The Avalon School of Astrology

General Information: The Avalon School of Astrology provides comprehensive training that prepares students for a career in the field of astrology. Both full-time and part-time programs are available. The full-time program requires 16 months to complete, and consists of 4 semesters of study and 900 hours of classroom study. The Avalon School of Astrology is located in Gainesville, Florida. The program of study is very intensive and academically challenging, and an average student must study for two hours for each hour of classroom time.

Florida License #: 2858

The Avalon School of Astrology was established as a Florida Corporation in the year 2002, and in the same year 501(c)(3) non-profit status was granted by the federal government. A license to operate as a post-secondary vocational school was granted by the Commission for Independent Education by the state of Florida in February 2003. The school opens its doors and the first classes begin in August, 2003.


We are now accepting enrollment for the Fall 2003 Semester, which begins in August 2003.

Click on the 2 links below. Fill out the forms, print them, and either fax them to 352-374-8826 or mail to the address below.

Application Form in PDF Format
Enrollment Form in PDF format

Contact The Avalon School of Astrology for details:

The Avalon School of Astrology

6212 N.W.43rd Street, Suite A

Gainesville, FL 32653


Phone #:


The administrative offices, library, and computer room are open from 8:45 AM to 4:15 PM daily, and during other hours when classes are in operation and there is a staff member or volunteer available to monitor the facilities.

We will be happy to hear from you! Drop us a note if you have any questions or you are just interested in our school. If you want any information be mailed to you via postal mail, let us know.

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