Astrologers: "Soul Preservationists"

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by David Cochrane

Outstretched between mountains lies the battlefield where valiant astrologers defend the sacred, protect the fragile, and withstand the fierce winds that threaten to drown the dreams, visions, and ancient stories of old in a world of logic and numbers and efficient machinery. Like liberal Amish people who move in a world of automobiles, airplanes, and computers, and even enjoy their benefits, we cling tightly to the ancient, the immeasurable, and the qualities of the soul.

We aspire to where even Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell would tread only a short way. We dive deeper and speak in parables like the master of the Piscean age. The hero on his journey and the other epic tales are not just children's stories, the relics that only primitive peoples cling to, or psychological dynamics elucidated by those educated with books and the rigid constraints of educational institutions built in the modern industrial complex. These myths are "writ in the stars". The symbol is not an afterthought or shadow of some quantum reality so artfully and ingeniously constructed by great brains fed on the foods of corporate America. Amidst the ketchup, french fries, and the fast-food hamburger lies the discoveries of our sciences which solve all human problems with a pill promoted between episodes of a TV show.

We have found the old spinster, the regal king, and the searfaring philosopher writ in the stars; they are vast and cosmic and we are a part of them and not the reverse. Like strong fathers and mothers we protect the precious gift that we have been given. We have identified the myths and stories inscribed in our souls from the vast reaches of space, and we have delineated the stories in a way that even the mayans, babylonians, and greeks have not done.

Our stories were fashioned by modern astrologers from the clues given by the thousands who have gone before us. We may argue about the true source of truth and whether the trickster is Uranus, Mercury, or Ketu, and whether Aquarius is fixed and Saturnian or the home or Uranus, but protectors all are we. With defiance we face a world that has placed the stories inscribed by the cosmos as secondary or illusionary and dive into the heart of what makes us truly human and say our grace in a universal language beyond the confines of man's religions.

We are wary of the astrologer who introduces too many numbers, too many calculations, and too many "scientific" ideas into a world that is sacred and gentle, mysterious and eloquent, far more eloquent than the mechanical processes of modern science. But could we be ourselves yet a bit blinded by the simple melodies and harmonies of our youth and yet a more perfect and celestial design woven in the fine tapestries of Handel and Mozart been muddied by the pounding beat of the Rolling Stones, and has even the poetry of Yeats and Dylan (both Bob and Thomas) and the stories of the masters of East and West placed a perimeter for our vision which is vast, though not vast enough to see that we are protecting our precious gift a bit too much, and the alchemical marriage awaits our own liberation from the cultural limitations of our times. Awaiting us is the liberation into the intricate and elegant intelligence and beauty that all of us are capable of entering, that each and every one of us is not limited neither in music, nor art, nor intuition, nor communion with the devas, nor number, nor logic. We can receive all of these and more and in so doing be blessed in a communion both whole and of all, and the alchemical marriage joining all-in-one be found at last, and then yes, we can say that we have overcome and peace reigns in our kingdom.

Thus lies the path of cosmic cybernetics where all gifts and visions are born, and none of God's gifts are left as second-class citizens, and science and art are one and none are blasphemed for being incapable, limited, or unworthy of highest praise and placement on the altar of illumination. We have protected our child too carefully and kept the child from entering a universe more grand than the one we know. We must not place our self-defined limitations on the universe, but accept that in our mortal embodiments we can not traverse all the mysteries and yet together surrendered to the spirit that moves us at last have joined altogether in oneness. Accept all of these and unto you all shall be given.

David Cochrane AUTHOR: David Cochrane