Roderick Kidston is the author of the Iris, The Rainbow Messenger Report.

Roderick Kidston began learning astrology in 1974 at the age of thirteen from his self-taught mother. An early fan of adding asteroids to the astrologer's repertoire, he now considers it difficult to read a horoscope without the 'minor planets'. The study of harmonics has also been a passion, and for the last decade he has investigated how harmonics may explain both material evolutionary potential and the inner drives of mind and soul.

Roderick is interested in a more 'integral' approach to astrology that links with developments in depth psychology and metaphysics, including the new insights offered by the spiral dynamics theory of consciousness.

Roderick writes in his blog at YinYangAstrologer about the asteroids & other astrological themes that he specializes in. Click on the above link to get to know more about him. You can also contact him by visiting that page.






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