosperity while carrying out that which you would most like to be doing anyway, whether you made money at it or not. Again, I can assist you with a reading of your current transits, in light of your natal chakra indicators; contact me at

Another interesting revelation is the correspondence between ourselves and the actual planet on which we live. This concept unites the idea of individual prosperity with world prosperity. The way it works is that our planet has seven chakras too, and they are connected by energy channels, just as our individual chakras are.

Here are the locations of the seven main Earth Chakras:

  • Root Chakra - Mount Shasta, in northern California
  • Sacral Chakra - Lake Titicaca, South America
  • Solar Plexis Chakra - Uluru-Katatjuta (Ayers Rock), Australia
  • Heart Chakra - Glastonbury, Shaftesbury, England
  • Throat Chakra - Great Pyramid, Mount of Olives
  • Brow Chakra - Kuh-e Malek Siah, Iran
  • Crown Chakra - Mount Kailas, Tibet

According to the meanings of the chakras on the individual level, the main corresponding chakra for prosperity for our planet as a whole is the Brow Chakra, at Kuh-e Malek Siah, Iran. Little has been known about this area to the outside world in the past, but this is soon likely to change. In 2011, there has been an awakening of the world Throat Chakra in the Middle East, with large numbers of people voicing their right to be heard and the inception of democracy. As the energy of the planet rises to new level - as a result of the efforts of those who are praying and meditating for the good of the planet - the planetary energy should rise next to the Brow Chakra. This will mark a new level of faith, new insights into the spiritual meaning of prosperity, and the discovery that this prosperity can be brought about through a collective belief that it can.

Let us look at what we do know about the area of Kuh-e Malek Siah. First of all, it is located near the city of Zahedan in eastern Iran - not near the capital of Tehran. It is near the tri-point of the borders of three countries; Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Jupiter is often associated with the number 3. Jupiter also relates to higher learning, especially of a religious nature, and Zahedan has three such universities. The area has a strong connection with Zoroastrianism, "aster" meaning "star", as in astrology.

Jupiter is associated with fertility and optimism: "In Zoroastrian folk religion, Lake Hamun is the keeper of Zoroaster's seed and just before the final renovation of the world, three maidens will enter the lake, each then giving birth to the saoshyants who will be the saviors of mankind at the final renovaton of the world." Just as Jupiter relates to the economy and prosperity, Zahedan is the main economic centre of the region. "Zahedan" in Persian means "sages" - as in "Sagittarius", the sign ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius is a fire sign, and the fire element is represented by the intermittently active volcano, Taftan, about 100 km. south of Zahedan; it rises abruptly 4,042 meters from the surrounding plain.

Jupiter also rules expansion and Zahedan is a rapidly growing city, with many persons moving there from Afghanistan. The association of Jupiter with long-distance travel is represented by Zahedan's railway and international airport.

You can read more about Zahedan on the Wikipedia website. There is great deal of information about world chakras at, even though this website does not yet recognize the specific location of the world's Brow Chakra as Kuh-e Malek Siah, perhaps because of political reasons at the time it was written - that is, before the recent awakening of the world's Throat Chakra. However, the website does clearly list Kuh-e Malek Siah, Iran as being the location of the sixth chakra, and it gives other useful information as well.

After the awakening of the Brow Chakra will be the final earthly awakening at Mount Kailas, Tibet. The top three earth chakras (Throat, Brow and Crown) are at roughly the same latitude, and it is interesting to note that Gainesville, Florida, the home of Cosmic Patterns, is at approximately this latitude too.

D. Purification of the World Economy

As the world economy unfolds, it will be based more and more on that which creates life rather than death. The profitable undertakings will be those which are sustainable for the planet, as well as for individuals. Gone will be the three mainstays of the past economy; arms, drugs and oil. Instead, there will be projects to produce clean energy; to keep the drinking water pure; to grow organic, vegetarian food; and to preserve the forests and the wildlife. Our most basic need is clean air, and great emphasis will be placed on growing trees and preserving marshes to produce oxygen. Money will be seen not as an end in itself, but only as the convenient medium of exchange which it rightly is.

What will your role be in this new economy? Again, the software sold by Cosmic Patterns answers this question: A sample of my Nature Appreciation Report can be viewed by going to: Nature Appreciation Report. Again, I can assist sincere persons with interpreting how your current transits combine with your natal reading.

Besides modern astrology, what other indicators are there that we are at the dawning of a new order? For one, the ancient Mayan calendar ends in the year 2012, because they believed from long ago that this was the special year when the great awakening would occur. The Mayans were well aware of astrology; in fact, it is believed that their pyramids were connected with the Egyptian ones, before Atlantis sank, and the Egyptians, of course, were very advanced in astrological knowledge.

Another indicator of the dawning soon to come is Biblical prophecy. The Bible predicts that things will get as bad as they can get just before that time, because it is darkest before the dawn. Then Satan will be defeated for good, and the new age of heaven on earth will begin. There are Christian Biblical experts who believe that we are now in the "last days", that Satan has already been defeated, and that the new dawning is just around the corner.

Finally, I wish to draw the attention of astrologers to the interaction of the Uranus square Pluto transit and the natal chart of the United States of America. The United States became a country as of the Declaration Independence on July 4, 1776. On that date, there was a Sun-Saturn square. The Uranus and Pluto positions in 2012 will be approaching a Grand Cross, when combined with the natal Sun-Saturn square; this influence will carry on for several years. A Grand Cross in astrology is indicative of "bearing the cross", and it has a very special meaning in Christianity for compassion, healing, love, truth and peace. The role of the United States in bringing about this everlasting world peace is, therefore, central to the world. The United States has been responsibly facing and dealing with its past problems of attachment to money and is now well poised for its ultimate, new role of world, spiritual leadership. (If you wish to study the roles of other countries in the new economy, there is a book called "The Book of World Horoscopes" by Nicholas Campion (Aquarian Press, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England, l988); it gives the birth charts of the various countries.)

The metaphysical meaning of the Grand Cross is explained by Mary Baker Eddy on pp. 575-6 of her book "Science and Health with Key to Scriptures"; this book can be obtained at any Christian Science Reading Room: Northward it refers to the North Star or the Word; eastward to the star seen by the Wisemen of the Orient (three astrologers who were sages) who followed it to the manger of Jesus; southward to the Southern Cross constellation or the Cross of Calvary, and westward to the grand realization of the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony.

Note that in the Bible, in Revelation 21, John describes his vision in terms of the city he knew- Jerusalem - and he calls it a city which "lieth foursquare", to explain the new heaven and the new earth. He describes the walls of the city as being garnished with twelve kinds of precious stones - just as there are twelve signs of the zodiac.

The revelation to John further describes "a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, in Revelation 22. If you go to Google Images and type in "Mount Kailas", which is the Crown Chakra of our planet, you can see how much it looks like a quartz crystal. It is the source of four rivers and is considered to be a sacred place in four religions - the origin of revelation to man of the new kingdom. Note that the four rivers referred to in Genesis 2:10-14 would not have been original four rivers of Mount Kailas; they would have been a secondhand interpretation of that idea at the world Fifth Chakra, based on stories from sages visiting there from the Sixth Chakra location, who would have heard it from enlightened persons at the Crown Chakra location. (The Biblical four rivers were part of what Christian Scientists refer to as the incorrect "Adam" version of Creation, explained fully in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures".)

In future years, once the world's Brow and Crown Chakras have opened, world awareness will evolve from an appreciation of God's creation (manifested prosperity) to an appreciation of the Creator (its Source). Astrology will have pointed the way back there.

Lorna Houston AUTHOR: Lorna Houston