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Special Insight which you can use to help
protect yourself from possible crime


This report by Lorna Houston offers readers a chance to analyze the environment around them based on their birth information and promotes awareness of crime and possible solutions for avoiding it. Lorna gives attention to breaking the pattern of karmic situations in which people find themselves victimized. This unique report is well written and is one of a kind. The purpose of this report is to provide you with information which you can use to help protect yourself (or your child) from crime, based on your astrological chart.

This report helps you become aware of the specific pitfalls to which you might be susceptible as an individual, and helps you concentrate your energies on protecting yourself in those areas first. Then you will have increased your level of safety and freed yourself to work on unfolding your inner potential in other ways. By transforming your fear of crime into an experience of your own empowerment, you will be confronting some of your deepest fears and healing them on a permanent, deep, karmic level. The benefits, therefore, will go far beyond crime prevention in allowing you to advance along the spiritual path.

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