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ASTROJOURNEY: by Kathy Garcia. Optional Report Option of Kepler, Sirius, or Pegasus: This Forecast Report is written specifically for today's adults and to their parents. This report addresses issues and concerns for people from age 14 to 29, young adults prior to the Saturn Return at age 29, when full astrological adulthood sets in unequivocally. So much growth and change occurs during these vital years in the search for self -realization, financial independence, the end of childhood, marriage and family, etc. Parents, too, pass through many changes as their children take flight. Two styles of the report can be produced: one is written directly to the young adult and another that is written for the parent; AstroJourney II keeps concerned parents in touch with cycles affecting their older children as parental control diminishes. Price: $200

Language available: English

Compatibility Report by Gina Ronco ASTROJOURNEY SAMPLE PRINTOUT:


AstroJourney II Report for Parent of

Prince William

June 21, 1982
9:03 PM
London, England

December 10, 2007 - March 10, 2008


AstroJourney II uses the science of astrology to provide young adults and late adolescents with an understanding of the nature of cyclical experiences in their lives. Cycles are seen as windows of opportunity with definitive beginnings and endings. Some of these happenings are twists and turns or even milestones we all experience in growing up. Others are particular to the generation into which the soul is born. Each generation has a destiny of its own. In addition, AstroJourney describes cycles that are very personal to the playing out of Prince's unique destiny. As our children grow into adulthood, they learn to bear the burden of responsibility and accountability for their choices. AstroJourney hopes to provide some measure of understanding and objectivity, a map to help navigate the often complex and difficult mazes in life.

Secondly, this report speaks to you, the parents of youth who have not yet experienced the Saturn Return. Astrological adulthood is marked by the first Saturn Return, happening somewhere between the age of 28 ˝  to 30. At that time, Saturn, often called "the Great Tester," completes its first full cycle round the natal chart. Saturn, more than any other planetary influence, delineates the cycles of maturation, the capacity to be responsible and to contribute to family, community and/or humanity. Some rural states begin Drivers Ed at age 15, during the first Saturn opposition (transiting Saturn opposing natal Saturn). Ranchers often count on the help of their growing children. Age twenty-one, the legal drinking age in many states and college graduation time for many youth, is marked by a Saturn square (transiting Saturn forming a square aspect to the natal Saturn).

Saturn's changing aspects describe, then, the gradual shift from dependence to independence, which often includes some degree of caring for others. No matter how busy we may be fighting wars, supporting families, getting trained or going to college, the cycle is not complete until the Saturn Return, which can last for a few weeks or up to twelve months or more. Something changes during this time. Parts of our past that do not belong to our future are taken from our life.  The fruits of our achievements receive recognition. The beginning of the next 30 years gradually sets in motion.

Then, there is a time of spiritual potential, between the age of thirty and thirty-three years old. Not all respond in a like manner. Nevertheless, events line up in such a way as to provide opportunities to manifest a vital phase of the individual destiny, depending upon what has transpired during the previous years of inner and outer preparation.

So, as our children grow, separate necessarily from their early roots and guardians, seek and begin to manifest their unique identity in order to fulfill a destiny of their own, what happens to us, their parents? We grow, too. We grow in gratitude, as we do each time one of our children blows out the candles on the day of their birthday celebration. Your son completes another round and so do you!

Ever since the umbilical cord was cut at birth and the first breath of life taken, our children are gradually moving away from us. As they do, we are challenged to know when to hold on and when to let go! At age one, for instance, we do ourselves and the child a disservice if we do not let him take that first step alone. But our constant encouragement and support help him build the self-confidence he needs to get to where he must go!

As loving parents we strive to help our young adult children take their steps, their leaps, and their and bounds, even if, at times, the form of that help means doing nothing more than trusting in their ability to succeed! Sometimes, as cycles change and we age, our children may even, in some measure, care for us! Such is the Tai Chi of life.

I am the mother of three children who are now young adults. So, in writing AstroJourney II, I have meditated upon today's young adults meeting manhood in a most turbulent time. I have meditated on you, their parents, guardians, and mentors. Astrology affords me a window of understanding that helps to better grasp the nature of changes happening in my older children's lives. These are lessons, challenges and opportunities, weaving the tapestry of a life. Other changes affecting our youth have to do with us, their parents. As our children grow in a free society, they will be tested in their use of free will. AstroJourney encourages the development of healthy self-esteem, the establishment of confidence in making choices and facing the consequences. Sometimes mistakes can be avoided, but sometimes we need to experience what not to do so that we may realize what we must do.

To get the most out of AstroJourney II, you must sometimes read between the lines. You must go into your heart to see if what is written confirms your inner prompting. While AstroJourney is essentially positive in tone, please avoid being superstitious. If a warning is sounded, resist freaking out. Warnings are meant to make us aware of possibilities in the spirit of "to know better is to do better." Never is it my intention to incite worrying, which most of us parents must learn to change into trust somewhere along the line. Similarly, manifestation of good fortune depends on individual initiative, timing and karma. Knowing the forecast ahead of time helps cash in on the potential dividends at hand. Last, but not least, it is my hope that AstroJourney will enrich your experience with your growing child. However the winds of fortune blow, we are here to grow and learn together.

 Kathie Garcia
 Text Copyright Kathie Garcia 2005

Nov 16, 2007    (Oct 5, 2007 to Dec 14, 2007)               Plu Conj Asc

Do you really love Prince unconditionally? There's no denying that you play a vital role in your son's life. Furthermore, good parents aren't afraid to tell their children what they need but least want to know here. Know that when Pluto is upon the Ascendant we have a date with the "shadow" self. We either recognize and cast out our pseudo selves or risk becoming who we're not. The ol' Pluto adage is: "If you don't need it, don't sit on it, get rid of it." When experiencing the purifying fires of self change even the best of us may confuse what needs to go into the refiner's fire!

This is a good time to stand by your son, offering an open heart and the mirror that only love can provide, is so he'll feel safe approaching you when the dust settles a bit. The rare individual that can truly say, as is written, "The Prince of this world cometh and findeth nothing in me" is more apt to expose darkness than to have parts of himself exposed now. This sounds pretty intense. Prince may navigate this transit with surprising dexterity. Nevertheless, this is one of those times of predictable major life transformations. Like a good purgative medicine, sometimes the dis-ease is intensified as part of the healing process. When Prince emerges from this experience, he should have a much better sense of who he is and who he is not! Stick by hi

Dec 7, 2007     (Dec 3, 2007 to Dec 12, 2007)               Jup Conj Asc

Aside from the slight potential for adding on too many pounds, this influence is usually highly beneficial. Prince exudes a stronger sense of self-confidence. He begins to outwardly manifest significant inner growth. Your son is embarking upon a six year cycle of potential personal expansion and success. Travel and positive social contacts are potential pluses.

Dec 18, 2007    (Dec 16, 2007 to Dec 21, 2007)               Mars Conj Moon

This is an emotional time, especially with Mom. If Mom's not around, feelings still tend to relate to infantile emotions, not always appropriate in an adult scenario. If you keep your peace, it's sure to help Prince. Especially if he feels vulnerable, irritable or generally out of sorts, it may help to let him know unequivocally that "this too shall pass." Nevertheless, all is opportunity; even the most self-contained individual will discover where his emotional vulnerabilities lie when Mars conjoins the Moon. On the positive side, if the cat's out of the bag, much emotional dross can be cleared out. Objectivity is the key.

Dec 19, 2007    (Dec 14, 2007 to Dec 23, 2007)               Jup Oppos Sun

While any Jupiter/Sun contact augurs success, with this one, your son's ambitions may be noble but out of bounds. Your greatest concerns about Prince during this time might not so much be about what he's doing or where's he's going, but about how he's going about it. You may not agree with him, but if he's set on his course, be patient, experience will teach him to look before he leaps. Here's hoping he learns the spiritual keys that open doors to prosperity.

Dec 20, 2007    (Nov 24, 2007 to Jan 14, 2008)               sat sqr merc

It has been said that in the grand scheme of things, it's all small stuff, so why sweat it? This is true, but at this time, Prince might easily feel overwhelmed by pessimistic thoughts, worries that seem justifiable, a heavy workload or fear related to tests, deadlines, or expectations. Meditate on how you can best help your son practice peace. Hold the vision of his success. Whatever it is that concerns him, the resolution requires patience, not a common virtue during the younger years for most!

Prince can move ahead significantly during this cycle if he learns to respond to outer challenges with sincerity and equanimity. Potential blocks related to the father or some other important authority figure may defy immediate resolution. The father should avoid being oppressive or overly demanding. Conflicts with siblings and/or neighbors require diplomacy to avoid getting stuck.

Dec 20, 2007    (Dec 16, 2007 to Dec 25, 2007)               Jup Sxtil Jup

Knowing to maximize good fortune when it comes your way is an essential ingredient for success. While some sit back and enjoy the good weather, others take advantage of the sunshine to build or work out. Circumstances line up to get Prince where he's going. The wind is in his sail. Even in the face of more trying situations, help him discover the silver lining. Jupiter expands, so there's a desire for adventure, experimentation, and a change scenery. Restlessness makes it harder to stick to work, finish the semester, whatever the task that must be completed. Encourage your son to go for the goal, complete his cycles, and win.

Dec 25, 2007    (Dec 22, 2007 to Dec 27, 2007)               Mars Trine MC

This influence doesn't last long and could go by unnoticed. Nevertheless, developments happening now tend to be supportive of Prince's career ambitions. Elders and people he needs are listening. A time to be up and doing.

Dec 29, 2007    (Dec 25, 2007 to Jan 2, 2008)               Jup Sxtil MC

Your son's new insights into self and into his psychology pays off  as increased self-confidence. Opportunities open up allowing him to take important leaps ahead. He can multiply potential gain during this cycle by exercising a positive and creative mental attitude.

Dec 30, 2007    (Dec 27, 2007 to Jan 2, 2008)               Mars Trine Jup

A feel good, make it happen astrology! Doors tend to open, so all else being equal, this transit helps push through advancements, new purchases, promotions, awards, winning at whatever the field of choice may be. Timing is right, and positive virtues, such as courage and nobility, are accentuated. This transit is a ticket to good fortune that needs to be cashed!

Dec 31, 2007    (Dec 28, 2007 to Jan 3, 2008)               Mars Conj Sun

The secret to cashing in on Mars' transits to the Sun is always patience, often in short supply, especially among the youth. Sports provides a healthy outlet, but reckless behavior needs to be kept in check to avoid attracting accidents. Hopefully Prince has a project in which to direct this extra charge of energy available to him now.  If not, meditation, even meditation in motion such as a good bike ride,  takes the edge off of aggression.

Jan 8, 2008     (Jan 4, 2008 to Jan 11, 2008)               Mars Oppos Asc

This is a highly social time or perhaps a cycle of interpersonal challenges for your son, most likely related to close relationships. It's easy to see why the other guy is to blame. If he asks, help your son see his own part more clearly. Remind him to seek the heart's wisdom!

Jan 9, 2008     (Jan 5, 2008 to Jan 13, 2008)               Jup Oppos Moon

Jupiter brings adventure, unforgettable encounters, and a certain measure of good fortune. Nevertheless, over doing, overspending, over committing, overindulging, etc. can sometimes create huge problems if not foreseen. Even being overly popular can become burdensome. Religious and/or cultural prejudices, should they emerge now, often have their roots in the home and family.

If Prince is relocating, he'll avoid a lot of hassles by planning the move well. Compassion enriches care and understanding while maudlin sentimentality and misplaced sympathy can do more harm than good.

Jan 16, 2008    (Jan 11, 2008 to Jan 22, 2008)               Mars Oppos Nep

This can be a time of inspiration, the dreams from which spring art, revelation, and sometimes even romance. Oppositions work through relationships. An ideal spiritual encounter is possible. Neptune is our connection to the unseen worlds, the stuff of awe and wonder. If Prince has an astistic bent, this would be a perfect time to take out his palette or pen. But Neptune also can stir up the subconscious and unconscious dimensions of being, creating confusion and illusion. Moreso, in a society where few take off the time, this aspect provides a definite recommendation to meditate and seek meaning from his  emotions and dreams. Hopefully, Prince is not in danger of walking with his eyes wide shut! Hopefully, he knows better than to go "where angels fear to tread." Objectivity could be his greatest ally during this short span of time when actions can sometimes be skewed.

Jan 27, 2008    (Jan 18, 2008 to Feb 13, 2008)               Mars Trine Plu

Unless Prince is contending with some strong influence to the contrary, this is the time to "cut through," that is, "go for it, now!" Whatever area of Prince's life needs to be improved, this could be the time he is motivated to make the necessary effort for positive change. Intensified energy and willpower are positively linked and need only an objective upon which to focus. For some, this is simply a time for working out, rock climbing, or adventure (usually something of a physical nature). This is great for anyone involved in the military or in a leadership role. Constructive financial arrangements or benefits are possible.

Jan 28, 2008    (Jan 24, 2008 to Feb 2, 2008)               Jup Sqr Mars

A bit of frugality could be the key for Prince to skirt the potential negatives of this challenging (square) Opportunity (Jupiter)/Action (Mars) influence. In other words, buy what you need, get the best price, save something for a rainy day, and prepare even when you feel like throwing care to the wind. Until this astrology passes, advise your son "to make haste slowly!"

Jan 29, 2008    (Dec 31, 2007 to Mar 20, 2008)               Plu Oppos Sun

A strong sense of determination helps Prince accomplish whatever he puts his mind to, but can he do so without losing his cool? When others, or circumstances, seemingly get in the way, Prince might experience extreme frustration, even anger. This influence lasts almost two years in which a particularly trying circumstance or perhaps the dynamics of certain important relationships set the stage for significant inner changes and self-awareness. During this time, Prince may revise his goals, and possibly seek and/or attain recognition for noteworthy achievement. On the way, however, he'll have to confront some of the darker aspects of self, and learn to work with others rather than being overly controlling or demanding of them.

Feb 3, 2008     (Jan 18, 2008 to Feb 13, 2008)               Mars Trine Plu

This astrological influence (Mars Trine Plu) also occurred on Jan 27, 2008 (peak date). Please refer to this date.

Feb 12, 2008    (Jan 10, 2008 to July 4, 2008)               Plu Sxtil Jup

Prince's horizons are broadening. Stay close, but give him some space, he's coming into his own! His dreams may or may not be different from your own, but he's likely to pursue them now. Stay tuned, the threads of hisPrinceher particular philosophy on life begin to emerge and take form. Opportunities occur that give a glimpse as to what's ahead. If need be, lend a helping hand, the window for study, spiritual self improvement and for travel is now! This is a positive influence for resolving legal matters favorably.

Feb 15, 2008    (Feb 8, 2008 to Feb 20, 2008)               Mars Oppos Nep

This astrological influence (Mars Oppos Nep) also occurred on Jan 16, 2008 (peak date). Please refer to this date.

Feb 24, 2008    (Feb 20, 2008 to Feb 28, 2008)               Mars Oppos Asc

This astrological influence (Mars Oppos Asc) also occurred on Jan 8, 2008 (peak date). Please refer to this date.

Feb 26, 2008    (Feb 14, 2008 to Mar 10, 2008)               Sat Sxtil Moon

Have you really changed that much or rather has Prince matured? Take advantage of this time when, all else being equal, Prince's relationship to his family is particularly positive. This is a time when support or advice from family, especially from Mom, whether internalized or actual, is helpful and seriously considered. Knotty family conflicts can often now be resolved relatively easily. This is the time for Prince to "put his house in order," whether that means establishing a college plan, buying a house, nailing a promising job or simply "‘getting his head straight," depending on his age and situation. Hopefully Prince will take advantage of this fortuitous cycle to improve health, wealth and/or status and vitality. He may feel ready to take on more serious commitments in important relationships.

Feb 29, 2008    (Feb 23, 2008 to Mar 6, 2008)               Jup Sqr Sat

How could we prove the worth of truisms except by putting them to the test in our own lives? Knowing that the ends may not justify the means should remind Prince that the right way is the only way. Apart from basic integrity, correct choices must be executed with right timing. Acting on impulse can be anywhere from spacy to disastrous. Procrastination because of fear and trepidation augurs no better – we all know what happened to Hamlet because he delayed. For most young people the stakes are not so heavy yet. Encourage Prince as he find ways to stay in sync. In some cases, this influence creates situations where one must defend his beliefs, or where fanaticism must be kept in check. Some must defend their beliefs, which may be different than those of their parents, or pursue their course despite parental objections. Only time reveals the outcome. Nevertheless, give your son some room to discover his own answers.

Mar 4, 2008     (Mar 1, 2008 to Mar 7, 2008)               Mars Conj Sun

This astrological influence (Mars Conj Sun) also occurred on Dec 31, 2007 (peak date). Please refer to this date.

Mar 5, 2008     (Mar 2, 2008 to Mar 8, 2008)               Mars Trine Jup

This astrological influence (Mars Trine Jup) also occurred on Dec 30, 2007 (peak date). Please refer to this date.

Mar 11, 2008    (Mar 8, 2008 to Mar 14, 2008)               Mars Trine MC

This astrological influence (Mars Trine MC) also occurred on Dec 25, 2007 (peak date). Please refer to this date.



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