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This report by Dr. Randall Roffe gives interpretations for conjunctions of planets (listed by house rulers), ascendant, midheaven, and other house cusps to over 60 major "fixed" stars and star clusters, all distant suns in their own systems. Called "fixed" because of their unchanging constellation patterns, against whose backdrop the planets move, these stars are the brightest stars we see at night. Bright stars generally not used for interpretation are those over 45 degrees north or south of the ecliptic path; and in "crowded" areas of the heavens, only the most powerful stars are selected for interpretation. Many of these stars interpreted here form part of the familiar zodiacal constellations, and many of them are also our nearest neighboring star systems, being in most cases less than one hundred light years away. Interpretation of fixed stars is the key to reconciling the tropical signs and the precession of the zodiac, thus understanding the relationship of astrology to the visible sky.

Influences of stars correspond to their color, variability, brightness or magnitude, distance from us, and apparent distance north or south of the ecliptic path, as well as their traditional constellation myths. Generally, northern stars are more favorable than southern ones; and most white, blue/white, yellow and some orange stars are favorable, whereas most red or highly variable stars are considered potentially difficult. The most powerful stars are those nearest the ecliptic path, the brightest, and those the closest to us. In a horoscope, the rising star (conjunct ascendant) and the culminating star (conjunct midheaven) are most important, as is any star conjunct the ascendant ruler.

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