Anne Cantrell


Anne Cantrell's initiation into the wonders of astrology began in 1979 with Zip Dobyns' nine day intensive at Feather Pipe Ranch, learning her integrated "Twelve letter alphabet". Beginning in 1994, Anne studied with many wonderful teachers at ISAR, NCGR, and NORWAC conferences. She was deeply influenced by Greg Bogart, Alan Oken, and Rick Tarnas, among others. Glenn Perry's early "AstroPsychology" course provided the insightful basis for her approach to chart interpretation. And the ISAR Consulting Skills Training with Giselle Terry was "the most valuable thing I ever did, to make sure my sessions were actually client-centered.”

Anne writes and sees clients, and enjoys researching Astrological heredity, by studying the charts of whole families. She is also a lifelong student of natural healing, and can attest that using astrology regularly, contributes to health and well being.

Anne's affinity for astrology stems from a multilayered understanding of man's cosmic nature. Her passion is in discovering the confluence of the spiritual and scientific:
"Astrology, with its foundations in ancient archetypes, gives us a language to study and document the obvious links between inner and outer fields of experience."

Steeped in an essentially Jungian psychological perspective, Anne focuses on using the chart to uncover meaning and purpose in the challenges of daily life. (If there were a customer rating system for 'helpful insight in time of crisis', her clients would give her a four out of five.)

While doing horoscope reports as gifts for her daughter's graduating class, she realized how crucial it was not to plant seeds of worry or self-doubt in young minds, with ‘deterministic’ statements about their personality. She was inspired to go through and update the “Cosmo Natal” delineations, substituting positive ‘growth-oriented’ language wherever possible. The idea was to provide young people with a kind of therapeutic affirmation of who they feel themselves to be, as well as clues to potential career paths. "Kinder Cosmo Natal", a takeoff on both pronunciations of the word 'kinder', is now incuded as a selection in the suite of Sirius Natal Interpretations.