Astrological Guide for Personal Growth

Michael J. Fox
June 9, 1961Calculated for 12:15 AM (Precise Birth time not known)
Edmonton, Canada


Chapter 1:
Your essence. Your self. The Sun.


Sun in Gemini:

     Michael J., you were born under the sign of Gemini and your ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of communication. You like to speak, to communicate, to meet different people, to travel and to be in motion.

     You are very curious and your mind always requests more information. Your jovial and youthful attitude will allow you to meet others very easily. In addition, your great capacity to adapt allows you to mold yourself to any type of change. It is probable that you are naive in your estimations, which will often lead you to be involved in unexpected and complicated problems or relations. Mentally, you will be very sharp, and ideas and solutions no one else would have conceived come to your mind.

     Though you like freedom and become bored with people easily, you will be very dependent on those people whom you admire or love. You love the company of your best friends and, especially, the opportunity of commenting on everything that happens to you. You are also very attracted to voyages to new and different places.

     Love will start in your mind and then will descend to your heart. You are very seductive and you are always ready to flirt with everybody, though you will fall in love with the people who stimulate your curiosity and intelligence. You like to admire your companion and, at times, your fantasies will cloud reality, which can result in self-deception. Your emotions and humor vary greatly, which is why you will search for a strong person to hold you. If your companion is boring, slow, or too passive, then it is possible your restless heart will search for another relationship, which you could undertake simultaneously.

     Michael J., you were born to study, to write, to learn and to communicate. Your main function in life is to receive and give information, both oral and written. You were born to connect people with each other, to propose businesses, to invent solutions and to teach.

     To evolve, you must learn to control your impatience, your anxiety and your nervousness. At times you feel pressed and are easily influenced and not persistent enough. You have to avoid talking too much about your projects; concentrate on your objectives and avoid gossip.

Sun Sextile Mars:

     You are a very constructive man, full of energy and vitality. You will find yourself attracted to enterprises that entail some type of risk or that require great decisiveness because you feel that you have the necessary strength to overcome any obstacle. You are very positive, frank, open and direct with your opinions. You are willing to help those in need and you will be a support for many people around you.

     You will feel attracted towards people who, like you, are open and sincere. You will always be active and willing to undertake new paths. You will find support in strong people with a dynamic character.

Sun Sextile Uranus:

     You are a very creative, original and independent man. Your way of thinking is very special and illuminating to others. You have to learn to trust your intuition and your innovative capacity because many of the ideas you conceive concern the future; they will probably be misunderstood at first, but eventually they will be very useful.

     You will be very curious and can experience many voyages throughout your life. You will always act independently and will teach other men to respect their own freedom, just as you do. Your professional activity can result in your influencing groups or social movements.

     The relationship with your father will be unusual and from him you will learn many original and individual concepts. Your admiration of him will allow you to develop your creativity with more vitality.

Chapter  2:
The Moon. Your emotional world.

Moon in Taurus:

     Your emotions are deep, stable and lasting. Your feelings towards a person can be for life, which will make you loyal and trustworthy. In your emotional world you search for security and protection. You will act cautiously while you get to know someone and you will open your heart little by little. You immensely enjoy physical contact, caresses and hugs, becoming very sensual with your partner. If you do not receive the stable emotional response that you need you can turn to the materialistic world in an obsessive way, developing a strong sense of possession that will lead you to buy objects and accumulate money.

     You have the ability to solve problems thanks to your emotional control; you do not let yourself become bewildered easily and you prefer to take things calmly. Your rhythm will be slower than that of other people. You react gradually to situations and not in a sudden manner. You assimilate ideas little by little and become clumsy with haste. You have a good memory and your ideas are fixed. It is unlikely that any change in mood will affect your original opinions. You also have a great manual ability that will lead you to perform well in any manual or artistic task such as gardening.

    It is probable that your mother is possessive and a bit materialistic. Her insecurities lead her to hold on to that which is known, traditional and solid, and you have learned from her to react in the same way. You also inherit from her your tenacity and perseverance.

     Throughout your previous lives you have been accumulating goods and today it is hard for you to act with detachment and freedom. You can remain tied down even to those things or people that harm you or limit your freedom. It is probable that you have not yet learned to trust in the retribution of the Universe and you fear for your future economic situation. You must avoid your "poverty conscience", obsession, stinginess, and develop more internal security, trusting in your own resources and productivity, and, basically, you must learn to possess with detachment.

Moon Conjunction Venus:

     You are very sweet, loving, eager to please and romantic. In addition, you will develop a great aesthetic sense. You will excel in any artistic, musical, or other creative task where you can freely apply your good taste. You will try to surround yourself with harmony and beauty, sometimes to the point of extravagance. You must combat laziness, stagnation and the tendency to self-indulgence.

     You have received a lot of love from your mother and that makes you express your emotions warmly. This influence will make you gentle with women in general.

Moon Square Jupiter:

     You are very kind, happy and optimistic. Your generosity seems excessive and that can cause problems. You must learn to set limits on giving and not trust others so much.

     You tend to exaggerate, and like ostentation and some extravagance. You are overly self-confident which makes you prone to business or legal problems. You can be indulgent, lazy or careless. Do not wait until you have problems to organize yourself and order your life. This configuration can lead you to gain weight easily.

     You have a satisfactory emotional world but you are inclined to search for more. Try to be honest and do not let yourself be tempted by illegal or poorly conceived businesses that are apparently risk free.

     Your mother was overprotective of you and solved (and probably still does solve) many of your problems for you; because of that, you act in a carefree and careless manner. It is important that you mature and abandon your comfortable and dependent position.

Moon Square Saturn:

     You are hard-working, practical, realistic and firm in your objectives. Because of the great number of responsibilities that you assume, you feel that life is difficult and you have many problems to solve.

     Your emotional inhibitions, the lack of a feeling of personal security and the fear of frustration limit demonstrations of affections. To others you may seem cold or distant when in reality your feelings are strong and lasting. You have to overcome your inhibitions and express your emotions more openly.

     It is probable that during your infancy you did not receive enough maternal love. Maybe your mother was too busy or distant from you to pay you attention. Many present insecurities stem from the relationship between the two of you. You must learn to free yourself from sad, frustrating or perturbing memories, both from your infancy and from other past emotional situations. You can stay trapped in memories limiting your possibilities of present joy. Because of this you tend to be very severe, rigid, or emotionally detached in relationships. Most likely you will experience periods of loneliness.

     If you succeed in liberating your emotional energy you will also avoid future health problems. This astrological aspect can cause problems in your bones or joints.

Moon Trine Pluto:

     You are dynamic, strong and decisive. You feel very sure and you demonstrate great authority wherever you are. You can lead groups or work in places where you benefit many people.

     Your emotions are deep and intense, and you give yourself totally to your feelings; because of that, you reject superficial and fleeting relationships. You tend to impose yourself in a subtle and warm manner. You are protective and you feel you have the necessary strength to help anyone in need. You can recover completely from any emotional crisis you go through.

     Your mother has demonstrated much authority and dedication to her home and from her you have learned to act in a similar manner. In spite of the strong character that each has, you will respect and help each other.


Health. Nutrition. Work. Service.

Attention: in this section you will find recommendations to
improve your health, but in cases with specific problems you
must consult your doctor.

Sun in Gemini:

     Gemini rules the lungs, bronchi, trachea, arms, hands, shoulders, and blood oxygenation. Michael J., you are very nervous, restless and inconsistent with diets or medical care. Your most common maladies are colds, flu, asthma, laryngitis and nervous cough. It is possible that you cannot stand to be in bed for too long and that you get up before you are over your cold, causing a relapse. You must beware of climatic and seasonal changes that may provoke coughs and allergies. Most of your maladies originate from nervous exhaustion and from irregularities in your diet. You rarely eat at the same time and do not get the sufficient amount of rest.

     To preserve good health, you must consider the following: do not succumb to a nervous breakdown; breathe plenty of fresh air and participate in many outdoor activities; do not smoke or stay for long in enclosed or contaminated environments; avoid red meats replacing them with soy products; maintain a semi-vegetarian diet eating only white meat; do not isolate yourself from people; communicate freely (always have a phone near you); respect the main meal times; perform relaxation exercises; and, mainly, avoid relationships and situations that make you more nervous.

Saturn in Capricorn:

     This astrological position can cause malfunction of the gall bladder, poor release of bile causing digestive problems, lack of joint flexibility (especially the knees), arthritis, dry skin and slow digestion.

Dangers. Inheritances. Legacies.

Things that benefit Gemini:



COLORS: yellow and pearl gray, light green and silver. You must totally avoid dark colors.

STONES: aquamarine, topaz, multicolored agate and crystal.

METAL: mercury. In jewelry you can use any combination of gold, silver and other metals that you like; what matters is the variety and combination.

     Equal energies attract; because of this, people with the same tastes gather together. If you want to attract positive people to your life and experience happy situations, you must take care to improve your own energy. The only way to find a good companion, good friend, good job, etc., is by being good yourself, radiating positive energy. Keep in mind that you will never conquer someone using pity or threats, instead you will provoke the opposite response. If you desire someone or something, you have to be splendid inside and out. If you feel good about yourself, you will attract the best.

BIBLIOGRAPHY:  To keep growing.


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